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Apr 23, 2006 Season 7 Episode 21 watch on (Subscription)

Malcolm organizes the outcast kids at school for an anti-prom; Reese is transformed into the perfect prom date... for a price; and Dewey holds Hal's wallet hostage for the attention he was denied as a child.


May 21, 2000 Season 1 Episode 16

Malcolm and Reese spend the day fighting at a water park; Francis gets into a different kind of pool match with Spangler; and Dewey stays home with an odd babysitter.
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May 14, 2000 Season 1 Episode 15

When Lois gets sick, Malcolm and his brothers convince her it's Sunday so they can stay home from school...while Hal heeds the siren song of a Porsche dealership.
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Bots and the Bees

May 07, 2000 Season 1 Episode 14

While Lois is out of town visiting Francis after his appendectomy, Malcolm and his friends build a robot, but Hal reverts to his pre-marriage wild-man persona and takes over the project.
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Roller Skates

Apr 30, 2000 Season 1 Episode 13

Malcolm suffers under his father's roller skating tutelage, while Lois is sidelined with a nasty back injury.
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Apr 16, 2000 Season 1 Episode 12

Malcolm helps Reese become a male cheerleader to attract a girl; Francis has a heart-to-heart conversation with headmaster Spangler.
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Stock Car Races

Apr 02, 2000 Season 1 Episode 10

While Hal secretly takes the boys to the stock car races, Lois desperately searches for her missing paycheck.
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Lois vs. Evil

Mar 19, 2000 Season 1 Episode 9

The family suffers in poverty after Lois gets fired from the grocery store; Francis loves his new assignment as part of an honor guard at a beauty pageant.
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Krelboynet Picnic

Mar 12, 2000 Season 1 Episode 8

The whole family attends a Krelboyne family picnic, and Malcolm dreads his performance in the event's "Academic Circus" will make him look like a freak.
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Francis Escapes

Feb 27, 2000 Season 1 Episode 7

Malcolm's brother, Francis, runs away from military school and comes home to see his girlfriend.
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Feb 20, 2000 Season 1 Episode 6

During a sleepover, Malcolm sneaks Stevie out of the Kenarin house and loses his wheelchair; Francis deals with hazing at military school; and Reese tries to prove he's man enough to watch a scary movie.
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Malcolm Babysits

Feb 13, 2000 Season 1 Episode 5

While his family is reduced to living in a trailer in their driveway while their house is fumigated, Malcolm luxuriates while babysitting for what seems like the ideal family.
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Feb 06, 2000 Season 1 Episode 4

Malcolm feels guilty after beating up a seven year old; Hal takes heat after cutting down a tree; Francis tries to sabotage Spangler's sex education lecture.
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Home Alone 4

Jan 23, 2000 Season 1 Episode 3

Lois and Hal leave the boys alone for the weekend with Francis, promising that if all goes well, Francis may not have to go back to military school.
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Red Dress

Jan 16, 2000 Season 1 Episode 2

Lois must take drastic steps to discover which of her sons ruined the special dress she bought for an anniversary dinner with Hal.
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Jan 09, 2000 Season 1 Episode 1

Malcolm finds his life as the middle brother in an eccentric family made even more difficult by his being placed in a class for "gifted" students at school.
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