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Sons of Tucson's Tyler Labine: A "Lovable Scoundrel"

Sons of Tucson

As Ron Snuffkin on Sons of Tucson, Tyler Labine plays a financially strapped ne'er-do-well who poses as the father of three kids for money. Behind the scenes of the new Fox comedy, however, Labine bears significantly more responsibility.

"I never totally saw [Sons of Tucson] as clearly as when we saw Tyler Labine. When we found him, it was like... read more

Cheers: Malcolm's Dad Goes Bad

Bryan Cranston courtesy AMC

Cheers to Bryan Cranston for his image-shattering performance in Breaking Bad. I always knew he was a committed actor: The Malcolm in the Middle episode when dad Hal learns how to roller-boogie remains one of the greatest tour de forces in sitcom history. But who knew Cranston could handle dark material like AMC's dramedy about a dying chemistry teacher who resorts to selling crystal meth (and worse crimes) to save his family? Cranston's not Bad — he's brilliant.• Read and react to Bruce's opinions on Cashmere Mafia's Bonnie Somerville, American Idol's new season and more!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on or in TV Guide magazine! read more

Brothers, Mother and Other Odds and Ends

Some random TV thoughts:Each week since its overly somber premiere, ABC's Brothers & Sisters has improved, slowly becoming a more entertaining, if not yet compelling, family drama. The most recent episode, involving a series of eventful dates for most of the major characters, had a mostly deft light touch, showing (I think) the influence of Everwood's Greg Berlanti on the creative direction of the show.It's becoming a more suitable companion for Desperate Housewives, which also has improved from last season's doldrums. Housewives is still far from perfect, but give me some Edie Britt bitchiness, a little manipulative scheming from Bree and several mysterious twists (why was Mike Delfino's phone number etched in ink on the season's mystery corpse?), and I'm relatively satisfied. I can even get past the tiresome Gabby-Carlos feuding and Nora meddling in the indifferently plotted Lynette-Tom story line. (Did you notice, by the way, a walk-on by Who Wants to Be a Superhero's Major V... read more

Why should we care about the ...

Question: Why should we care about the Emmys? Every year people in the entertainment news media complain of the innumerable shows that were unjustly snubbed, and grumble that the Academy is too conservative, oblivious and ill-advised. I don't disagree with them. To wit: The mom from Malcolm in the Middle was nominated this year. That show is still on? I mean, do actual TV critics vote on the Emmys? It seems the entire body of voters is made up of my grandma. And every year the same news outlets hype up the Emmys like crazy, as if they actually meant something. It's tragic that the Emmys don't take advantage of what they could do — promote and save underwatched shows, expose viewers to innovative programs they wouldn't otherwise watch. I, for one, refuse to watch an awards program that honors the familiar and mediocre (ahem, Two and a Half Men) and consistently ignores truly great TV, like this year's snubs Battlestar Galactica and Veronica Mars. Answer: I wondered how long it would take ... read more

I've been reading a lot of ...

Question: I've been reading a lot of the chatter in the wake of the Lost finale, and one horse that continues to be beaten is the "problem" of Walt growing too fast for the show. People have been talking about the need to get rid of the character or recast the little guy playing the part. I really think it's ridiculous. I don't think the little boy playing the part should be booted for growing. Life happens. It reminds me of shows (and fans) freaking out when actresses get pregnant. The shows should just incorporate it or just cover as best as they can and ignore the rest. Another example was the whole "oh, no, Angel and Spike are getting too old!" nonsense. Life happens, even to actors. I would hate to see Walt go for a stupid reason. Does too-old Walt really drive you crazy, or am I just too fond of Malcolm David Kelley? Answer: The problem isn't that the actor's growing, of course, it's that time moves slower for the Lost castaways than it does for the TV audience, and for the people ... read more

Malcolm: The Beginning, Middle and End

Frankie Muniz, Malcolm in the Middle

This Sunday at 8:30 pm/ET, television bids farewell to the, um... er... what was the name of that family on Fox's Malcolm in the Middle? Whether or not it was, as lore has it, the Wilkersons, the clan was tirelessly overseen by Hal and Lois and populated by sons Francis, Reese, Malcolm, Dewey and Jamie. Has it really been six and a half years and 150 episodes since viewers first met the... bunch? Yep. And to think that a Fox rival took a pass on the promising series! "UPN bought it," Malcolm creator Linwood Boomer recalls, "and it was over there about four months, where it went through the standard development process, which read more

Malcolm's Reese Woos a Golden Girl

Tara Lipinski visits Malcolm in the Middle

Olympic gold-medalist Tara Lipinski expands her TV repertoire even further when she throws Malcolm's brother Reese for a (toe) loop on this weekend's Malcolm in the Middle (Sundays at 7 pm/ET). talked to the 24-year-old cutie about her latest small-screen venture, the racy film role she bailed on and how she almost went Skating with Celebrities. Tell me about your Malcolm in the Middle role. Who are you playing, what's she about...?Tara Lipinski: I play Carrie, who's this quirky and earthy antifur, antimeat vegetarian type. It was a really fun to play her, so different than anything I've done before. On the show, I think Reese (Justin Berfield) is all abou read more

Is This CW Network's Breakout Star??

Criminal Minds guest star Amber Heard previews CW network's best bet.

Sometimes my job gets spooky. Minutes after I Q&A'd Tara Lipinski (re: an upcoming Malcolm in the Middle), a TV Guide colleague asks if I want to chat up Amber Heard, an ingénue-on-the-rise who plays a big role on tonight's Criminal Minds (9 pm/ET on CBS) but more interestingly got the edgy film role Lipinski just told me she had to pass on. Alpha Dog (in theaters May 12), though, is but one of the many gigs Heard is about to hit you with. In fact, you may be looking at the fledgling CW network's first breakout star. You be the judge. Get this: I just interviewed Tara Lipinski, who opted to pass on a role in Alpha Dog because of the, um, required nudity. That's the gig you wound up with, right?Amber Heard: I definitely think it is. Th read more

Milo Ventimiglia Fans, Rejoice!

Milo Ventimiglia, The Bedford Diaries

The new and controversial The Bedford Diaries. A Gilmore Girls return. A possible gig as a superhero. Rocky Balboa's son. And he even gets slain in a new slasher film. If you're a Milo Ventimiglia fan, this is your time to bask in his... Ventimiglianess. On the occasion of The Bedford Diaries' debut (tonight at 9 pm/ET on WB), spoke with the popular actor about his very busy schedule. Dude, have you ever had so much to talk about? I don't know where to start.Milo Ventimiglia: Dude, start somewhere, dive in. Whatever you want to start with. In Bedford Diaries, you're playing a bit of a snake in grass.Ventimiglia: Yes. Yes, I am, yet again. Richard Thorne III, kid who comes fr read more


Maybe V really stood for vulnerable. This week at the box office, Spike Lee's Denzel Washington thriller, Inside Man, took in $29 million and bumped Natalie Portman's action flick V for Vendetta to second place (with a take of $12.3 million). Personally, I find Frankie Muniz kinda scary as it is, and apparently, combined with an actual fear feature, so do moviegoers: The Malcolm in the Middle star's chiller, Stay Alive, opened in third with $11.3 million. Rounding out the top five are Failure to Launch, in fourth with $10.8 million, and The Shaggy Dog, in fifth with $9.1 million.
read more

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