Making History

  • 2016
  • TV Show
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Comedy series about three friends who find themselves traveling through time.

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Deb Tracks Down Samuel Adams from "Body Trouble"
02:04 — Samuel Adams is shocked to discover that Deb is such a learned woman.
Chris And Dan Take John Hancock And Sam Adams Shooting from "The Duel"
00:58 — Chris asks John and Sam if they thought the firearms they were using were the ones they were thinking of when drafting the second amendment.
John and Sam Fall for the Same Woman
01:12 — John and Sam both fall in love with the water delivery lady.
Chris Helps Deborah With Chadwick’s
00:43 — Chris gets Chadwick’s an ad in the paper.
Chris Is On Thin Ice from "Night Cream"
01:21 — Chris fortunately did not get fired from the University but is on thin ice.
Chris Shares His Plan To Take Down Al Capone from "The Godfriender"
01:19 — Chris doesn't like Dan and Deb's plan to take down Al Capone so he shares his plan with them.
Earth Day: Leighton Meester
00:10 — Leighton Meester asks you to please recycle.
Dan Plans To Fulfill His Childhood Dream from "Chadwick's Angels"
00:59 — Dan, Chris and Deborah travel to the 90's and visit Chadwick's Ice Cream Parlor.
Dan, Chris, and Deborah Plan Their Next Mission
01:44 — Chris and Deborah don't see eye to eye on their next mission.
Dan Confronts His Childhood Bully
01:28 — While in the 90's visiting an old ice cream parlor Dan decides to even the score with a kid that bullied him as a child.
Chris Is Told He May Soon Get Tenure from "The Boyfriend Experience"
00:52 — Dr. Corbell informs Chris that his name is being passed around for the possibility of getting tenure.
Preview: Killing Hitler Failed
00:15 — In need of a victory, the trio heads back to the 1990s to give Dan another shot at his childhood dream in the all-new episode, "Chadwick's Angels."
Deborah Freaks Out Over The Sight Of An Airplane from "The Boyfriend Experience"
00:54 — Deborah believes it to be the end of days when she sees an airplane for the first time.
The Boyfriend Experience Trailer
00:20 — Deborah questions her relationship with Dan upon realizing he may not be such a thrilling inventor.
Chris Gets Some Advice from John and Samuel
01:07 — John and Samuel tell Chris that if he wants people to listen to him he will need a wig.
Making History Season 1
A comedy that follows three friends from two different centuries as they balance the thrill of time travel with the concerns of daily life. MAKING HIS (more…)
I Invented That!
01:00 — The MAKING HISTORY cast discusses what inventions they’d tell people in the past they came up with.
Packing For The Past: Chicago, 1919
00:44 — Want to know what to bring with you when traveling back in time to Chicago, 1919 to place a bet on already rigged World Series? Click and find out!
Meet Chris
01:00 — A quick look at Dan’s best friend, Chris Parish.
Meet John Hancock & Samuel Adams
01:06 — A quick look at the famous duo in the all-new FOX show, MAKING HISTORY.
Pilot Trailer
00:52 — Dan, a facilities manager at a small Massachusetts college, recently discovered time travel and has been transporting himself back to the 1700s to spe (more…)
Dan Asks For Chris' Help Starting The American Revolution from "Pilot"
02:12 — Dan talks Chris into going to the past in his duffel bag to start the American Revolution.
Deborah Slaughters A Bear For Dan from "Pilot"
00:52 — Deborah tells Dan how she slaughtered a bear just to make him a hat.
The Longest Long Distance Relationship In History
00:30 — Don't miss the longest long distance relationship in history in the all-new FOX comedy, MAKING HISTORY, MAR 5 on FOX!
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