Long-running sitcom about Danny Williams, a nightclub entertainer with a wife and two kids. The series made several changes during its 11-year run, including its title (it started as "Make Room for Daddy" and was retitled "The Danny Thomas Show" in 1956). At the end of the third season, Jean Hagen, Danny's onscreen wife, quit, so Williams became a widower. He was single for a year before marrying nurse Kathy O'Hara. Thomas reprised his role in 1970 on the short-lived "Make Room for Granddaddy."


Guest Stars

Jose, Jose Jimenez
Devil, Heckendorn
William Demarest
Grandfather Daly, Mr. Daly
Harry, Himself
Angelo, Billings, Joe, Sloane
Herself, Maria
Al, George, Mr. Coleman
Miss Barclay, Mrs. Foster, Nurse
Swenson, Teacher
Inspector, Kendall, Mr. Haynes
Dr. Powell, Dr. Verhagen
Cab Driver, Mr. Perkins, Noodles
Martha, Miss Burch, Mrs. Shaffer
Aunt Molly, Molly
Mr. Cianelli, Referee
Hairdresser, Schmidt
Chick, Policeman
Jamie, McCormack
Miss Anderson, Sister
Mr. DiAngelo, Pasquale
Miss Burns, Mrs. Martin
Oscar, Schultz
Mario, Mr. Washburn
Dr. Paris, Susan
Arlene, Mrs. Crane
Doris, Miss Gould
Barbara, Sylvia
Harry, Mr. Fraser
Cab Driver, Waiter
James, Perkins
Charley, Floyd
Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Sloane
Maurice, Mr. Carew
Mother, Sophie
Elmer, Mr. Fergus
Mrs. Willoughby
Dr. Crawford
Mrs. Keltner
Harvey Bullock
Mr. Conover
Cousin Don
Mrs. Simpson
Mrs. Albright
Mrs. Schwartz
Mrs. Marshall
Cleaning Woman
Mr. Whitehall


Director (1 Credit)