Major League Legends

  • 2016
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Icons of MLB Baseball are profiled.

Lou Gehrig's Toughest Day in Yankee Stadium
04:26 — Lou Gehrig faced ALS with courage and dignity. When it was time to retire at Yankee stadium, he faced what was arguably another giant challenge for hi (more…)
The Woman That Swept Lou Gehrig Off His Feet
03:03 — When Lou Gehrig met Eleanor Twitchell at a Yankees party, he saw in her something he desperately needed. That's why he wasted no time courting her. F (more…)
Hank Aaron's Boundary-Shattering 715th Home Run
03:56 — In 1974, Hank Aaron was closing in on Babe Ruth's all-time home run record. But in the run up to this amazing feat, he faced a number of racially moti (more…)
Why Babe Ruth Was the Ultimate Symbol of the Roaring '20s
03:45 — In the 1920s, American industry and clout were exploding. Babe Ruth captured the times, lived large, and demonstrated an insatiable appetite for pleas (more…)
Will Ted Williams Be the Last Player to Hit .400?
02:13 — In 1941, in just his third season in the majors, Ted Williams began his assault on one of baseball's holiest grails: hitting .400 for an entire season (more…)
How the "Babe" in Babe Ruth Came About
03:36 — When Jack Dunn brought a young George Herman Ruth Jr. to the Orioles, they became inseparable--so much so that the other players started referring to (more…)
Never Call Baseball Legend Ted Williams a "Natural"
02:30 — The Red Sox's Ted Williams, one of the greatest hitters in baseball history, was widely considered a natural hitter. The only person who vehemently di (more…)
The Vital Message Hank Aaron Took from Jackie Robinson
03:42 — It's unlikely that Hank Aaron would have achieved his baseball milestones were it not for one trailblazing pioneer who led the way: Jackie Robinson. H (more…)
Momentous Footage of Ted Williams's Final Home Run
02:07 — In 1960, Ted Williams played his last game for the Boston Red Sox. With his final at-bat, he said goodbye the only way he knew how--with his 521st hom (more…)