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May 17, 1993 Season 4 Episode 22 watch on

The Major and Polly (Gerald McRaney, Shanna Reed) clash when he gives Casey (Chelsea Hertford) his Red Ryder air rifle for her 10th birthday.

General Disturbance

Apr 09, 1993 Season 4 Episode 21

When Gen. Craig (Jon Cypher) is transferred to the White House, the Major and Gunny (Gerald McRaney, Beverly Archer) contend with his strict replacement (William Dennis Hunt).
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Conduct Unbecoming

Apr 02, 1993 Season 4 Episode 20

The Major (Gerald McRaney) tries to help Robin's (Nicole Dubuc) boyfriend (James Larson) when he learns the boy is being abused by his father (Jimmie Ray Weeks).
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Gunny Gets Robbed

Mar 12, 1993 Season 4 Episode 19

Gunny's (Beverly Archer) friends help her try to put her life back together after she is robbed. With Gerald McRaney and Shanna Reed.
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From Russia With Like

Feb 19, 1993 Season 4 Episode 17

Major MacGillis and a visiting Russian major (Gerald McRaney, Yakov Smirnoff) have difficulty forgetting their past training to distrust each other. With Marisa Ryan.
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Come Rain or Come Shine

Feb 05, 1993 Season 4 Episode 15

A local disaster convinces the Major, Gunny, Gen. Craig and Holowachuk (Gerald McRaney, Beverly Archer, Jon Cypher, Matt Mulhern) that their jobs are fulfilling.
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Old Acquaintance

Dec 18, 1992 Season 4 Episode 10

When two old college friends (guest stars Sherman Howard, Nancy Linari) arrive, Polly (Shanna Reed) has trouble accepting how much they have changed.
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Blue Tenant Holowachuk

Dec 04, 1992 Season 4 Episode 9

Apartment manager Holowachuk backs a rent strike against landlord Craig.
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One For The Road

Nov 20, 1992 Season 4 Episode 8

Elizabeth (Marisa Ryan) becomes afraid to drive her new convertible after a friend is in a car accident. Guest star: Lucy Boryer. With Gerald McRaney.
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Here's Looking At You, Pol

Oct 16, 1992 Season 4 Episode 3

Polly's (Shanna Reed) mayoral campaign is sidetracked when some revealing photos of her appear in the local paper. With Gerald McRaney.
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The People's Choice: Part 2

Oct 02, 1992 Season 4 Episode 2

Jake (guest star Brian Keith) becomes a roommate and father figure to Holowachuk (Matt Mulhern) after he and the Major (Gerald McRaney) have a falling-out.
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The People's Choice: Part 1

Sep 25, 1992 Season 4 Episode 1

The Major's (Gerald McRaney) domineering father (guest star Brian Keith) pays a visit; Polly (Shanna Reed) considers running for mayor.
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