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Apr 09, 1993 Season 4 Episode 21 watch on

When Gen. Craig (Jon Cypher) is transferred to the White House, the Major and Gunny (Gerald McRaney, Beverly Archer) contend with his strict replacement (William Dennis Hunt).

Face The Music And Dance, Part 1

May 14, 1990 Season 1 Episode 25

Broadsided by budget cuts, Mac must keep his career afloat, and he has to choose between shipping the family to a base in the East or retiring from the Corps.
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Standing Tall

May 07, 1990 Season 1 Episode 24

When a school bully confronts Casey, Mac suggests to opt for peace through strength, but Casey swoops down like a hawk, threatening to send her Marine dad after her new schoolmate.
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All Quiet On The Home Front, Part 1

Apr 02, 1990 Season 1 Episode 21

The Major is on stand-by alert for a top-secret mission into Central America and must keep the information from his family while he tries to make his last days with them count, in Part I of a two-part episode.
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Officer Of The Day

Mar 12, 1990 Season 1 Episode 20

Lt. Holowachuk arranges a surprise birthday party for the Major, but the surprise is on Holowachuk when he is disciplined and must miss the celebration he planned.
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Not With My Daughter You Don't

Feb 26, 1990 Season 1 Episode 19

Mac plays casual Corporal Cupid for Elizabeth and the son of an old friend, but things get more serious than he intended.
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Camp MacGillis

Feb 19, 1990 Season 1 Episode 18

Mac wants to hear the call of the wild on a family trip to the woods, but instead he must listen to the sounds of modern times, in a cabin equipped with all the amenities.
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Major Coach

Feb 05, 1990 Season 1 Episode 17

Mac agrees to coach Robin's basketball team, but when Robin mouths off at practice, Mac fouls out with the family by benching her.
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Dec 11, 1989 Season 1 Episode 13

When Casey loses one of Mac's prized medals, he and Polly debate the effectiveness of spanking as punishment.
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The Love Doctor

Nov 20, 1989 Season 1 Episode 10

Mac tries to convince Sgt. James to re-enlist in the Corps, but James finds the lure of stardom and a career as a popular radio personality more appealing.
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Robin's Awakening

Nov 06, 1989 Season 1 Episode 8

Mac feels a little let down when his "chess by mail" opponent arrives to finish their three-year-long match in person, but Robin feels all tingly when she checks out Mac's chess mate.
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The Twinkle

Oct 16, 1989 Season 1 Episode 6

Polly has a nervous fit when young Elizabeth falls for Lt. Holowachuk, and she calls on Mac for help.
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The Wedding

Oct 02, 1989 Season 1 Episode 4

Mac and Polly overcome a last-minute emergency on the base and are married in a traditional Marine ceremony.
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Sep 17, 1989 Season 1 Episode 1

Major John D. MacGillis, a quintessential Marine, loyal to God and Country, deploys strategic maneuvers to win the heart of Polly Cooper, a broad-minded reporter with three daughters.
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