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VIDEO: BTS: Xtra Bromance

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BTS: Xtra Bromance
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Go behind TNT's Original drama Major Crimes. watch

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BTS: Xtra 10 Years and Counting
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Go behind TNT's Original drama Major Crimes. watch

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BTS: Xtra First Memories
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Go behind TNT's Original drama Major Crimes. watch

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Major Crimes Creator Previews "Trial By Fire"

First, an apology! I left you last week promoting the wrong episode. This Monday night is NOT the Santa flash mob; it is, I'm afraid, a much darker story, as one would expect when the narrative revolves around the theme of unfulfilled hopes.

"Trial By Fire," (it's first few moments excepted) begins in a courtroom and objectively explores the finite limits of our justice system. Those of you who follow this blog know how fascinated I am by our civilization's orderly attempt to deal with injury and conflict resolution.... read more

Major Crimes Creator Previews "Acting Out"

Girl meets boy; girl loses boy; girl gets boy back again: it's a simple, easily extrapolated formula for great story telling. For example, boy has superpowers; boy loses superpowers; boy gets superpowers back again. Or, lightly summarizing one of the latest and more enjoyable iterations of this concept, Chef has restaurant; Chef loses restaurant; Chef gets restaurant back again. Actually, in its many various guises, the dramatization of the second chance is the underlying premise of more plays, films and novels than I could shake my pen at, and it's continuing popularity indicates that a desire for one more (better-informed) swing at the ball is fairly universal. Let he who is without regret throw the next cliché!

So this Monday's episode of Major Crimes, "Acting Out," begins with a recovering addict (boy has sobriety; boy loses sobriety; boy gets sobriety back again) confessing to murder during a meeting of his support group.

Or does he?

In short order, Lt. Provenza & Company find a former child star read more

Major Crimes Creator Previews "Party Foul"

It can be incredibly hard to find a place in this world where one feels happy, valued and safe. Worse, any search for refuge from the vicissitudes of everyday life requires some awareness that even the very best sanctuaries are only temporary. We're born into a perfect childhood, we marry the ideal mate, the best job with the greatest people: none of these states of grace can last forever. Our best hope, then, is to appreciate what we have while we have it, and work to keep what is good in our lives as long as it is possible or right. But change is the only constant in this world, and we forget that at our peril.

Perhaps nothing illustrates the danger in hoping temporary asylums will last (exactly the way they are, please, forever-and-a-day) so much as young love. A strong, romantic relationship between two teenagers can form a bond so passionate that attempts to break it end in tragedy. Romeo and Juliet speaks from the ages, reminding us that the adolescent heart — once given — can be biologically impossible to return... read more

Major Crimes Creator Previews "Down the Drain"

Major Crimes creator James Duff will be doing a Facebook chat from 9/8c to 10/9c Monday during the airing of the episode? Join in the conversation here.

Last summer, the stories on Major Crimes revolved around the theme of expectation. Our human ability to imagine the future — to project what lies around the next bend in the road — is both a great asset and a terrible flaw.  When we have properly predicted events, and reap the benefits of our planning and hard work, rejoicing follows. But when we arrive at the end of our labors without gaining what we anticipated, tragedy can ensue.

And that is where the third season of Major Crimes resumes this Monday, for when expectations fall short, most of us fall back on the primitive engine of hope. Even the very worst darkness cannot prevent our hands from reflexively reaching out for a light.  Whatever passions or dreams act as a lamp when your eyes cannot see on their own: that is hope.  Speaking for myself, when I slump, my family picks me up, providing the luminous love I need to carry on.

I believe in family like I believe in the sun... read more

Mega Buzz: Parenthood's End, More Frozen on Once and Loyalty on Walking Dead

Each week, executive editor Adam Bryant satisfies your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

is almost over! What can you tease about the show's final episodes? — Raquel

Have the Kleenex at the ready for the 100th episode! "It's going to be a particularly emotional episode... [that] deals with Zeek's health," executive producer Jason Katims says. "It's an unusual episode in that it's a more compressed time frame than most of our episodes. It probably happens over 24 hours. It really is the beginning of the final movement of the series. ...  It's hopefully what will be a juggernaut toward the ending of the show."

Any scoop on Sunday's two-hour episode of Once Upon a Time? — Deirdre
Here's a tidbit: "Elsa and Anna get to work together back in Arendelle," Elizabeth Lail reveals... read more

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Premise: A female captain leads the L.A.P.D.'s Major Crimes division in this spin-off from "The Closer," featuring characters from that series.



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