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(Sub) Somewhere to Return Season 1, Episode 52 Jul 23, 2015 Subscription

The Primordial Majin is starting to destroy the universe. As the Adept of Earth's core, Shougo should be able to use the Revelation Cocoon to contact the Primordial Majin, but the Primordial Majin does not respond to him.

(Sub) The Beginning of the End Season 1, Episode 51 Jul 16, 2015 Subscription

Having obtained three planetary cores -- Dragon, Phoenix, and Griffon -- Cerberus conducts the Joining of the End. But Stolz equips Phoenix's Bone parts and calls to Phoenix's core bone, stopping Revolt's ambition.

(Sub) The Joining of the End Season 1, Episode 50 Jul 9, 2015 Subscription

Dragon keeps up the fight against Cerberus, and turns Rare Metal in his rage over Panther's defeat. But he has a hard fight against Cerberus, who has control over three elemental abilities.

(Sub) Wolf and Tiger Season 1, Episode 49 Jul 2, 2015 Subscription

The Primordial Majin has begun to move. The Los Angeles laboratory notices this, and hurries to complete the Revelation Cocoon. They need the final version of the cocoon in order to deal with the Primordial Majin.