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Latest Episode: Legend of the Lost Art

Feb 10, 1988 Season 8 Episode 10 watch on (Subscription)

Higgins convinces Magnum to search for a mysterious ancient scroll, but they're not the only ones seeking the artifact.

Photo Play

Apr 10, 1986 Season 6 Episode 21

Magnum lands a new client, photographer Shelly Faraday, when she sideswipes the front of his prized Ferrari.
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A Little Bit of Luck, a Little Bit of Grief

Apr 03, 1986 Season 6 Episode 20

Con artists zero in on Rick after he wins $1 million on a TV show.
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Who Is Don Luis Higgins, and Why Is He Doing These Terrible ...

Mar 20, 1986 Season 6 Episode 19

The president of Costa Del Rosa, visiting Hawaii for a chess tournament, has received numerous death threats, which Magnum must investigate.
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Find Me a Rainbow

Mar 13, 1986 Season 6 Episode 18

Magnum is hired by the wealthy Lydia McCarthy to locate her former chauffeur, who stole her valuable jewelry.
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Way of the Stalking Horse

Feb 20, 1986 Season 6 Episode 17

Magnum agrees to help an insurance salesman find his missing father, but the client turns out to be a ruthless hit man.
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This Island Isn't Big Enough

Feb 13, 1986 Season 6 Episode 16

Rick and all his passengers are presumed dead when his boat turns up completely deserted.
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All Thieves on Deck

Jan 30, 1986 Season 6 Episode 15

Magnum is assigned to guard a valuable artifact on board an interisland cruise ship.
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Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Jan 23, 1986 Season 6 Episode 14

Magnum finds it strange when Robin Masters suddenly fires Higgins for allegedly stealing money and valuable art.
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Summer School

Jan 09, 1986 Season 6 Episode 13

Robin Masters's teenage nephew R.J. comes to live at the estate after being kicked out of numerous private schools.
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I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway

Jan 02, 1986 Season 6 Episode 12

A traveling carnival owned by Higgins's old friend faces serious problems when one of the performers is brutally murdered.
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Nov 28, 1985 Season 6 Episode 11

T.C., Higgins and Rick all refuse to believe Magnum's claim that he saw a mysterious young boy in the ocean while scuba diving.
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Blood and Honor

Nov 21, 1985 Season 6 Episode 10

Unable to trust any of his own personnel, Adm. Hawkes calls in his old friend Magnum to find a mole who's leaking classified Navy information.
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Treasure of Kalaniopu'u

Nov 14, 1985 Season 6 Episode 9

In order to promote Robin Masters's new book, his publishers create a special treasure hunt with a $1 million prize up for grabs.
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Nov 07, 1985 Season 6 Episode 8

Magnum receives an offer of $100,000 to stop a group of cattle rustlers who are not afraid to use violence.
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Round and Around

Oct 24, 1985 Season 6 Episode 6

T.C. and Magnum's friend Ron tries to stop an armed robbery at a grocery store and is killed.
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The Hotel Dick

Oct 17, 1985 Season 6 Episode 5

Taking a job at the upscale Hawaiian Gardens Hotel, Magnum clashes with his annoying new boss.
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The Kona Winds

Oct 10, 1985 Season 6 Episode 4

Magnum jumps into the ocean and rescues a beautiful woman from drowning.
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Old Acquaintance

Oct 03, 1985 Season 6 Episode 3

Magnum is asked by a friend to retrieve a dolphin that may be used in the assassination of a visiting African dignitary.
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Déjà Vu: Part 2

Sep 26, 1985 Season 6 Episode 2

Part 2 of 2. Magnum tries to make sense of the discrepancies surrounding his friend's death.
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Déjà Vu: Part 1

Sep 26, 1985 Season 6 Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. While in London, Magnum discovers an old buddy was killed in a hit-and-run accident.
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