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1980, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Legend of the Lost Art

Feb 10, 1988 Season 8 Episode 10 watch on (Subscription)

Higgins convinces Magnum to search for a mysterious ancient scroll, but they're not the only ones seeking the artifact.

Faith and Begorrah

Apr 28, 1983 Season 3 Episode 23

While investigating the potentially unfaithful wife of a boxer, Magnum runs into a priest who turns out to be Higgins's half brother.
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The Big Blow

Apr 07, 1983 Season 3 Episode 22

Even though a typhoon is closing in on Hawaii, Robin Masters persists with his lavish spring equinox party.
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...By Its Cover

Mar 31, 1983 Season 3 Episode 21

Magnum's friend Rod comes to Hawaii following a month-long jail term for pot possession and promptly gets framed by a corrupt narcotics officer.
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Two Birds of a Feather

Mar 17, 1983 Season 3 Episode 20

A Vietnam veteran's plane crashes on Robin Masters's property.
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Legacy from a Friend

Mar 10, 1983 Season 3 Episode 19

After his friend Marcus is found dead the day after being seen in a pricey sports car, Magnum teams up with a plucky young cop to investigate.
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Forty Years from Sand Island

Feb 24, 1983 Season 3 Episode 18

Higgins suffers a car crash while researching a World War II internment camp.
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Birdman of Budapest

Feb 10, 1983 Season 3 Episode 16

Robin's mentor Elizabeth Barrett visits Hawaii to interview a bird expert, but Magnum learns that there's a more diabolical reason for her visit.
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Basket Case

Feb 03, 1983 Season 3 Episode 15

Magnum meets a 13-year-old basketball whiz who is a pawn in her foster parents' con game.
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The Arrow That Is Not Aimed

Jan 27, 1983 Season 3 Episode 14

When a ninja steals a precious plate, Magnum must team up with a samurai to track down the artifact.
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Of Sound Mind

Jan 06, 1983 Season 3 Episode 13

A practical joker leaves Magnum more than $50 million in his will.
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Heal Thyself

Dec 16, 1982 Season 3 Episode 12

When Dr. Karen Harmon is accused of killing three patients in her care, her friend Magnum accepts the tough case.
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Mr. White Death

Nov 18, 1982 Season 3 Episode 9

An aging wrestler wants to find his long-lost son.
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Foiled Again

Nov 11, 1982 Season 3 Episode 8

When Higgins's lifelong nemesis dies in a freak accident, it seems like a stroke of luck -- until Higgins becomes the prime suspect.
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Black on White

Oct 28, 1982 Season 3 Episode 6

Higgins is quarantined to avoid exposure to an African virus, but the precaution is only Magnum's trick to protect Higgins from his military past.
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The Eighth Part of the Village

Oct 14, 1982 Season 3 Episode 4

Magnum picks up a crate of Higgins's books at the docks, only to discover that the crate contains his friend's daughter.
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Ki'i's Don't Lie

Oct 07, 1982 Season 3 Episode 3

While Magnum works security at an auction, mainland detective brothers A.J. and Rick Simon try to recover a stolen -- and possibly cursed -- artifact.
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Did You See the Sunrise?: Part 2

Sep 30, 1982 Season 3 Episode 2

Part 2 of 2. Magnum discovers that Nuzo is a fraud.
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Did You See the Sunrise?: Part 1

Sep 30, 1982 Season 3 Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. T.C. and Magnum protect an old Navy pal who thinks the trio is on an enemy's hit list.
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