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Latest Episode: MADtv: #1416

Apr 25, 2009 Season 14 Episode 16 watch on VUDU (Paid)

MADtv Episode 1416: Andy Griffith 2009, Bobby's Last Try, Anthony King#1: New Hearing Aid, Anthony King #2: New Cereal, Sesame Street: Billy's Story, Anthony King #3: Olive Garden, Fave 5: The Hulk, Jessica Simpson, and Matthew McConaghey, Coach Hines: Final Straw, Nacho at the Earth Day Rally, Gym Desk Clerk.

#1414 w/Cheech and Chong

Mar 28, 2009 Season 14 Episode 14

MADtv Episode 1414 w/Cheech and Chong: Bobby Confesses Open, New Prank Show, New Everlasting Love, HSN Late Night, Fav 5: Miley Cyrus, Diddy, and Kim Kardashian, Dictionary Words, 24 With Cheech and Chong, Ikeaclasts, Arden Pole Dancing, Johnny's New Cologne
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Feb 28, 2009 Season 14 Episode 10

Bobby Lee plays matchmaker with his castmates and revisits his alter ego, the Blind Kung Fu Master. Also "Al Pacino" and "Robert DeNiro" play sweetheart cops on MADtv.
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MADtv: #1408

Nov 22, 2008 Season 14 Episode 8

MADtv 1408: Im More Wizer, Show Open: Thunder Cloud Gives Thanks, New Action Movie, Financial Tips, Batman, Amazing Race, Coffee Twins: Joke Steal, Power, Show Close.
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