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May 16, 2009 Season 14 Episode 17 watch on (Paid)

Fred Willard returns to bid a final farewell to 14 amazing seasons of MADtv by hosting "MADtv Gives Back." Artie Lang is joined by the show's alumnae Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Will Sasso and Debra Wilson Skelton who return to recreate their notable MADtv characters as the show takes a look back at the fan-favorite sketches that put this side-splitting sketch comedy series on the map on the series finale episode of MADtv!

#1316 with Dave Navarro

May 17, 2008 Season 13 Episode 16

Credit Card: Musical Parody of commercial. Dr. Phil: Family Counseling: Dr. Phil interviews the Spears family. Spin!: Fake trailer for movie about sign spinners. 24 with Bobby Lee and Dave Navarro: Bobby Lee and Dave Navarro hang out and try to get rid of Bobbys “love boil.” T-Mobile Fav 5: Oprah: Parody of T-Mobile commercial with Oprahs 5 most called phone numbers. Coach Hines: Leadership Day: Coach Hines takes his students paintballing. T-Mobile Fav 5: Simon Cowell: Parody of T-Mobile commercial with Simon Cowells 5 most called phone numbers. T-Mobile Fav 5: Oprah: Parody of T-Mobile commercial with Oprahs 5 most called phone numbers. Idol Opening: One MADtv Cast member to be eliminated in the style of American Idol. GTA Boardgame: Commercial for boardgame based on the Grand Theft Auto video games. Sesame Street: Big Trouble: The Sesame Street gang deals with the hard times of an economic recession. T-Mobile Fav 5: Beyonce: Parody of T-Mobile commercial with Beyonces 5 most called phone numbers. Luann: Live at the Music Box: Crista as her alter ego Luann performs a stand-up routine. Feed the Children: Fake commercial for donating money to third world children.
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#1315 with Dominic Monaghan

Apr 26, 2008 Season 13 Episode 15

Episode #1315: Albanian Idol, Show Open - Bobby & Dominic Monaghan, Domi-Lost, Star Wars Response, Johnny Gan: Superhero Movie, Barkley/Wade #1, Barkley/Wade #2, Viva La Vote, Barkley/Wade #3, New Fantasy Film, Final Interview, Dog Tv Ad, Show Close - Arden w/ Daheli & Dan
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#1314 with Neil Patrick Harris

Apr 19, 2008 Season 13 Episode 14

Episode #1314: Girlicious, Swift #1, Swift #2, Yes I Can, Mannequin vs. Mannequin, Moment of Truth, VCR Repairman #1, VCR Repairman #2, Robbery, Mattress Commercial, Fashion Surprise, Diet Ad, Robbery: Hit & Run, VCR Repairman #3
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#1313 With Kat Von D and the Cast of Street Kings

Apr 05, 2008 Season 13 Episode 13

Episode #1313: Sensual Opening, The Kardashians, Inside Looking Ahead, New Attitude, One And A Million, Street Kings: Hugh Laurie, Wing Woman Open, Wing Woman #2: Kat Von D, Street Kings: Chris Evans, Investigative Report #1, Buildings: Office, Buildings: Shack, Street Kings: Cedric, Show Close 1313 - Jordan
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Mar 29, 2008 Season 13 Episode 12

Episode #1312: Juno II, O, Resignation, Bike Ride, Celebrity Rehab #1, Celebrity Rehab #2, PC Description, Mofaz: Hilarity Clinton, American Idol Red Carpet, New Self-Help Book, Real Sports Promo, Celebrity Rehab Tag
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Feb 16, 2008 Season 13 Episode 11

Episode #1311: BBC News, Women's Murder Club 1, Auditions: Monsters, Women's Murder Club 2, Lee vs. Wild, Dream Night, A Good Impression, Auditions: Superheroes, Women's Murder Club 3, Rice and Beans #6, Madden Popcorn, Mini-Mart, A New Boss.
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Feb 09, 2008 Season 13 Episode 10

Episode 1310: Hannah Montana, Ad Campaign #1, Triathlon, Ad Campaign #2, Johnny Gan, Ad Campaign #3, Tragedy, Bestest Medicine, Gwen Stefani Video, Rice and Beans #5, Neighborhood Watch
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Feb 02, 2008 Season 13 Episode 9

Episode 1309: Avril Lavigne, Interrogation, Auditions: Chemistry, Greenscreen, Prison Break, Hoy En La Television, Worst Magician, A Helping Hand, China Recall Footage, Audition: Fight Scene, Alphabetology of Love, Rice and Beans #4, Stuart Gets New Shoes
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MADTV Season 13 Episode 8 #1308 with Kathy Griffin and Last ...

Nov 24, 2007 Season 13 Episode 8

Episode #1308 with Kathy Griffin and Last Comic Standing, Jon Reep: Obama, Introducing Dan Oster, Coach Hines Post Game, A New Channel, Kathy Griffin Outtakes, The New AT&T, Rice and Beans #3, Adam Talks to the Cops, Jon Reep Standup
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#1307 with Mo Collins and Debra Wilson

Nov 17, 2007 Season 13 Episode 7

Episode #1307 with Mo Collins and Debra Wilson: Whitney Opening w/Debra Wilson, Tribute to a Dummy, Lorraine at Universal Studios w/Mo Collins, Beowulf, Investigative Report #2, Debra and Jordan on the Rooftop, Rice and Beans #2, Skittling, Steve Byrne Stand Up, Raging Rudolph, Show Close - Keegan
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#1306 with Joey Fatone

Nov 10, 2007 Season 13 Episode 6

Episode 1306 with Joey Fatone: 1234, Opening: Taste For Blood, Down Home Pancakes, Bionic Woman, The Historic Music Box Theater with Joey Fatone, Rice and Beans, Hollywood Lip Service, Airline Video, Anjelah Johnson Stand Up, The Band with Joey Fatone, The Band with Joey Fatone Live
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Season 13 Premiere

Nov 03, 2007 Season 13 Episode 5

MADtv's 13th season premiere with Carlos Mencia: It's Britney, Bitch!, Music Box w/Carlos Mencia, 24 w/Bobby Lee and Carlos Mencia, Sad Fitty, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, To Mock a Predator, Johnny Sanchez Stand Up, Family Guy 100th Red Carpet, To Mock a Master Chief
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MADtv's Most Wanted

Oct 06, 2007 Season 13 Episode 4

Susan Sarandon hosts MADtv's Best of Characters
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I Want My MADtv (Best of Pop Culture Parodies)

Sep 29, 2007 Season 13 Episode 3

Perez Hilton hosts MADtv's Best of Pop Culture Parodies
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Survivor: MADtv (The Best of TV Parodies)

Sep 22, 2007 Season 13 Episode 2

Jeff Probst hosts MADtv's Best of TV Parodies
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MADtv Ruined My Life: The Outrageous Sketches that Shocked a...

Sep 15, 2007 Season 13 Episode 1

Jerry Springer hosts MADtv's Most Outrageous Moments, including: Wizard of Oz - Lost Footage, UPS, Batteries Not Included, Zapruder Home Movies, Parenting Ad, Hot in Here Music Video
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