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My Very Best Friend Season 1, Episode 12 Apr 21, 2011 Subscription

Homura challenges Walpurgisnacht alone and is seriously wounded. She despairs because she can't win no matter how many times she tries. Her actions are making Madoka suffer even more and she becomes despondent. Her Soul Gem begins to turn black.

The Only Thing I Have Left to Guide Me Season 1, Episode 11 Apr 21, 2011 Subscription

Sayaka's funeral was held in the rain. Madoka returns home with vacant eyes. She barely says anything to Junko who met her at the front door and goes into her room. Kyubey appears in front of Madoka who is lost in her grief alone.

I Won't Rely On Anyone Anymore Season 1, Episode 10 Mar 11, 2011 Subscription

A scene depicting a female transfer student. The timid girl is so nervous and meek. She introduces herself shyly while feeling the eyes of all the students in the class. At recess other girls gather around her and ask questions curiously.

I'd Never Allow That to Happen Season 1, Episode 9 Mar 4, 2011 Subscription

Sayaka's Soul Gem turns into a jet-black grief seed which hatches and a new witch emerges. Carrying Sayaka's body Kyoko focuses on defending against the approaching witch's attacks. Homura cuts into the witch's labyrinth and leads Kyoko to escape.