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Latest Episode: MADE (Season 13) | Ep. 20 | Singer

Friday, July 18, 2014 Season 13 Episode 20 watch on MTV (Free)

Performance-fearing high school student gets inspired by Hot Chelle Rae to be MADE into a singer.

MADE (Season 12) | Ep. 24 | Professional Wrestler

Oct 19, 2012 Season 13 Episode 16

Deanna has to decide between following her dream of being MADE into a professional wrestler or obeying her parents' orders of finding a new career.
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MADE (Season 12) | Ep. 37 | Actresses

Oct 17, 2012 Season 13 Episode 14

Emilly wants to become a Hollywood actress, but when her spotlight-loving best friend receives more success than her she must build her own self-confidence in the face of rejection.
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MADE (Season 12) | Ep. 29 | Circus Performer

Oct 15, 2012 Season 13 Episode 13

Ashley Brown wants to have a fun and exciting career. Can she be MADE into a strong and spontaneous circus performer?
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MADE (Season 12) | Ep. 28 | Drag Queen

Oct 12, 2012 Season 13 Episode 12

Not being able to show his true colors in high school, Richard Figueroa wants show his confidence and be MADE into a drag queen.
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MADE (Season 12) | Ep. 34 | Go-Go Dancer

Oct 11, 2012 Season 13 Episode 11

Shambre is a shy college student who wants to be MADE into a Go-Go dancer, but with the loss of her father she needs help coping and coming out of her shell.
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MADE (Season 13) | Ep. 10 | Cheer Team

Oct 10, 2012 Season 13 Episode 10

The girls of Southwest High cheer want to revamp their squad by being MADE into a cheerleading team that their school can finally be proud of.
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MADE (Season 12) | Ep. 30 | Celebrity Assistant

Oct 09, 2012 Season 13 Episode 9

Chris wants to be MADE into a Celebrity Assistant but will he be able to handle the pressure of Hollywood?
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MADE (Season 13) | Ep. 8 | Cheerleader

Jun 29, 2012 Season 13 Episode 8

16 year old, theater nerd Mandy can't seem to get over her boy drama to focus on her goal of being MADE into a varsity cheerleader.
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MADE (Season 13) | Ep. 6 | Weight Loss

Jun 25, 2012 Season 13 Episode 6

After battling cancer, college undergrad Alex, gets help from Real World and Challenges star Diem Brown as he tries to lose weight and walk the runway in his university's fashion show.
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MADE (Season 13) | Ep. 1 | Pageant Queen

Jun 18, 2012 Season 13 Episode 1

Jordan wants to be MADE into a pageant queen, but will she be able to overcome her boyfriend's lack of support?
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