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The recent negative comments ...

Question: The recent negative comments about Mad Men reminded me of how I felt when I tried to watch Damages last season. It's well made and the characters are well-written, but it's not for me. Mad Men, however, had me hooked from the time I stumbled onto the second or third episode during a day off from work. I agree, however, that it's difficult to like many of the characters, and it can be disturbing. There have been times when I had to skip an episode and catch up later because I didn't have a good day, and I thought it would depress me too much. I honestly don't remember another show that affected me like that. (Maybe when I watched All My Children with my grandmother as a child.) You were spot on with your comparison to literature. Good books have affected me profoundly before, even though the characters and situations weren't necessarily "entertaining," and Mad Men is the same way. Can you think of another show you've reviewed in your career that had similar effects on its ... read more

This recent comment from ...

Question: This recent comment from Angie about Mad Men sums up my frustration with today's TV environment: "The plots move at a snail's pace, so it really does try the patience." I totally disagree with this statement, but this attitude is so pervasive because of the shrinking attention spans and the desire for immediate gratification. Whenever a show takes time to develop characters instead of mindlessly advancing the plot, it gets slammed. Another great example of this is Lost. When there is an episode that focuses on the characters and doesn't reveal some big secret, people immediately complain about how boring and useless it was, yet those are often the best episodes of the series. Mad Men certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea, but criticizing it for being slow-moving shows a total lack of understanding of what the show is about. It's about the characters. Answer: Agreed, and I was happy to see the pendulum swinging back to Mad Men's favor in my mailbag this week. I was very amused ... read more

Rich Sommer Is Mad About The Office

Rich Sommer by Carin Baer/AMC

Weve gotten to know Rich Sommer as the likable if sometimes forgettable Harry Crane a media buyer at Mad Mens Sterling Cooper advertising agency But on the season premiere of The Office Thursday Sept 25 at 9 pmET NBC Sommer will be punching in with Michael Scott co at Dunder Mifflin We chatted with Sommer about his Office role Harry Cranes promotion on Mad Men and what it is about shooting the AMC hit that brings him to tears each day on the set Adam BryantTVGuidecom You landed an upcoming role on The Office What can you tell us about itRich Sommer It started on the writers strike lines I met [Office writeractorproducer] Mindy Kaling who is a fan of Mad Men And somehow it just happened that about a month ago I got an e-mail for a partTVGuidecom Any chance of it becoming a recurring gigSommer I cant really say anything about what the role is or how it incorporates into that world but its been phenomenal What its going to be bey read more

Mega Buzz on Prison Break, Mad Men, Miami & More!

Wentworth Miller by Michael Lavine/Fox, Elisabeth Moss courtesy AMC and Adam Rodriguez by Robert Voets/CBS

Senior editors Matt Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions! E-mail us your own scoopy needs.Is it true that Prison Break's Michael is losing the tattoo? I felt so bad for Wentworth stuck in long-sleeved shirts in the Dallas sun! — ChristineMatt: 'Tis true. As you'll see on Monday night, Scofield books a (truly grueling) date with a dermatologist so as to better safeguard his identity as well as afford him greater wardrobe options (including shirtlessness, the ladyfolk hope). "It was a laborious process putting that [fake tattoo] on," says a relieved Wentworth Miller. "I am looking forward to rolling my sleeves up!" (FYI: I'm one-and-a-half episodes into the new season, and he has yet to do that. Patience!)Is Mad Men planning a Thorn Birds scenario between Peggy and Father Gill? Also, to whom do you think Don sent that book in the first episode? (My guess: Rachel.) — DarcyMickey: While it's clear that the burgeoning friendship between Peggy and the padre has bec... read more

Critic's Notebook: Olympics Are Over, Back to TV

Elisabeth Moss in Mad Men courtesy AMC

Anyone else going through Olympics withdrawal? Mine started around the time the Olympic flame was extinguished during Sunday night’s broadcast of the closing ceremonies. I felt a sense of deflation as I watched replays of many of the games’ most thrilling moments. Also a sense of loss, even as I was being dazzled one more time by the pyrotechnics (presumably real) of the final spectacular, with a return of the drummers and gravity-defying performers amid a reprise, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale, of the human light show from the opening ceremonies, with shimmering movement and color holding us spellbound. (At least until the British showed up, with their tacky-by-comparison half-time-lite show. It’s going to be hard for anyone to measure up to China’s showmanship.)How am I going to fill my days and especially my nights now that I no longer have Bob Costas as my professional escort? What a great job he did as host and interviewer, always keeping his cool, even... read more

"The New Girl"

In tonights jam-packed episode seriously did anyone else feel like there were a bajillion scenes Don said I dont feel a thing How true despite Bobbies beliefs that he is a decent man behind his many flaws Like I said it was one packed hour so hold on tightWe opened with Pete and his wife Trudy visiting a fertility specialist for some guidance after trying unsuccessfully to conceive for 18 months As easy as it is to hate Pete he was delightfully fun to watch in this scene cracking jokes about seeing the nurse for semen analysis Whenever shes free and his complete over-compensation about his manhood prompting the doc to remind him that fertility has nothing to do with manliness More intriguing was how once he was given the chance to open up he seemed to think he was on the psychiatrists couch rather than seeing a fertility specialist He ran down his list of problems with the world reflected on his fathers passing and naturally showed disdain for the read more

VIDEO: Does Mad Men's Salvatore Have a Boy on the Side?

Salvatore is... married? Really? As Bryan Batt quipped just before taping this video, "There are now two guys with beards at Sterling Cooper. In this video, the Mad Men star shares a look at the debonair art director's complicated love life and teases more about the rest of this season. — Matt Mitovich read more

I know you love Mad Men. I ...

Question: I know you love Mad Men. I know a lot of people love Mad Men. But the one thing I don't understand is why. Okay, I know you talk about the acting, the writing, the costumes, the history, the mesmerizing tone of the whole show — fine. But where is the entertainment? I'm sure you will say that I already answered my own question in the former sentence, but I really want to know. You see, I agree with you on a lot of shows, Matt. I respect your opinion. I watched the entire first season of Mad Men and found the first episodes to be unique and beautiful visually. I also felt the acting was impeccable. However, slowly but surely those things seemed less and less to carry the show. The plots move at a snail's pace, so it really does try the patience. Many storylines are simply left to the viewers' best guess, and quite often those are the storylines that would carry the most punch, such as Betty's confrontation with Don about his affairs, what happened to Peggy after she gave birth, ... read more

For John Slattery, It's a Mad, Mad World

John Slattery, Mad Men

Smoke, drink and be merry. That's the motto ad executive Roger Sterling lives by, even after suffering two heart attacks last season on AMC's critical darling Mad Men (Sundays at 10 pm/ET, AMC). We asked for some insight into the character from John Slattery, the Emmy-nominated actor who plays him. TV Guide: How lucky do you feel to be on this show? John Slattery: It's the best job I've ever had! Every time I read a script, [Roger] always has something to say that I can't wait to do. TV Guide: Are the glowing reviews at all surprising to you? Slattery: Sometimes you're surprised that other people like what you like — and the fact that everybody seems to think it's even better this season. TV Guide: What's the secret of Mad Men's success?Slattery: I don't think it's a read more

"Three Sundays"

Man did they pack tonights episode full Its tough to know where to begin but since the shows writers began and ended this episode at church it seems a logical place to start Over the course of three Sundays Passion Palm and Easter Peggy and her family become increasingly familiar with visiting priest Father Gill a guesting Colin Hanks who is looking more like his old man every day whom they invite over for supper after mass While he wows them with tales of his trips to Rome funnily belittling his time at the Vatican Its one thing but then you realize youre in Italy he also learns more about Peggy and her work courtesy of her mother After giving Peggy a lift to the subway Father Gill asks Peggy for some pointers for his Palm-Sunday sermon which she eventually obliged by telling him to be prepared Im covered in the content department and speak colloquially the sermon is the only part of Mass in English and sometimes its hard to tellOf cours read more

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