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Mad Men Episode Recap: "Shut the Door. Have a Seat" Season 3, Episode 13

"Friday, Dec. 13: The day four guys shot their own legs off." — Roger Sterling
At the midpoint of Mad Men's stellar third season, Don Draper signed a contract that began his downward spiral. Since July 23, 1963, campaigns have failed to impress hotel tycoons, affairs have happened, secrets were uncovered, and declarations of no love were made. But no matter how Roger Sterling sees Dec. 13, it is no doubt the day that Don Draper picked himself up from rock bottom and started his climb all over again.

And he's not alone... read more

Mad Men Episode Recap: "The Grown-Ups" Season 3, Episode 12

After dominating the last two episodes, Don Draper, Dick Whitman and , well, everybody really, take a back seat to the most speculated-about moment of Mad Men's third season: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Creator Matthew Weiner put the drama of the event front and center, but still managed to show the changes happening in the lives of those sitting transfixed on their couches, those unable to look away from the situation that kept going from bad to worse. Betty finally realizes that her feelings for Don no longer exist. Pete, after being less than graciously not promoted, convinces himself, then Trudy, that leaving Sterling Cooper might be his only move. And Roger Sterling, unable to crack wise about Kennedy's death like he does everything else, realizes only one person can make him feel better after his daughter's train wreck of a wedding ends.

But how exactly do we cope with tragedy? Do we, like Don, talk it away by focusing on the hope for a brighter tomorrow? Or do we react like Betty by immersing ourselves in it and allow it to break us down? Could we be like Pete and misplace our anger at those around us? Or do we take Roger's approach of just  being baffled by it, knowing that with persistence we'll pull through? All of those initial reactions, however, give way to reflection, which gives way to honesty. And it's in those moments of honesty that the realizations listed above are made, for better or worse.

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Mad Men Episode Recap: "The Gypsy and the Hobo" Season 3, Episode 11

"And who are you supposed to be?" — Carlton Hanson
Sally and Bobby Draper may have been dressed as this episode's titular gypsy and hobo for Halloween, but they certainly are not the only characters hiding behind a costume, a mask of lies. Greg Harris hopes that pretending to be interested in psychiatry might get him a job he couldn't care less about. Suzanne tries to fool herself into believing that she hasn't become too attached to the married man she'll never be able to take to dinner in Little Italy. Annabelle Mathis — a former Sterling Cooper client and Roger Sterling lover — wants the agency to mask that her dog food is made from horses, and she wants to pretend she's not the girl who let "the one" get away. And while Roger tells Annabelle that she has indeed lost him, I'm not so quick to believe that his "happily married" act is any more sincere than his platitude-laden introduction of Don in last week's episode.

But Dick Whitman's mask, which has lasted years longer than the Minnie Mouse costume Sally wants ever will, is now just as worthless as the plastic crap sold at Woolworth's. Maybe the only person not play-acting in the episode is Betty, who, despite becoming a master of the craft of make-believe, refuses to ignore the lie that is the foundation on which her entire life sits any longer. "You don't get to ask any questions," she hisses at Don, who responds with the truthful, painful answers Betty seeks — because that's all he can do now that he's been unmasked. read more

Mad Men Episode Recap: "The Color Blue" Season 3, Episode 10

"The truth is, people may see things differently, but they don't really want to." — Don Draper
Because he's an adman, Don Draper is a master of perception. Or maybe it's the other way around, but I think he's bought into a little too much of his own way of thinking. In any case, Sunday's episode of Mad Men, like many in the show's history, dealt with the two-sided coin of perception. While Lane Pryce perceives New York City to be his home, his wife continues to rant about the city's worthlessness compared to London. Paul perceives Peggy to be his competition, while she looks at their assignment as a team effort. Anyone who doesn't know Roger Sterling as well as the audience might perceive him and Don to be the chummiest of chums based on the glowing speech he makes at the agency's 40th anniversary gala. And that whole celebration is an exercise in futility once it's revealed that Sterling Cooper is again for sale.

But what happens when perceptions are altered, or better yet, disproved? When Don gets some alone time with Miss Farrell's brother, Danny, Don preaches the message of his life to another impressionable youth. But his sermon falls on deaf ears. And when Betty meets Dick Whitman for the first time — or more accurately, the early life of Don Draper — everything her life is built upon comes crumbling down around her. I think it's about time Don started to look around and see just how he's really being perceived once all that applause finally stops... read more

Mad Men Episode Recap: "Wee Small Hours" Season 3, Episode 9

I'm not sure that any other episode of Mad Men has so aptly represented the metaphor that the series' opening credits display each week as well as "Wee Small Hours." In the space of a few frames, Don goes from being Conrad Hilton's angel to being yet another son who has let him down. His perfect campaign is spit on, and the floor opens up right beneath him. Leave it to Roger Sterling to kick a man while he's down, as Don takes the blame when Sterling Cooper's other largest client finds fault with how his business is being managed. And with La Dolce Betty a distant memory (all she can think about is her new pen pal), Don does what he's always done when the chips are stacked against him: He cheats. Guess he really means it when he tells his staff of copywriters that he can't do this all by himself.

The episode divides those who generally get their way from those who are exasperated in the process of trying to deliver what their counterparts want. As already mentioned, Don can't give Connie the moon. Sal's unwillingness to let bully Lee Garner, Jr. have his way with him has serious consequences. And Henry Francis can't be Betty's lover because... well, because Betty can't decide if that's even what she wants... read more

Mad Men Episode Recap: "Souvenir" Season 3, Episode 8

What is it that makes the things we can't have so desirable? Often on Mad Men, it seems most of the characters can have whatever they want, whenever they want. The same holds up in some aspects of "Souvenir." Pete successfully beds his neighbors' au pair, and Henry Francis gets at least some part of what he wants from Betty. But even (especially?) in the world of Mad Men, that type of covetousness has its drawbacks. By episode's end, Pete is an emotional wreck under the doe-eyed gaze of his wife, and Henry Francis (unknowingly) has brought his flirtation with Betty to an end. (So she says, anyway.)

But Betty has her own wants. She's transformed by a trip to Rome, as is her attitude/attraction toward Don. But when that fantasy gives way to her real life back in the suburbs, when passion is replaced with babies and local politics, Betty is the same bitter housewife we've known for nearly three seasons. So what's worse? Getting what we want, only to lose it, or never attaining what we wanted to begin with? I'm sure Joan Harris has some things to say about the latter... read more

Mad Men Episode Recap: "Seven Twenty Three" Season 3, Episode 7

How does a TV show follow perhaps one the best episodes ever in its run? If it's Mad Men, it does so by only getting better. I'm sure many will argue that this episode didn't pack the same punch as the previous one — there was, after all, no mowing over of an ad exec's foot. But in the same way I laughed through the over-the-top horror last week, I found myself compelled by the intricacies of this week's mini-bombshells, the ones whose seeds were planted early this season and are just now blooming.

The jaw-dropping blood spray was replaced with an unsettling narrative structure. The show settled for quiet-but-powerful one-liners ("I don't want to have any more contact with Roger Sterling") and cold stares instead of screaming secretaries and fainting copywriters. Gone was the roaring John Deere engine, and in its place Betty silently swoons while thinking of a man other than her husband.

Mad Men
doesn't get much better than this... read more

Mad Men Episode Recap: "Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency" Season 3, Episode 6

And so, the third season of Mad Men truly begins. We've waited patiently as each previous episode gave us mere glimpses of what we knew was ultimately to come: The Draper baby would rock the house in one way or another, the British invasion of Sterling Cooper was going to bring big changes to the office, and, sadly, we knew there would come a time when sassy Joan Holloway (I really hate calling her by her married name) would leave the agency for "greener pastures." All those paths crossed beautifully; plus, we also get a little resolution to Don and Roger's battle and one of show's most gruesome images ever. It's really a shame that this powerhouse episode went up against the Emmys.

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Mad Men Episode Recap: "The Fog" Season 3, Episode 5

The fifth episode of Mad Men's third season wastes no time picking up the "circle of life" threads left dangling after Grandpa Gene's death. As Don and Betty deal with Sally's bad-behavior coping mechanism, the Drapers also welcome into their home a new bundle of joy (or more likely, annoyance, given what we've seen from those two as parents). The birth (or perhaps the drugs) does provide Betty an escape from her life of bitterness, but will it last? Meanwhile, back at Sterling Cooper, Pete suggests a risky new strategy to a less-than-pleased client and also goes to lunch with a familiar face.

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Mad Men Episode Recap: "The Arrangements" Season 3, Episode 4

This episode of Mad Men turned its focus on the parent-child relationship, and, in so doing, the circle of life. While Peggy and Horace Cook Jr., Sterling Cooper's newest client, try to leave the nest for their own adventures, Betty continues to fight against thinking about the day when her father will no longer be there. In the middle of it all is Don, who's no stranger to daddy issues, but somehow understands the happy medium between the two extremes. In the end, we're left with this season's best episode so far, one that is both laugh-out-loud funny and heartbreaking.

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My Old Kentucky Home Season 3, Episode 3

A mandatory overtime session leaves the writers trying to stave off late-night boredom; Roger throws a party, and Joan and Greg host one of their own; and Sally and Grandpa have a run-in. read more

Love Among the Ruins Season 3, Episode 2

Betty's father pays a visit; the Drapers dine with the stuffy new British boss (Jared Harris) and his snobby wife; the firm contemplates whether to accede to an unusual request from a client; Roger takes charge of arranging a wedding; and Peggy's personal involvement in a campaign leaves her greatly affected. read more

Out of Town Season 3, Episode 1

In the third-season opener, Pete and Ken are among those affected by the corporate changes at the firm. Meanwhile, Sal accompanies Don on a business trip to Baltimore, where both men succumb to the powers of persuasive seduction. read more

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