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Mad Men Episode: "Ladies Room"

Season 1, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Betty sees a specialist about her ongoing physical problems; a managing partner leans on Don to get involved in the Richard Nixon presidential campaign; Peggy gets some unwanted attention from a copy writer.
Original Air Date: Jul 26, 2007
Guest Cast Talia Balsam: Mona Sterling Darby Stanchfield: Helen Andy Umberger: Arnold Wayne
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Season 1, Episode 2
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Length: 47:02
Aired: 7/26/2007
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"Ladies Room" Season 1, Episode 2

So, things we know about Don: - He doesn't like to talk about himself. - He didn't have a nanny growing up. In fact, his exact words were, "No, of course not" when his wife asked him about it. - He doesn't vote. Great lines: "You never forget your first." Joan's not talking about a paycheck, although Peggy probably assumes she is. "Greetings from the wettest place on earth." Pete is referring to Niagara Falls, where he's on his honeymoon, but I think we all know what he means. Ewww. "What do women want?" "Who cares?" "They'll say anything you pay them to," from Don after Betty saw the doctor. "Pat McGroin." I enjoyed spending time with Don's family. His wife seems like the perfect woman: She's attractive, blonde, and doesn't ask too many questions. But how well does she even know her husband? I shouldn't be, but I'm surprised she doesn't know more about his upbringing, his background, his hopes and fears. Today must of us get to know everything we can about our mate - almost always before we decide whether or not to make a life with them. It's so interesting to me that women were expected to pick husbands based on what? Looks? Earning potential? It doesn't seem like it mattered at all if they had any real affection for their husband. I guess actual love was just a bonus in those days, although I'm sure there are plenty of people who still wed for reasons other than love. And heaven forbid you got a divorce back then. Oh, it's fine if you're a man, but if you're a woman you become a pariah. The divorcée who comes to live in Betty's neighborhood is presented as someone to be feared. I'll be surprised if she makes even one friend in the neighborhood, especially with Betty's friend Francine worried that she'll drive down the price of real estate. I was kind of impressed with Don for giving in to the idea of his wife seeing a psychiatrist. Although he doesn't seem to believe in it, Betty definitely needs to talk to someone. She seems happy, but with the recent death of her mother she's becoming more anxious and maybe a bit neurotic. I was fascinated by her diatribe on the possibility that her daughter Sally could have been hurt in the car accident and worrying about what kind of life her daughter would have if she had a little scar on her face. It wasn't something that was acknowledged, but looks meant a lot in those days. Much more then they do today, I think. I can understand concern for your child, but I think she got a little carried away with it. I was not pleased when Don called the shrink to check up on his wife. Not cool. Wow, 35 dollars a week. Peggy seems awfully excited about her salary. It's probably a pitiable sum, compared to what the men make, but it's better than nothing. Since women were a recent addition to the workplace, I'm just glad she's there. And one person in particular seems to be glad she's around: Copywriter Paul is only too happy to show Peggy the ropes. I thought maybe this guy was a decent one. He's nice enough to show her how the place works and even suggests there might be a job in the copy department for her. But he, too, is after just one thing. He can't believe someone's already laid claim to Peggy. He thinks it's Don, but we know different. And what's the product of the week? Right Guard, the modern deodorant. For 18 months Gillette is the only company that can sell spray deodorants, so the mad men need to find a hook to help them sell this miracle product, this product of the future. The copy and art departments go to work, hoping to come up with a pitch that will impress Don. He's not impressed, but is inspired when lying in bed with his mistress. I think "any excuse to get closer" will be a winner. This is completely random, but what's up with Midge's hair? I know it's a wig, but I don't know why she's wearing it. What's wrong with her real hair? And why does she want Don to believe she accepts gifts from strangers? Granted, she probably doesn't want him to know who she's getting these gifts from, but still. I'm starting to think she's not as modern and progressive as she pretends to be. Maybe she's just eccentric. Although I really did respect (is that even the right word?) her for telling Don he couldn't talk about his wife with her. And what about all our other characters? We didn't spend too much time with them this week, but here's what I've been able to decipher: Mr. Cooper: He's an older guy who Don's boss Mr. Sterling defers to. He mentions that they're still looking to put together a team for Dick Nixon. He wants them to get on it already. And no more "Navy attitude" around the office. Harry: All I noticed about him were the horn-rimmed glasses. Sorry, but he didn't make much more of an impression than that. Ken: This is the blond guy everyone attacks with the deodorant. Hey, at least he smelled nice after that. He also propositions our Peggy. Hands off the goods! Just because you buy a girl lunch doesn't mean she's "the dessert." Joan: That woman is no joke. As I mentioned last week, she totally knows how to work the system. And as she proves tonight, she can hand out insults with the best of them. Two TV shows were mentioned: People Are Funny and The Twilight Zone. I love people who love TV. Please feel free to share your favorite lines. I do have two questions I hope you can help me answer: Who is Ted Rogers? And who else was freaked out when Sally came around the corner wearing that plastic bag over her head? Need something to tide you over until next week? Check out our Online Video Guide. show less
So, things we know about Don:— He doesn’t like to talk about himself.— He didn’t have a nanny growing up. In fact, his exact words were, “No, of course not” when his wife asked him about it.— He doesn’t vote.Great lines:“You never forget your first.” Joan’s not talking about a paycheck, although Peggy probably assumes she is.“Greetings from the wettest place on earth.” Pete is referring to Niagara Falls, where he’s on his honeymoon, but I think we all know what he means. Ewww.“What do women want?” “Who cares?”“They’ll say anything you pay them to,” from Don after Betty saw the doctor.“Pat McGroin.”I enjoyed spending time with Don’s family. His wife seems like the perfect woman: She’s attractive, blonde, and doesn’t ask too many questions. But how well does she even know her husband? I shouldn’t be, but I’m surprised she doesn’t know more ab... read more

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