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1992, TV Show

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As they are waiting for a bus together, Jamie spots a magazine's quiz, "Bliss or Blunder: Perfect Mate or Big Mistake?" And while Paul would rather not, Jamie encourages him to answer the questions and rate their relationship. After an inquiry about love at first sight prompts a look back at how they met, the Buchmans proceed to review their history together, including a controversial experiment with virtual reality, a look at each other's families and how much power Murray holds over their household. But a debate over scoring themselves before the test is through causes Paul and Jamie to miss the bus they have been waiting for so patiently. Left to wait, the Buchmans move on to questions of sex, petty annoyances and their terms of endearment. And after discussing just how safe they are, or aren't, in their marriage, Paul and Jamie look back at some of their faults, including just how truthful they've been with each other. Finally, even though their score would suggest they are ill suited to be husband and wife, Paul and Jamie consciously choose to ignore the quiz results just as their bus arrives.

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