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Larry Miller Recovering After Near-Fatal Brain Injury

10 Things I Hate About You actor Larry Miller is expected to make a full recovery after suffering a near-fatal brain injury last spring.  Read Full Article


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Season 4, Episode 3
As they are waiting for a bus together, Jamie spots a magazine's quiz, "Bliss or Blunder: Perfect Mate or Big Mistake?" And while Paul would rather not, Jamie encourages him to answer the questions and rate their relationship. After an inquiry about love at first sight prompts a look back at how they met, the Buchmans proceed to review their history together, including a controversial experiment with virtual reality, a look at each other's families and how much power Murray holds over their household. But a debate over scoring themselves before the test is through causes Paul and Jamie to miss the bus they have been waiting for so patiently. Left to wait, the Buchmans move on to questions of sex, petty annoyances and their terms of endearment. And after discussing just how safe they are, or aren't, in their marriage, Paul and Jamie look back at some of their faults, including just how truthful they've been with each other. Finally, even though their score would suggest they are ill suited to be husband and wife, Paul and Jamie consciously choose to ignore the quiz results just as their bus arrives.

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Season 3, Episode 24
Paul and Jamie discover what their lives might have been like had they never met.

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Season 3, Episode 23
After receiving their anniversary gift from his mother, Paul and Jamie abandon their agreement not to get each other anything. Jamie offers to make him a list, but Paul insists he knows her well enough to pick out something on his own. However, as they each set out to shop, Jamie turns to Ira for help, while Paul consults with Fran and Lisa. Jamie finally gives up and sends Ira to get something while, at the department store where Lisa works, Paul is finally persuaded to buy his wife an expensive silver serving tray. When Lisa shows up with a bunch of glass grapes instead of the tray, Paul must come up with another gift on the spot. And when Ira arrives with Paul's gift, Jamie is shocked to discover it's a vintage poster from "The Attack of the 50 Foot Woman," the first movie her husband ever saw. Serious about the fact that it's the best gift he's ever received, Paul then presents Jamie with a piece of paper which entitles her to "one magical night. " But when she's certain it means reservations for all of them to have dinner at the ultra exclusive Twilight Room, Paul is in trouble. At the Twilight Room, Ira sends the women off to the bar so he and Paul can persuade the maitre d' to give them a table. Yet, without a reservation, they stand no chance of getting in and soon are forced to leave. Ending up at a loud, crowded and smoky rock club where Ira's girlfriend Susannah performs, Paul finally explains the mix-up with Jamie's gift. Though upset that he sought help, Jamie is on shaky ground herself when Paul reveals that Ira consulted with him about the present she claims to have bought. Jamie is certain that the entire episode has called their marriage into question. And when they find that the newsstand where they first met has burned down, the Buchmans are puzzled by evidence which suggests they never met and never married.

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Season 3, Episode 22
With Paul spending his nights filming a milkman for his latest film and Jamie committed to endless meetings, the Buchmans are finding it harder than ever to spend time together. However, Jamie is in for a real shock when she discovers that a new client has teamed her and Fran with ex-boyfriend and artist Alan Tofsky. Despite a warning from Fran, Jamie insists that working with Alan won't pose any problems. Yet their behavior suggests otherwise, and it isn't long before they're disagreeing about everything, including their new client's ad campaign. On top of having his schedule upended by the milkman's nighttime deliveries, Paul must also deal with Jamie's dilemma. Though a sleep-deprived Paul claims he trusts Jamie's judgment, Lisa and Fran agree that working with Alan is a prescription for disaster -- especially after seeing how the ad campaign for Ralphy's Restaurant is, or isn't, shaping up. But it's when Ira realizes that Alan is also the newly famous comic book artist everyone is talking about that Jamie's situation takes a turn for the worse. And despite an effort by Ira and Lisa to keep her from learning the truth, Jamie discovers that she's a dead ringer for the evil villain in his new comic book. While Jamie insists she's fine, Paul and Fran do what they can to prepare for the impending crisis. Yet, when she is increasingly recognized on the street as the evil Queen Talon, Jamie finally snaps and heads for the comic book store where Alan is signing autographs. Letting her anger boil over, she points out for the benefit of his assembled fans how many of the queen's evil deeds which were based on events from their relationship. Finally, upon returning home without the pizza she was sent to get, Jamie is comforted by Paul as she imagines Queen Talon getting revenge against Alan.

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Larry Miller Recovering After Near-Fatal Brain Injury

10 Things I Hate About You actor Larry Miller is expected to make a full recovery after suffering a near-fatal brain injury last spring. read more

Episodes Renewed for Third Season

Matt LeBlanc's Showtime comedy Episodes has been renewed for a nine-episode third season, the cable network announced Thursday.

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Mega Buzz: NCIS Romance, Vampire Diaries' Graduation and a Bones Breakup

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Any Tony-Ziva NCIS scoop? — Rita
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Will The Vampire Diaries kids actually graduate and leave Mystic Falls this year? — Jess
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Premiered: September 23, 1992, on NBC
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: Marital angst fuels this urbane comedy about Manhattan newlyweds adjusting to life together. He's a restive documentary filmmaker; she's an impetuous public-relations executive. Cocreated by star Paul Reiser, who describes the show as 'what the world is like behind closed doors.' Further, it's 'like a couple's ride home after a party, when you can finally say what you've been thinking all night.'



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