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(Sub) Voting! Season 1, Episode 12 Aug 29, 2012 Subscription

Yuki awakes after the assault to find Chisato missing. After a wild goose chase around the city, President Mouri comes to his aid unexpectedly.

(Sub) Search! Season 1, Episode 11 Aug 29, 2012 Subscription

Yuki learns that someone in his camp is a spy. Later, Chisato and Yuki make amends and try to move forward...until Chisato becomes the victim of dirty politics.

(Sub) Entangled Season 1, Episode 10 Aug 29, 2012 Subscription

Chisato is devastated by Yuki's close call. Yuki is warned to avoid anti-bullying rhetoric in his campaign; later, he learns some unsettling--and dangerous--truths from President Mouri.

(Sub) Accident Season 1, Episode 9 Aug 29, 2012 Subscription

A quick glimpse into Chisato's dreams reveals the nightmare she lives with every day. Later, Yuki proclaims that he will endorse a new anti-bullying policy.