Sat May 23 6:00pm
The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth(Season 3, Episode 1) VH1

Season 3 opens with ex-flames Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden trying to define their relationship, yet interference comes from Joe's friend. Elsewhere, Rich and Erica's relationship progresses, and Yandy deals with her ever-growing family.

Sat May 23 7:00pm
Raq and a Hard Place(Season 3, Episode 2) VH1

A friendship ends; Joe faces a personal problem; Jen and Cons clash over religion as they celebrate a birthday.

Sat May 23 8:00pm
Family Matters(Season 3, Episode 3) VH1

Religious conflict plays out in Consequence and Jen's relationship. Elsewhere, Mendeecees and Yandy mull over taking their relationship to the next level; and Joe continues his recovery.

Sat May 23 9:00pm
Life Support(Season 3, Episode 4) VH1

Erica and Olivia get together to settle differences. Meanwhile, Tahiry continues to support Joe with a visit and a gift; Yandy and Mendeecees are tested as parents.

Sat May 23 10:00pm
Can't Take the Heat(Season 3, Episode 5) VH1

Tahiry and Joe put the focus on friendship; Yandy makes a sultry video for Mendeecees for his birthday; and Rich hesitantly allows Erica to do a ballad for her first single.

Sat May 23 11:00pm
Ain't Always About the Dollaz(Season 3, Episode 6) VH1

Rich sets terms regarding Erica's career; tension heightens between Kaylin and Tahiry; and Cons defends Jen.

Sun May 24 12:00am
Burn After Reading(Season 3, Episode 7) VH1

Mendeecees and Maurice mend differences. Elsewhere, Rich takes in advice about his relationship with Erica, and Cons and Jen seek a babysitter.

Sun May 24 1:00am
Closing the Book(Season 3, Episode 8) VH1

Rich corners Erica about her misdeeds; Joe decides to change after having a revelation about his treatment of Tahiry.

Sun May 24 2:00am
Redemption Song(Season 3, Episode 9) VH1

Lore'l and Cons team up to record music; Raqi and Rashidah display their contempt toward one another; Joe supports Tahiry's career, but trust issues take center stage.

Sun May 24 3:00am
Do the Right Thing(Season 3, Episode 10) VH1

Erica wages a battle to win back her beau, but an exposed secret stirs up drama. Meanwhile, Tahiry anticipates an important trip and is pleased when Joe supports her.

Sun May 24 4:00am
With or Without You?(Season 3, Episode 11) VH1

Rich comes to a realization that a love triangle has come to an end. Elsewhere, Mendeecees and Yandy's family pursue an endeavor that may tear them apart.

Sun May 24 5:00am
One Day at a Time(Season 3, Episode 12) VH1

Realizations hit Joe and Tahiry. Meanwhile, deep secrets revolve around Rich and Erica, and Yandy copes with a family drama.

Sun May 24 11:35am
Everybody Plays the Fool(Season 4, Episode 1) VH1

Yandy struggles after losing her man in the Season 4 opener. Also: New rapper Nya seeks stardom; Rich and Erica set boundaries; and Peter's new artist has a revealing moment.

Sun May 24 12:40pm
Stray Bullet(Season 4, Episode 2) VH1

Erica Jean and Saigon reconnect for a second shot at romance; Erica Mena and Nya plan sextracurricular activities; and Tahiry and Joe's relationship is redefined.

Sun May 24 1:45pm
Lez B Honest(Season 4, Episode 3) VH1

Erica Mena embraces her new lifestyle. Meanwhile, Tara confronts Amina, exposing Peter's affair; and a hairy development impacts Joe and Tahiry's relationship.

Sun May 24 2:50pm
Picture This(Season 4, Episode 4) VH1

A paternity issue surrounds Saigon and Erica Jean. Elsewhere, dramas revolve around Erica Mena, her new girlfriend and ex-boyfriend Rich; a reality about Joe hits Tahiry; and Tara tries to cut ties with Peter.

Sun May 24 3:55pm
Off the Record(Season 4, Episode 5) VH1

Amina's fate is decided; Yandy fights for her beau and tries to manage her career; Saigon and Erica Jean deal with family issues; and Cyn and Nya plan a reunion.

Sun May 24 5:00pm
Wife Swap(Season 4, Episode 6) VH1

Rich makes a proposal to Peter; K. Michelle grasps control of her tour; Tahiry's sister brings tragic news; and a fatigued Yandy corners her business partner.

Sun May 24 6:00pm
Messy All Over the World(Season 4, Episode 7) VH1

Love blooms in Panama for Erica Mena and Cyn. Elsewhere, Rich receives an ultimatum from Peter; Yandy hears news from Mendeecees; and Tara confronts Peter about deception.

Sun May 24 7:00pm
Girls With Gunz(Season 4, Episode 8) VH1

A relationship might be rekindled when Tahiry and Joe chance upon one another; suppressed emotions impact Erica Mena and Rich; confrontational dramas involve Tara, Peter and Amina.

Sun May 24 8:00pm
Love Is a Battlefield(Season 4, Episode 9) VH1

Destiny continues to interweave for Joe and Tahiry. Elsewhere, K. Michelle pressures Peter to reconnect with Amina; Saigon makes bold maneuvers; and love-triangle dramas escalate.

Sun May 24 9:00pm
Red Alert(Season 4, Episode 10) VH1

Tahiry and Rashidah clash. Elsewhere, a territorial battle ensues between Erica Mena and a new rival; a double date involves Tara and K. Michelle; and Rich discloses big news.

Sun May 24 10:00pm
Put a Ring on It(Season 4, Episode 11) VH1

Joe proposes to Tahiry. Elsewhere, Rich confronts Erica Mena and Cyn in the studio; Saigon and Erica Jean get a blessing; Peter and Amina deal with a crisis.

Sun May 24 11:00pm
All Good Things...(Season 4, Episode 12) VH1

An Erica Mena performance brings different worlds together as Rich reveals a final truth in the Season 4 finale. Also: Nick Cannon talks Peter into sealing the deal; Yandy and Mendecees focus on their future; Tahiry and Rashidah have a final showdown.

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