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Sat Jul 2 4:00am
Mystery Solved(Season 5, Episode 11) VH1

Scrapp faces his sentence while his loved ones ponder their future; Mimi and Stevie go on a road trip in hopes of uncovering the truth; and Joseline makes a confession. Later, D. Smith confronts Scrappy about his insensitive post on social media.

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Sat Jul 2 5:00am
Lovers or Friends?(Season 5, Episode 12) VH1

Tammy's forced to face the truth after Waka's indiscretions are made public; Joseline defends her marriage; Stevie works with one of Joseline's rivals; and Joc violates the bro code. Later, J-Nicks and Tiarra take their relationship to the next level.

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Sat Jul 2 5:00pm
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 1) VH1

Stevie and Joseline celebrate moving to the next level in their relationship in the Season 3 opener. Also: Kirk and Rasheeda's relationship is tested; Scrappy's love interest runs afoul of Momma Dee; and Waka Flocka pledges to be faithful to Tammy.

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Sat Jul 2 6:00pm
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 2) VH1

Stevie receives news of Mimi's newfound infamy. Elsewhere, Scrappy works to balance the ladies in his life; Karlie sets rules for her new flame; and Kirk tries to determine if he fathered Rasheeda's baby.

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Sat Jul 2 7:00pm
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 3) VH1

Stevie and Joseline organize a dinner party for Benzino and his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Scrappy faces a new development in his relationship, and Kirk receives DNA-test results.

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Sat Jul 2 8:00pm
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 4) VH1

Wedding plans are on hold for Stevie and Joseline. Meanwhile, a complication plagues Bambi; Kirk searches for a nanny; the highs and woes of relationships impact Karlie and Joc.

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Sat Jul 2 9:00pm
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 5) VH1

Dawn and Mimi join forces in a mission to take down Stevie J and Joseline. Meanwhile, Karlie and Yung Joc's up-and-down relationship moves onward, and two ladies square off at Scrappy's birthday bash.

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Sat Jul 2 10:00pm
What's Your Position?(Season 3, Episode 6) VH1

A quest to expose Stevie J and Joseline continues. Elsewhere, Momma Dee plays mediator to the dueling Erica P and Bambi; Kirk is blamed for Rasheeda's studio slump; and Joseline discovers that Tammy has been stirring the pot with trash talk.

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Sat Jul 2 11:00pm
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 7) VH1

Stevie J and Benzino tackle a new project. Elsewhere, Waka and his family cope with a tragic loss; secrets surface at Mimi and Nikko's anniversary bash; and Joseline makes a scandalous discovery.

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Sun Jul 3 12:00am
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 8) VH1

Stevie sets out to apologize to Joseline. Elsewhere, Erica's romance goes from sizzle to fizzle; Mimi and Nikko clash over his past; and an exposed secret impacts Kirk's marriage.

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Sun Jul 3 1:00am
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 9) VH1

Joseline's suspicions rise about Stevie's fidelity. Meanwhile, Kirk and Rasheeda's relationship blossoms; Mimi and Ariane clash; Althea reveals a secret; and Benzino faces a family tragedy.

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Sun Jul 3 2:00am
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 10) VH1

Joseline makes a discovery about Stevie's past. Meanwhile, Tammy and Waka cope with a death; Mimi gets a peek at her sex-tape trailer; and Benzino deals with a vicious attack.

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Sun Jul 3 3:00am
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 11) VH1

Tammy and Waka reach a milestone. Elsewhere, Stevie receives a new ultimatum from Joseline; Scrappy's bid to make amends with Erica Pinkett results in a battle royal; and Benzino takes his relationship with Althea to the next level.

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Sun Jul 3 4:00am
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 12) VH1

A sex tape is released to uneven reviews. Meanwhile, Kirk throws an "apology party" for Rasheeda, but the bash takes a bitter turn when Karlie faces Althea; Scrappy tries to rectify a situation; and Joseline puts Stevie in an unraveled state.

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Sun Jul 3 5:00am
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 13) VH1

Mimi scores a spot on the cover of Stevie's magazine thanks to her newfound fame, to Joseline's chagrin. Meanwhile, Kalenna and Tony make a stunning discovery, and Bambi receives an interesting proposition from Scrappy.

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Sun Jul 3 6:00am
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 14) VH1

Fallout from Mimi's magazine cover impacts Stevie. Meanwhile, Mimi goes into an emotional tailspin upon receiving news; Kalenna and Tony worry about their baby's health; and Joc is caught in a compromising situation.

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Sun Jul 3 7:00am
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 15) VH1

Karlie and Joc's relationship is sorely tested. Elsewhere, Benzino seeks a future with Althea; Momma Dee and Erica try to make peace; and Mimi makes a shock-and-awe discovery about Nikko's past.

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Sun Jul 3 8:00am
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 16) VH1

Mimi wants answers following a discovery about Nikko. Meanwhile, Tammy deals with fertility matters; Karlie seeks revenge; and Stevie journeys to Los Angeles to record with Snoop Dogg.

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Sun Jul 3 9:00am
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 3, Episode 17) VH1

Benzino exposes Joseline, impacting his relationship with Stevie, in the Season 3 finale. Also: Waka receives unexpected news that jeopardizes his future with Tammy; and Mimi makes a big decision about Nikko.

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Sun Jul 3 10:00am
Reunion(Season 3, Episode 18) VH1

Part 1 of 3. The cast members reunite to revisit the dramas of Season 3, leading to explosive showdowns involving Stevie J, Joseline, Benzino and Althea. Sommore hosts.

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Sun Jul 3 11:00am
Reunion(Season 3, Episode 19) VH1

Part 2 of 3. A reunion continues with Joseline in battle against her fellow cast members, both on the stage and off it. The group reflects on how the reunion could go so horribly wrong.

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Sun Jul 3 12:00pm
Reunion(Season 3, Episode 20) VH1

Conclusion. A recap of the reunion fight includes perspective from Stevie J, Joseline, Benzino and Althea. Also: Mimi and Nikko reveal the status of their relationship.

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Sun Jul 3 1:00pm
The Danger Zone(Season 4, Episode 1) VH1

In the Season 4 premiere, Stevie J's bad behavior jeopardizes Mimi's new business venture; Erica has child-support issues with Scrappy; Kirk lands a new "office" and artist; and Nikko tries to mend his broken relationships.

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Sun Jul 3 2:00pm
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(Season 4, Episode 2) VH1

Yung Joc juggles a new love with an old flame; Rasheeda receives some alarming information from Kirk's new artist; Nikko solidifies his business relationship with Mimi; and Joseline returns just in time for Stevie's dramatic exit.

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