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Fri Mar 3 10:00am
The "A" List(Season 1, Episode 1) VH1

Romance, struggle and competition amid Atlanta's music realm are charted in this reality spin-off from "Love & Hip Hop." In the premiere, music producer Stevie J presents a new house to his girlfriend, but she's not comfortable with its location; Scrappy h (more…)

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Fri Mar 3 11:00am
Pregnito(Season 1, Episode 2) VH1

Stevie tries to make amends with Mimi, but she swings back hard. Meanwhile, tension rises between Karlie and Joseline as an accusation flies.

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Fri Mar 3 12:00pm
Kiss and Yell(Season 1, Episode 3) VH1

Scrappy confides that he wants to move out and move on. Meanwhile, Joseline breaks stunning news that could affect Stevie and Mimi's relationship.

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Fri Mar 3 1:00pm
Scrappin'(Season 1, Episode 4) VH1

Joseline has to make a tough decision; Scrappy confronts Stevie about disrespecting Erica.

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Fri Mar 3 2:00pm
No Receipts(Season 1, Episode 5) VH1

Mimi takes a bold step in her relationship with Stevie J. Meanwhile, Scrappy deals with a health scare; K. Michelle and Karlie have a showdown.

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Fri Mar 3 3:00pm
No Apologies(Season 1, Episode 6) VH1

Stevie corners Joseline for her treatment of Mimi. Elsewhere, Kirk's management exasperates Rasheeda, who turns to a competing manager for advice; and Joseline and Mimi try to settle their differences.

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Fri Mar 3 4:00pm
Therapy?(Season 1, Episode 7) VH1

Karlie's relationship with Benzino comes under stress when her management gives her an ultimatum. Meanwhile, Stevie makes one final pitch to save his relationship; and Rasheeda and Kirk must make a big decision.

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Fri Mar 3 5:00pm
Three's Company(Season 1, Episode 8) VH1

An indecent proposal comes into play when Stevie attempts to save his relationship; Erica hears unsettling news; Rasheeda and Kirk have a showdown following an unintentional betrayal.

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Fri Mar 3 6:00pm
Loyalty Card(Season 1, Episode 9) VH1

Erica corners Scrappy about Shay; Benzino and Karlie's date hits a snag; and K. Michelle's domestic-abuse story is questioned.

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Fri Mar 3 7:00pm
Smoke and Mirrors(Season 1, Episode 10) VH1

It's a return to counseling for Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline in the Season 1 finale. Meanwhile, Erica makes a big relationship decision; and Benzino prepares for a proposal.

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Fri Mar 3 8:00pm
Back in the "A"(Season 2, Episode 1) VH1

Season 2 opens with Mimi celebrating a new beginning, but questions remain about her feelings for Stevie J. Meanwhile, Momma Dee plots to keep Scrappy and Erica apart; and K. Michelle focuses on her career.

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Fri Mar 3 9:00pm
She Loves Me Not(Season 2, Episode 2) VH1

Joseline calls out Stevie for his high jinks. Elsewhere, Drew reaches out for help to stay in Atlanta; and Momma Dee springs a trap on Scrappy.

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Fri Mar 3 10:00pm
Dinner Beef(Season 2, Episode 3) VH1

Mimi's housewarming party takes dramatic turns; Karlie spreads a rumor about Benzino; tension boils over at a dinner.

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Fri Mar 3 11:00pm
He Said, She Said(Season 2, Episode 4) VH1

Engagement dramas impact Erica and Scrappy. Elsewhere, Benzino is confronted about the rumors he's been spreading, and Traci's issues with Drew deepen.

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Sat Mar 4 12:00am
Baggage(Season 2, Episode 5) VH1

Dramas center on Stevie's new artist and Joseline. Elsewhere, Mimi introduces her new beau, and Rasheeda receives big news from her doctor.

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Sat Mar 4 1:00am
Making a Scene(Season 2, Episode 6) VH1

Rasheeda tells Kirk she's pregnant and is shocked by his reaction. Meanwhile, Joseline wants Stevie to work with only her; and Traci takes action when Drew staffs the store with sightly women.

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Sat Mar 4 2:00am
N.Y. State Of Mind(Season 2, Episode 7) VH1

Mimi and Ariane head to New York to make amends with K. Michelle. Elsewhere, tensions heat up between Joseline and Stevie's new artist; and Rasheeda and Kirk fret about a pregnancy's impact on their finances.

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Sat Mar 4 3:00am
Come to Daddy(Season 2, Episode 8) VH1

Joseline's jealousy could potentially destroy her relationship with Stevie. Meanwhile, Shay has regrets about Scrappy, and doubts rise about Nikko.

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Sat Mar 4 4:00am
The Keymaster(Season 2, Episode 9) VH1

Mimi and Nikko are driven apart by Stevie. Meanwhile, K. Michelle pledges to end her brawling after her label tells her she's jeopardizing her career.

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Sat Mar 4 5:00am
A Failed Test(Season 2, Episode 10) VH1

Scrappy faces accusations that he violated his probation. Meanwhile, Mimi tires of her boyfriend; Rasheeda shoots a sultry video; Erica and Shay fume at Karlie's event; Stevie and Joseline reconnect.

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Sat Mar 4 6:00am
Mistake At The Lake(Season 2, Episode 11) VH1

A weekend getaway at a lake house takes a wild course; Joseline reveals her expectations regarding Stevie; Drew sets out to lure Traci away from her boyfriend; and Scrappy must make a big decision.

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Sat Mar 4 7:00am
Turnt Up(Season 2, Episode 12) VH1

Kirk is confronted about his wild behavior. Elsewhere, Joseline presses Stevie to be more committed; Erica seeks greater financial security; and Ariane aspires to be a backup singer on K. Michelle's tour.

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Sat Mar 4 8:00am
Up in Flames(Season 2, Episode 13) VH1

Scrappy faces his problems. Meanwhile, drama surrounds Drew and Traci; Joseline makes an unexpected purchase; and Rasheeda and her mother square off against Kirk.

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Sat Mar 4 9:00am
Boriqua(Season 2, Episode 14) VH1

Stevie receives a surprise gift and trip from Joseline. Meanwhile, Mimi is the recipient of a makeover; Rasheeda makes a game-changing decision; and Scrappy tries to work through issues with Erica.

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  • Premiered: June 18, 2012
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: Romance, struggle and competition amid Atlanta's music realm are charted in this reality spin-off from "Love & Hip Hop." (more)

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