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Latest Episode: The Candidate

May 04, 2010 Season 6 Episode 14 watch on (Paid)

When asked to perform a difficult task, Jack must decide whether or not to trust Locke.

The Incident, Part 2

May 13, 2009 Season 5 Episode 17

Locke takes Richard, Ben, Sun and the rest of the others to confront Jacob.
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Follow the Leader

May 13, 2009 Season 5 Episode 16

Jack and Kate head off with Eloise and Charles to try to reverse history; Sawyer strikes a deal to take Juliet off the Island.
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Dead Is Dead

Apr 08, 2009 Season 5 Episode 12

To atone for sins of the past, Ben must attempt to summon the smoke monster in order to be judged.
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Whatever Happened, Happened

Apr 01, 2009 Season 5 Episode 11

Kate, Sawyer and Juliet try to save Ben. Kate starts to tell the truth about the lie in order to keep Aaron from harm.
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Lost: This Place Is Death

Feb 11, 2009 Season 5 Episode 5

Locke takes on the burden to stop the island's increasingly violent shifts through time. Meanwhile, Ben hits a roadblock in his attempt to reunite the Oceanic 6.
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Lost: The Little Prince

Feb 04, 2009 Season 5 Episode 4

Kate learns that someone knows the secret of Aaron's parentage; the dramatic shifts through time endanger the remaining island survivors.
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Jan 28, 2009 Season 5 Episode 3

A time shift forces Farraday, Charlotte, Sawyer, Locke and Juliet to encounter The Others in the 1950s; as he attempts to carry out Farraday's directions, Desmond is forced to face Charles Widmore.
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