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There's No Place Like Home Season 4, Episode 14

Conclusion of the three-part 2008 season finale. The showdown between the survivors and the freighter people begins. And in flash-forwards, the Oceanic 6 return to the U.S. Alpert: Nestor Carbonell. David Reyes: Cheech Marin. Margo Shepherd: Veronica Hamel. Karen Decker: Michelle Forbes. Mr. Paik: Byron Chung. read more

There's No Place Like Home Season 4, Episode 13

Part 2 of the three-part 2008 season finale. The showdown between the survivors and the freighter people begins. And in flash-forwards, the Oceanic 6 return to the U.S. Alpert: Nestor Carbonell. David Reyes: Cheech Marin. Margo Shepherd: Veronica Hamel. Karen Decker: Michelle Forbes. Mr. Paik: Byron Chung. read more

There's No Place Like Home Season 4, Episode 12

As the final moments of tonights episode unspooled accompanied by the stirring music of Michael Giacchino I could barely stand the suspense as we watched all of our favorite core characters positioning themselves or being positioned for the battle to come All of the pieces are falling into place for what is sure to be a mind-blowing finale in two weeksAs the episode began with a flash forward we saw the homecoming of the recently-saved Oceanic Six In the back of a military cargo plane they got their stories aligned and prepped for the onslaught of questions to come deciding that their collective shock would be their best defense against probing queries for which they had no answers Jack continued to play the role of leader rallying his troops though it seemed as though his credibility was already beginning to wane at this point his typical heroic demeanor in some way offset by a touch of desperation It was bittersweet and emotionally satisfying to see each of the read more

Cabin Fever Season 4, Episode 11

How do I save the island Apparently that was the question that needed to be asked and now Locke has received his directionmove the island Who was giving the orders you ask Not Jacob but Christian Shephard For months now Ive been thinking that Jacobwhoever or whatever he iswas using Christians corpse as a vessel And yet tonight when John met up with him in the cabin Christian came right out and introduced himself So is he dead An apparition And why does Claire seem so freaking calm after having effectively abandoned Aaron in the jungle Is she dead I have to admit that the first half of this episode left me pretty cold but things certainly heated up in the last 20 minutes I think my issue is that I am still not feeling the freighter angle or Michaels re-entry into the fray And frankly with the exception of Frank who appears for now to have good intentions the freighter folk havent given us much to like Case i read more

Something Nice Back Home Season 4, Episode 10

Im not even sure where to begin From the signature eye-opening shot at the beginning to Sawyers impassioned cries for Claire at the end tonights episode intrigued confused and frustrated me It also left me emotionally exhausted and thoroughly succeeded in reintroducing some things I had forgotten And as always it created more questions than answers Lets start with Matthew Fox in a towel Not bad Not bad at all Anyone else as excited as me to see him in Speed Racer I pretty much knew who he was co-habitating with as soon as he tripped on the childs toy in the kitchen As much as I like Jack and Kate on the island it felt disconcerting to see them living a life of domestic bliss Or Heaven as Hurley would later refer to it It wasnt just that I half expected to see Kate scamper out the fancy French doors to shimmy up a tree or follow a blood trail though that was certainly part of it It was also the underlying melancholy that seem read more

The Shape of Things to Come Season 4, Episode 9

He changed the rulesWell I dont know what the rules were before but apparently they did not include murder And apparently all bets are off on that accountFor anyone who was still wondering who the bad guys are some of them certainly became a little more obvious tonight while the moral code of other folks is still very much a gray area Though I was never a huge fan of Alex or her boyfriend or crazy mother I thought her cruel meaningless death was made even more heart-breaking by the fact that the last words she heard were those of the man she knew as her father completely disavowing her Yes Ben was doing what little he could to try and save her but it was also clear that he was unwilling to sacrifice his ultimate mission even for her And after she so kindly set off the Code 14J warningtelephone call If Michael Emerson is overlooked during Emmy season this year something is terribly amiss I have rarely seen an actor convey so much emotion wit read more

"Meet Kevin Johnson" Season 4, Episode 8

Hi all New guy Mickey OConnor here or Doc OC as Ausiello has taken to calling me sigh filling in for the lovely Trish Wethman who has once again allowed me to let loose with my lunatic ravings in this spaceSpeaking of lets all meet Kevin JohnsonAfter watching the previously on Lost segment this week Were going to have to take the boy WAAAALTTT Ms Klugh Bang Bang Ana Lucia and Libby Follow this compass bearing to find rescue I realized how raptly I had followed the stories of Michael and Walt and how I always had high hopes that the resolution of their stories would eventually yield some serious payoff While Im not quite ready to say that the flashback-heavy Meet Kevin Johnson delivered in that department it has certainly piqued my interest in the process giving some screen time to some heretofore mostly unexamined and sorely missed players in the Lost repertoryMichael Dawson aka Kevin Johnson One of the great things about Lost is t read more

"Ji Yeon" Season 4, Episode 7

My mind is just totally blown right now I know Ive said that before but this time I really mean it I feel like Minkowski after his last fateful ride on the time-travel express Between the frantic searching on the Internet for facts and names and the hysterics that came at the end of the episode I hope I am able to articulate everything coherently Be patient with me Tonight we learned that Sun is one of the Oceanic Six Is that list now complete If you include Aaron in the equation Sun makes six survivors But who the heck knows for sure I am so beyond even trying to figure things out ahead of time at this point I simply surrender to the manipulative story-crafting genius of Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof Ben wouldnt stand a chance against these guys I guess that a person well-versed in Chinese and Korean would have known right off the bat that Jins story was unfolding in China during this episode What was not so obvious at least to me He was i read more

"The Other Woman" Season 4, Episode 6

First of all thanks to Mickey for covering last weeks very trippy episode while I did a little traveling of my own I have to admit that after watching the episode several days later I was somewhat relieved about not having to sort through Desmonds stickiness issues However I do wish I could have shared with all of you how truly touched I was by the phone reunion between Desmond and Penny I read through most of your comments and I am very firmly in the camp of those who feel that Desmond and Pennys love story is really the heart of the show And Jack and Kate are the soul and Sawyer and Kate are the libido But enough about last week lets focus on the nowIts very stressful being an Other Jack Though at the time she was being sarcastic it seems like Juliet really hit the nail on the head Just ask Ethan and Goodwin and Tom andwell lets just say that the Others have faced their share of adversity and gu read more

"The Constant" Season 4, Episode 5

Hello all This is Mickey OConnor here here meaning New York City in 2008 I think filling in for Trish who has apparently gone time-traveling again and who better bring me back a New Coke from 1985 In the meantime Ill try to keep things up to the standards you expect around here Bear with me brothersJust in case you were already getting bored with that whole will it be a flashback or flash-forward episode conundrum fear not The Constant introduced yet another narrative element to keep us on our toes Yay time travelIt seems that Lapidus momentary veer off course which Faraday had warned him against had the unique effect of unsticking Desmond in time a condition to which he was particularly susceptible because of his exposure to the electromagnetism released when the Hatch made the sky go all Purple Haze Destination 1996 when Des was a lowly crew-cutted Royal Scots Army man He spent the episode in the throes of involuntary shuttling between then read more

Eggtown Season 4, Episode 4

This show gets me every single time I dont know if I am in the minority on this or not but I didnt see the KateAaron twist coming at all I thought for sure that the baby was Sawyers and that Kate would walk into that bedroom and call him James I gasped when she said Aaronliterally gasped I thought that we would learn the reason that Kate decided to leave the island was because she lied to Sawyer about being pregnant and knew that the only way to save the baby and herself was to leave I think it is safe to say that we can count Aaron as one of the Oceanic Six So what does that leave us with you ask A boat-load or rather a freighter-load of questions as usual And yet instead of being completely frustrated I am riveted At first glance as Locke prepared breakfast for his hostage I thought that we were being introduced to the next survivor Im sure most eager fans have already identified the novel that John grabbed off the s read more

The Economist Season 4, Episode 3

Happy Valentines Day Lost fans Instead of chocolates or flowers our gift tonight was the revelation that Sayid is one of the Oceanic Six No big surprise therethe guy is nothing if not a survivalist And even his post-island career choice headhunter aka hired assassin was not all that shocking since his dubious personal code of morality is well-covered territory But the revelation that his future boss is none other than Benjamin Linus Well that was quite something I found it especially interesting since earlier in the episode he declared that the day he trusts Ben is the the day I would have sold my soul What has happened to change Sayids mind Or did he Another episode another pile of questions to sort through I dont know about all of you but I actually had a tough time keeping up with all the action tonight I am so glad that ABC is running the enhanced version of the previous weeks episode right before the new one For ex read more

Confirmed Dead Season 4, Episode 2

The survivors begin to question the intentions of their supposed rescuers when four strangers arrive on the island. Miles: Ken Leung. Daniel Faraday: Jeremy Davies. Charlotte: Rebecca Mader. Frank Lapidus: Jeff Fahey. read more

The Beginning of the End Season 4, Episode 1

As the fourth season begins, the castaways await rescue by the people with whom they have made contact, but are troubled by Charlie's final warning about them. read more

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Premise: An addictively enigmatic hit about stranded plane-crash survivors on an eerie Pacific island. These disparate, resilient souls are bedeviled by flashbacks to their pasts, ever-changing group dynamics, otherworldly predators and hostile island inhabitants they come to call the Others. Six of the survivors are eventually rescued and return to the U.S.---for awhile. Cocreated by J.J. Abrams ('Alias'; 'Star Trek') and filmed in Hawaii.



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