Hades, You ARE the Father
02:22 — Bo € s dad is revealed and get a load of which actor is playing him!
Eyes Wide Shut
03:00 — When Bo and Trick drink a beverage that has oracle eyeballs in it, they learn just what Hades is planning, and it € s terrifying enough to agree (more…)
Caught in the Act
03:40 — Tamsin catches Lauren and Bo in the act of what they € re often up to, while Evony warns Dal about the invisible scourge she left at the lab.
Strictly Business
02:39 — Now that Eros been let out of his containment unit, Evony has some unfinished business to settle with him.
Spin Doctor
04:50 — We € ve been so curious about the identity of that blonde woman who € s been terrorizing the place. And now we know, she € s the head o (more…)
Killer High
03:28 — As Dyson continues to investigate the death of Jake the football player, the search leads to Derek the cheerleader.
Black Magic
03:12 — € Black Magic € As Bo goes on a fake date with the man who possibly abducted Cassie, she realizes she is pretty quickly turning into a cat (more…)
04:56 — Tamsin finally asks Bo what € s bugging her, Cassandra reveals what € s happened to her eyes, and the bad guy € s big plan takes anothe (more…)
Food Heaven
02:47 — Bo and Kenzi are reunited and learn that Valhalla, though it € s a weird and spooky place run by Valkyries -- is actually pretty great food-wise.
04:06 — S5/E3: Sometimes it takes a village of crime fighting human and Fae to uncover why you € ve lost your sexual mojo and return it to you after conv (more…)
Clash of Titans
01:59 — Ever wondered what would happen if Dyson and Vex had to work together? The kinds of furious rage Dyson would growl at him? Here € s your chance, (more…)
Imma Let You Finish But
05:13 — The wedding of the century is interrupted by some trifling Valkyries.
You Are [Not] the Prototype
04:20 — S5/E3: As Bo finds out the truth behind Misashi € s betrayal of his people, she decides there € s only one course of action: to interrupt th (more…)
00:38 — Bo spends some time fooling around with Mark, only to discover that he € s missing.
What Lies Beneath
04:20 — Trick and Kenzi and Lauren try to use a giant Ouija board to contact a spirit who needs help, while Bo makes a shocking discovery.
Make a Wish
04:14 — As Bo tries to return to a normal life after her return from Valhalla, she learns that Kenzi has a new wish.
Lost Girl Season 1
Bo is a succubus seductress who discovers she is part of a clandestine order known as the Fae. Forced to swear an allegiance to either the Light or Da (more…)
Lost Girl Season 3
Bo is a succubus seductress who discovers she is part of a clandestine order known as the Fae. Forced to swear an allegiance to either the Light or Da (more…)
Thank you for Being a Friend
02:23 — Kenzi proves, with the ultimate gesture, that she € s the best friend a succubus could ever ask for.
Your Queen Has Risen
01:49 — Dyson accompanies Bo to investigate the source of all evil only to have the script flipped on him.
The Seduction of Evony
02:17 — In which Evony explains € Honey, I don € t need to claim your clam to claim you. €
Vexing Behavior
02:25 — Vex turns the tables on Kenzi just when she needs it the least!
Domain of the Dead
01:30 — Bo gets a crash course in how to gain power over a Fae Zombie.
The Druid's Revenge
02:21 — Hale goes Super-Siren when a familiar face threatens Kenzi € s life.
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