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Lost Episode: "Sundown"

Season 6, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: At the temple, Sayid confronts Dogen. Later, he confronts the Locke Monster as well. In L.A., Sayid visits Nadia (Andrea Gabriel) and his brother (Anthony Azizi). And in the jungle, the Locke Monster sends Claire on a mission to the temple. Her stipulation before she agrees: "I want my son back." Keamy: Kevin Durand.
Original Air Date: Mar 2, 2010
Guest Cast Anthony Azizi: Omar/Arabic Man John Hawkes: Lennon Cas Anvar: Omer Hiroyuki Sanada: Dogen Kimberley Joseph: Cindy Aramis Knight: Sam Mickey Graue: Zack Kiersten Havelock: Emma
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Season 6, Episode 6
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Aired: 3/2/2010
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Lost Episode Recap: "Dr. Linus" Season 6, Episode 6

On Tuesday's episode of Lost, a question is posed: What happens to a leader who can no longer lead? It's a Ben-centric episode, but in the end, "Dr. Linus" concerns several men who no longer rule: Ben, Jack, Jacob, UnLocke, Richard and (gulp!) Charles Widmore. Read on to see whose power plays succeeded, or who had to be content to a Napoleonic island exile.

Benjamin Linus, Ph.D. 

"Sure, they let him keep his title of emperor, but without his power it was meaningless," Benjamin Linus, Ph.D., tells his European history students. "He might as well have been dead." Linus is talking about Napoleon's final days, but it was just as applicable to Ben's post-815 fate, doomed as he is to an impotent life of detention duty and microwave dinners with his ailing dad.

"Who knows what you would have become?" Roger asks, lamenting their decision to leave the Dharma Initiative. Let me get you up to speed, Roger. He would have become a mass murderer, and you would've become dead. Did you catch Ben "gassing" his dad when he changes his father's oxygen tank? Nice touch, writers.

In this reality, Alex is not Ben's daughter (not that she ever was!), she's one of Dr. Linus' most promising students and she has a dilemma. She needs a recommendation from a legacy so she can go to Yale. Conveniently, Principal Reynolds (guest star William Atherton) is a Yalie, but he's also a lecherous bloviator who is taking the school nurse's temperature, ifyouknowhatimsayin.

Ben decides to use this ill-gotten knowledge to blackmail Reynolds into stepping down so he can take his job. Reynolds counter-blackmails to torpedo Alex's future, and Ben backs down to protect her. It's a nice reversal of his inability to protect his daughter on the island, but it only furthers his spinelessness.

Plain Old Ben Linus

Back on Funhouse Island, Ben's lot isn't any better. Like the fat kid nobody picks for kickball, Ben finds himself on a team rife with enemies: Ilana, Miles, Sun and Lapidus all mostly glower at the former island Machiavelli, remembering his past trangressions. Not least among them is his murder of Jacob, which Miles helpfully tells the rest of the crew.

Since Jacob was the closest thing Ilana had to a father (he was?), she's none too happy about this development, so she puts him in leg chains and nonchalantly asks him to dig a grave, his own.

But before she can off him, UnLocke shows up, offering Ben a different fate. He wants him to join Team Black and to lead. Seeing as this is why Ben killed Locke in the first place, I'm not sure why he isn't more suspicious of his overture. But he doesn't have much in the way of choice, what with a vengeance-minded Ilana just over the hill. UnLocke frees him and he makes a run for it.

There's a standoff, and Ben takes the opportunity to explain how he let his daughter die, and it appears to move Ilana in some way. But rather than leave and join UnLocke, he decides to stay.

A New Power

Richard is just distraught. He keeps popping up all panicky to warn people of some vague impending doom. "I just found out my entire life had no purpose," he whines. Isn't it about time this man says something of substance? Frankly, I'm a little sick of his Chicken Little routine.

Fortunately, someone agrees with me, since he lets it slip to Jack and Hurley that he wants to kill himself, but can't since Jacob touched him. Aha, does this mean all our friends — candidates and otherwise — are invincible? It would appear so, as Jack tests his theory by lighting a stick of dynamite in the belly of the Black Rock, and the fuse fizzles before he and Richard go boom.

Has anyone considered that Jacob's touch is maybe not such a great gift after all? Sure, maybe you'll live forever, but you'll be haunted by guilt, cursed by fate and/or unburdened by any sense of morality. Think about it. Jacob's chosen ones haven't had it so easy. As the resident Lost conspiracy theorist, I'm going to take a stand and say that Jacob is not empirically good. He may not be evil either, but his motives are certainly not to be trusted.

Reunited and It Feels So.. Is That a Submarine?

At the end of the episode, Jack, Richard and Hurley arrive at the beach and reunite with Sun, Ilana, Miles, Ben and Lapidus. It's a signature Lost moment, with the familiar strains of the "meaningful" score. Don't take your eyes off the screen while you dab your eyes with a hanky, though, because then the camera zooms ominously over the ocean.

A periscope surfaces and surveys the assembled group on the beach. It's Charles Widmore, who has apparently found his way back to the island (which has since moved, remember). What role will Funhouse Island's own exiled leader play in the coming weeks? And does it have anything to do with the news that we'll be seeing another Desmond-centric episode before the series signs off? Wait and see -- only 11 hours to go, folks!

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On Tuesday's episode of Lost, a question is posed: What happens to a leader who can no longer lead? It's a Ben-centric episode, but in the end, "Dr. Linus" concerns several men who no longer rule: Ben, Jack, Jacob, UnLocke, Richard and (gulp!) Charles Widmore. Read on to see whose power plays succeeded, or who had to be content to a Napoleonic island exile.

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