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Lost Episode: "The Substitute"

Season 6, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: On the island, the Locke Monster seeks out Sawyer to join him in his mission, while in L.A., Locke suffers a repercussion from his trip to Australia, but receives a helping hand from a familiar face. Helen: Katey Sagal.
Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2010
Guest Cast Kenton Duty: Teenage Boy Joshua Smith: School Kid Suzanne Krull: Lynn Karnoff Katey Sagal: Helen Billy Ray Gallion: Randy
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Season 6, Episode 4
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Length: 44:03
Aired: 2/16/2010
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Lost Episode Recap: "Lighthouse" Season 6, Episode 4

On Tuesday's Jack-centric episode of Lost, Jacob needs Hurley and Jack for a special mission at the titular lighthouse. Jin starts to realize the degree to which Claire's mind has warped. Plus: Who has a heretofore-unseen son? Read on to find out... 


Let's cut to the chase. Here are the salient details of Jack's post-815 life. Jack has a cut on his torso, but there no longer appears to be a cut on his neck. Jack's mom, Margo, exposits that he had his appendix taken out when he was 7 or 8, not by Juliet on the island.

Jack has a son! He picks up young David at St. Mary's Academy, and it's immediately palpable that the vibe between father and son is decidedly estranged. One can't help but think it's meant to recall the relationship between Michael and Walt -- not to mention Jack's own daddy issues. "We see each other, like, once a month, can't we just get through it?" David asks.

Jack and his mom can't find Christian's will. When she offers him a drink, he refuses and she congratulates him for this. Is Jack a recovering alcoholic? Once they find the will, Margo asks: "Did your father ever mention a Claire Littleton?" Oops, I guess now's the time for the conversation about her husband's Australian love child? Except! Jack doesn't know Claire in this reality, does he?

When Jack gets home, David is gone. After a momentary panic, Jack decamps for David's mother's house (also Jack's ex-wife's house?), where a convenient answering machine message reveals that David is auditioning for a conservatory. Jack didn't even know he still played piano, but there he is, wowing the audience. Oh, Dogen is there too, playing some kind of wise mentor of all things musical and parental.

After the audition, David is surprised to see his dad there. He says he didn't tell Jack because he didn't want him to see him fail. Jack plays the anti-Christian (as in: his father Christian) and tells his son how proud he is of him and that he can never fail in his eyes. Jack = good dad.

Any thoughts on who David's mother is? The simple answer is Sarah, who we know as Jack's ex-wife, but wouldn't it be strange and interesting if it turned out to be Penny or Charlotte or Juliet or Libby or Ana Lucia or some other Lostaway ripped from their heretofore-known context.


Jack tells Dogen that Sawyer, Kate and Jin are probably not coming back. When Hurley goes looking for the kitchen inside the temple, Jacob tells him it's down the hallway. He also tells him to grab a pen because he's going to need to take this down: Someone is coming to the island and Jacob needs Hurley to help him or her find it.

Oh, by the way, Jack fleetingly tells Sayid that the Others wanted to poison and kill him. Carry on!

Jacob pops in on Hurley again to tell him he needs him to get Jack and to leave the temple via a secret passageway. Hurley opts to go alone. When Dogen catches him snooping around, Jacob tells Hurley to tell Dogen that he's a candidate, and he can do what he wants. This seems to work. He also tells him that Jack needs to be with him. He tells him to tell Jack that Jacob said he has what it takes, and that Jack would know what it meant. "Let's go see Jacob," Jack says.

Along the way, they bump into Kate, who is just wandering around in the island in a post-dumping haze. Instead of Haagen Dazs and Bridget Jones's Diary, though, she's packing heat and refilling her canteen. She says she's not going back to the temple because she needs to find Claire. Jack says that Dogen told him that "something happened to her." But that's it. Jack thinks Kate should come with them instead, but Hurley says that Kate isn't invited. "I hope you find what you're looking for," she says forlornly. And she leaves.

They make their way to the caves, where they find the Adam and Eve skeletons and Christian's empty coffin. Hurley says something trippy about how maybe they all died and these are their skeletons. But no, we've already established they're Rose and Bernard, haven't we?

"Why did you come back to the island?" Hurley asks. "Why did you come back?" Jack asks right back. Hurley says Jacob hopped into his cab and told him he was supposed to come back. Jack's answer is a little deeper. "I came back here because I was broken and I was stupid enough to think this place could fix me," he says. Aw, bunny.

Before things get too maudlin, they find the lighthouse. "How is it we've never seen it before?" Jack/the audience asks. "I guess we were never looking for it," Hurley/the writers reply. Inside, there's a giant wheel surrounded by mirrors. Numbers framing the wheel correspond with names, including a lot of familiar ones. Linus, Austen, Stanhope, Shephard, Dawson and Wallace were the few I recognized. (Wait, who's Wallace?) Some are crossed out, like Linus and Dawson, and others aren't, like Shephard and Austen. Theories? My first thought is alive or dead, since we know that little Benjamin Linus technically died and was "revived" at the Temple.

When Jack turns the wheel to 23 (his number), he sees his childhood home. He realizes that Jacob has been watching him all along. This enrages him, so he freaks out and breaks all the mirrors in Jacob's funhouse.

"You have ink on your forehead," Jacob says to Hurley after Jack's tantrum. Heh. Hurley's all: That's all you have to say? But then he thinks on it, and he asks: "Did you want Jack to see what was in that mirror?" "It was the only way for him to understand how important he is," Jacob replies. Also: He had to get Jack and Hurley away from the Temple because someone bad was coming. Why just Jack and Hurley? If you recall, they were the only two candidates left there, if you take into consideration that Sayid has been tainted by the Temple Jacuzzi. "You can't warn them; it's too late," Jacob says ominously.


Crazy Claire is kind of fun, right?

She frees Jin from the bear trap and drags him back to her hovel, where she has explosives, a nice collection of rags and a skull baby. Jin tells her that it's been three years, which doesn't seem to register with her. She's focused on the guy from the Temple who she's captured (anyone catch his name?), since she's convinced that he's hiding her son. "Have you been out here all this time by yourself?" Jin asks. "Oh, I'm not by myself," she says, with a little crazy in her Australian trill.

While Claire stitches up Jin's wound, she exposits that she knows they took Aaron because both her father and her "friend" told her they did. She picks up an ax in an effort to get Temple Guy to 'fess up. In an effort to save his innocent life, Jin tells her that Kate took Aaron off the island, which gives her pause, but then she axes Temple Guy anyway.

Afterward, Jin lies to Claire when he tells her that he previously lied to her about Kate and that Aaron is at the Temple. Good, she says, because if Kate was raising Aaron, I'd kill her. Uh-oh. Then UnLocke shows up. "John?" Jin says. "That's not John," Claire says. "This is my friend."

What did you think of "Lighthouse"? Who is David's mother? What do the names on the wheel indicate? Who's Wallace? Who's heading for the Temple? Is Sayid a lost soul at this point?

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On Tuesday's Jack-centric episode of Lost, Jacob needs Hurley and Jack for a special mission at the titular lighthouse. Jin starts to realize the degree to which Claire's mind has warped. Plus: Who has a heretofore-unseen son? Read on to find out... 

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