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Lost Episode: "Meet Kevin Johnson"

Season 4, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: Ben knows about an impending attack, so he prompts daughter Alex to escape from Locke's camp. On the freighter, Sayid confronts Ben's spy. Libby: Cynthia Watros. Naomi: Marsha Thomason. Omar: Anthony Azizi. George Minkowski: Fisher Stevens. Capt. Gault: Grant Bowler. Keamy: Kevin Durand.
Original Air Date: Mar 20, 2008
Guest Cast Galyn Gorg: Nurse Anthony Azizi: Omar Grant Bowler: Capt. Gault Fisher Stevens: George Minkowski Starletta DuPois: Mom
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Season 4, Episode 8
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Aired: 3/20/2008
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"Meet Kevin Johnson" Season 4, Episode 8

Hi all! New guy Mickey O'Connor here (or Doc O'C, as Ausiello has taken to calling me sigh), filling in for the lovely Trish Wethman, who has once again allowed me to let loose with my lunatic ravings in this space. Speaking of, let's all meet Kevin Johnson. After watching the "previously on Lost" segment this week ("We're going to have to take the boy." "WAAAALTTT!" Ms. Klugh! Bang! Bang! Ana Lucia and Libby! "Follow this compass bearing to find rescue."), I realized how raptly I had followed the stories of Michael and Walt, and how I always had high hopes that the resolution of their stories would eventually yield some serious payoff. While I'm not quite ready to say that the flashback-heavy "Meet Kevin Johnson" delivered in that department, it has certainly piqued my interest, in the process giving some screen time to some heretofore mostly unexamined (and sorely missed) players in the Lost repertory. Michael Dawson (aka Kevin Johnson): One of the great things about Lost is that I'm now agonizing about the events that occurred between the time Michael and Walt left The Island and the time when Michael's post-Island flashback began in Manhattan, approximately two months after the crash of Flight 815, according to Michael's no-nonsense mother. And although the December 2004-edition New York City cab should have tipped me off -- I mean, I live here -- I still tip my hat to Team Darlton for faking me out with the cheery Mama Cass ("Better! Every! Day!") on the junky radio of the standard 1970s-issue pimpmobile that Michael piloted straight into a maritime cargo container. Visions of time travel were dancing in my head, and for some reason, I was hoping that Michael's travels had brought him, Quantum Leap-style, to another time and place entirely. But modern hospital equipment and a signature eyeball close-up -- quickly dashed my hopes of a Scott Bakula cameo. Instead, we found out that our old friend Mr. Friendly (see below) had a job for Michael, in lieu of his planned suicide, which The Island will not allow. (Note to Dr. Shephard: Dude, apparently you were never going to jump off that bridge.) Michael is told that he will be placed on the freighter to not only sabotage their mission, as previously thought, but to kill everyone on board, in order to save the lives of the friends that he betrayed back on The Island. I wish that we had seen more of freaky Walt than just a window silhouette. Hints about his chronic bad dreams made me curious about his post-Island existence. Libby: The much-teased return of the talented Cynthia Watros was fulfilled tonight... sort of (although I still crave more backstory on her interactions with Hurley and Desmond). As much as I wanted Libby to return, Mikhail Bakunin-like, from the grave to blow my mind, it was nonetheless satisfying to see a lithe, spectral Libby show up twice in Michael's dream life: first as a nurse offering extra blankets (a smart echo of her blanket-clutching death scene) and then as she warned Michael not to detonate the Others-provided explosives, which, upon "detonation," produced nothing more than a flaccid paper flag that said "NOT YET." Indeed. Now that Sayid has rocked the boat with the news that Kevin Johnson is a traitor, it seems we have a few more developments in store aboard the freighter. But will Libby resurface to save the day? Perhaps only in my dream life. Mr. Friendly: How amusing is it that the second that Mr. Friendly gets off The Island, Otherton's resident bon vivant orders up the penthouse at the Hotel Earle, a King Henry VIII-style banquet, and the company of a pretty young thing named, hilariously, Arturo? But once his hedonistic tableau is established, he gives Michael hard evidence that Charles Widmore has faked the crash of Oceanic 815, including the exhuming of 324 bodies from a Thai cemetery to place in a suitable jet facsimile on the ocean floor. But why? Alex, Danielle, and Karl: While we don't technically know if Karl and Danielle are both indeed dead, I'm guessing they are. Just watching the bloated cast listing at the beginning of each episode indicates that, with an end date now in sight, Team Darlton is going to have to start pruning the narrative bonsai, and some stories are going to be left on the greenhouse floor. While I can't say that I'll miss Karl, I appreciate his contribution to the Lost mythology (remember the Clockwork Orange-like Room 23 scene?). Danielle, on the other hand, has always intrigued me, and the anti-climactic reunion with her daughter, Alex, left me somewhat cold. I wanted to know more about her arrival on The Island, and how she became separated from her paternity-questioned newborn daughter. Also: How did she bring a baby to term on The Island? Nevertheless, it seems that with Alex's final declaration that she is Ben's daughter, her role will increase in importance in the coming episodes. Ben: All I have to say is that if I had my way, Michael Emerson would have nothing left to do this summer than ready his Emmy acceptance speech, if for nothing else than for the following eight words: "Then consider yourself one of the good guys." The way he skates the line between confusing nobility and underhanded omniscience is just fine, fine acting that is constantly keeping me guessing. I honestly don't know who the good guys are at this point, but I know that whichever side Ben ends up on, I will be watching. Quotable Quotes: "We kind of, like, knew that forever ago." Hurley, responding to Miles' confirmation that the freighter folk are there to get Ben "Considering a week ago you had a gun to his head and tonight he's eating pound cake, I'd say he's a guy who gets what he wants." Miles, about Ben's newfound acceptance by Locke "Are you going Nicholson on us?" Minkowski, on Michael's obsessive tennis ball-bouncing inside the freighter Asides: I don't remember if we knew this before, but Naomi's last name sounded like Dorrit, which Wikipedia tells me might be a reference to the Charles Dickens novel, Little Dorrit, a satire about, among other things, debtor's prisons, in which people were incarcerated if they owed money. Interpreting it loosely, you might say it was about people repenting for their past sins, about finding redemption. Just as Michael is about to kill himself (the second time, with the gun, in his apartment), the game show on the TV in the background announces the answer to a question about Slaughterhouse-Five is Kurt Vonnegut. Slaughterhouse is about WWII-era American soldier Billy Pilgrim, who, amidst the carnage of the war, becomes "unstuck in time." Mr. Friendly is staying at the Hotel Earle. You know who else stayed at a Hotel Earle? Barton Fink. In the Coen Brothers film, the hotel symbolized hell. Also: ABC's incessant promos for new episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives made me realize how much I've missed TV and how long the next four weeks are going to seem. But stick with us and we'll get you through it. So what did you think? Did you welcome Michael's return? Any predictions for the next five episodes? How exactly will the Oceanic Six make it off The Island? Watch full episodes of Lost in our Online Video Guide. show less
Hi all New guy Mickey OConnor here or Doc OC as Ausiello has taken to calling me sigh filling in for the lovely Trish Wethman who has once again allowed me to let loose with my lunatic ravings in this spaceSpeaking of lets all meet Kevin JohnsonAfter watching the previously on Lost segment this week Were going to have to take the boy WAAAALTTT Ms Klugh Bang Bang Ana Lucia and Libby Follow this compass bearing to find rescue I realized how raptly I had followed the stories of Michael and Walt and how I always had high hopes that the resolution of their stories would eventually yield some serious payoff While Im not quite ready to say that the flashback-heavy Meet Kevin Johnson delivered in that department it has certainly piqued my interest in the process giving some screen time to some heretofore mostly unexamined and sorely missed players in the Lost repertoryMichael Dawson aka Kevin Johnson One of the great things about Lost is t read more

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