Looney Tunes

  • 1988
  • TV Show
  • TV-G

Classic Warner Bros. cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny and his celebrated cohorts, including Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd.

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Cracked Ice
07:42 — W.C. Squeals is an ice-skating pig. When he finds out his dog, St. Bernard, has a thing for gin he tries to rid the dog of it.
Puss N' Booty
07:24 — When a woman's canary disappears, her hungry cat feigns sorrow while awaiting the arrival of another bird from the pet store. But the new bird outsmar (more…)
The Trial of Mr. Wolf / Three Little Bops
13:52 — The case of the Big Bad Wolf vs. Little Red Riding Hood is presented to a jury of wolves. Directed by: Friz Freleng / The story of the Three Little Pi (more…)
The Hep Cat
06:15 — A dog tries to lure a cat in with a sexy-cat puppet. The cat, struck with love, breaks out in a variety of songs.
The Night Watchman
07:18 — Little Tommy Cat is put in charge of being a watchman when his father becomes too sick to do the job. The local hoodlum mice are bigger than Tommy and (more…)
Pigs Is Pigs
07:17 — A little pig is so obsessed with food that he steals one of his mother's pies. When he falls alseep all he dreams about is food, it consumes his every (more…)
Odor-able Kitty / For Scent-imental Reasons
14:11 — A tomcat dresses up like a skunk because he thinks it will be easier to get food that way. What he actually does is attract the attention of Pepe LePe (more…)
Cat Feud
05:50 — Marc Anthony, the ferocious guard dog, falls for a cute cudly little kitty. An evil cat tries to swipe the kitty and its up to Marc Anthony to protect (more…)
Little Red Walking Hood
07:44 — A retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with Egghead, Wolf, Red, and Granny. Granny won't let the Wolf in her house but she lets Egghead walk right in t (more…)
Thugs With Dirty Mugs
07:58 — While police officers hunt for a notorious bank robber, they manage to act out ever gangster-plot and crime film cliche and yet known -- and some not (more…)
The Aristo Cat / Feed the Kitty
14:40 — A pampered cat by the name of Pussy is left to fend for himself when his owner and servant abandon him. Alone, Pussy learns what it means to be a real (more…)
Katnip Kollege
07:24 — All the students at Katnip Kollege are in the groove. Johnny the cat starts singing and the Professor makes him wear the dunce cap. A swingin' clock g (more…)
Kiss Me Cat
07:06 — Hearing that Pussyfoot has "got to do his job and catch mice or we'll just have to get another cat," Marc Antony, the bulldog, takes it upon himself t (more…)
An Itch in Time
08:29 — A flea chomps on a dog's rear end making a nice meal for himself. Elmer tells the dog that if he scratches one more time he will have to give him a ba (more…)
The Bear's Tale
09:08 — An unorthodox story about Goldilocks and the three bears.
Hollywood Capers
06:43 — Beans is a Hollywood hopeful and sneaks into a big studio. He really gets into a mess when he accidentally starts the Frankenstein robot who goes on a (more…)
Foney Fables
08:11 — A series of spot gags to do with storybook characters. A narrator opens a book of Fairy Tales and on each page is a new story, another gag.
Puss Gets the Boot
09:10 — Jasper (Tom) is threatened with being thrown outside if he breaks one more thing and Jerry does his best to make sure the cat is tossed outside.
Steal Wool / Don't Give Up the Sheep
13:54 — Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog punch in at work together. Ralph's job is to try and steal the sheep while Sam's job is to protect them. Directed by: Char (more…)
The Bashful Buzzard
06:57 — A bashful buzzard has a hard time keeping up with the rest of his siblings on bringing back food.
Holiday for Shoestrings
07:22 — Jake needs help at for his shoe repair store. One night as he sleeps, little Fudd-like elves visit him to construct shoes. An Indian snake-charmer elf (more…)
One Froggy Evening / The Dover Boys
15:49 — A poor man finds a singing frog in his building and takes him to a talent agent so he can try to make money off him. The frog doesn't sing in front of (more…)
Alpine Antics
06:56 — Beans enters a ski race and struggles against to fight a cheating bully.
Go Fly a Kit
06:57 — A kitten raised by an old eagle grows up learning how to fly. With this amazing cat ability he saves his love-to-be woman cat from the dangers of a ch (more…)
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  • Rating: TV-G
  • Premise: Classic Warner Bros. cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny and his celebrated cohorts, including Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd. (more)

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