There's No Way She Could've Known
01:30 — At a group reading, Theresa suprises a woman with a message from her deceased parents, particularly about the special gift she gave her parents after (more…)
You're Freaking Me Out
03:02 — She died with dignity and grace and he should let go of the guilt.
Father Daughter Dance
02:37 — Girl hears from her father. She's validated by a dream where she danced with her Dad.
Theresa Reads On the Road
04:29 — Theresa is on the road in Philly and in this never before released clip she does a group reading
There's No Way
02:58 — Teresa channels parents that confirm that all their daughter's choices were right.
Is He Ok?
02:00 — At a powerful group reading, Theresa gives a mother and daughter an important message from spirit.
Always Daddy's Little Girl
02:03 — A young woman hear's a beautiful message from her father through Theresa.
Dreary Dreams
03:04 — Teresa revisits Angie and Ben and helps to interpret concerning dreams Angie had about her late husband.
Burden of Passing
03:55 — Mother died 19 years ago. Daughter feels very alone even though she grew up in a house full of boys.
The Glowing Orb Is Moving
03:24 — The glowing orb is moving and Theresa has an explaination
You're Making Me Nervous
02:59 — Theresa is on the road again, this time doing surprise readings in New Orleans!
Pool Construction Reading
01:57 — Theresa reads one of the men building the pool in her backyard
Betting the Horses
02:58 — His dad came through and knew about betting on a horse race and losing all his money .
House Fire
02:45 — Her parents died the day before her daughter was born. Her parents are watching over her.
Fuzzy Blanket
02:38 — Her husband died of a blood disorder. She feels like she should move on now.
Elevator Accident
03:10 — The reading was about the daughter's grieving after her father's death.
Healing Is Something Different
02:43 — His daughter died and can't seem to move on because he was suppose to protect her.
In 15 Years This Has Never Happened
02:58 — In 15 Years of reading people, something happens to Theresa that she have never experienced before.
Susan Lucci Hears from Her Grandmother
02:39 — Theresa connects with Susan Lucci's grandmother.
Katie Lowes Misses Her Grandmother Everyday
01:47 — Find out about Katie Lowes' grandmother and just how full of life she was.
What a Shooting Star Signifies for One Man
02:50 — Find out how Theresa changes this man's life.
Connecting With Jim Parsons' Father
02:39 — Theresa gives Jim Parsons and his sister words of wisdom from their departed father.
Olivia Munn's Family Gets Read by Theresa
03:14 — Oliva Munn's family has some tough critics, but this reading by Theresa might sway their opinion on mediums!
Theresa & Larry: Who Is More Likely to....
00:51 — Larry & Theresa Caputo play a fun game of Who's More Likely!
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