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Mon Jan 30 2:00pm
On the Road: Philadelphia(Season 4, Episode 16) TLC

Theresa visits Philadelphia, where she goes sightseeing and gives readings for her fans, including a mother whose son died tragically; a woman who was recently widowed; and a little girl who lost her baby sister.

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Mon Jan 30 3:00pm
Niagara TLC

A trip to Upstate New York features surprise readings for some of Theresa's fans, including a grieving mother trying to connect with her daughter; and a woman who is distraught following the loss of her husband.

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Tue Jan 31 2:00pm
On the Road: San Francisco TLC

Theresa's in San Francisco, where she visits the Haight-Ashbury district, rides cable cars and tours wine country, but also helps some area residents, including a woman who survived an accident that took a friend's life; a woman whose mother was murdered; (more…)

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Tue Jan 31 3:00pm
This Nest Ain't Empty Yet(Season 5, Episode 1) TLC

Larry Jr. gets his first full-time job, but Theresa thinks it makes the house feel empty. Meanwhile, a couple who lost their teen daughter try to move on with their lives; and Theresa does a group reading in an office for the first time.

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Tue Jan 31 3:30pm
A Change Is A-Comin(Season 5, Episode 2) TLC

Theresa thinks about changing her signature hairdo, so she tries on wigs to help make her decision. Meanwhile, Theresa tries to connect a young woman with her father.

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Thu Feb 2 2:00pm
Theresa Visits Jail(Season 5, Episode 7) TLC

Theresa visits a prison on Long Island to do a group reading after meeting a woman whose son died in jail, and while she's there she also helps a woman connect with her family.

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Thu Feb 2 2:30pm
Chinese New Year(Season 5, Episode 8) TLC

Theresa's new activities to deal with empty-nest syndrome include celebrating the Chinese New Year for the first time. Meanwhile, Theresa helps several generations of a family who have lost loved ones.

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Thu Feb 2 3:00pm
It Ain't Easy Being Me(Season 5, Episode 9) TLC

Theresa's spending habits are criticized by Larry, so they decide to swap lives for a day. Meanwhile, Theresa's clients include a woman who wants to connect with her mother; and parents who lost their teen son.

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Thu Feb 2 3:30pm
Out of the Attic(Season 5, Episode 10) TLC

A stab at spring-cleaning at the Caputos is thwarted by Theresa's refusal to get rid of anything. Meanwhile, Theresa surprises a woman at a reading by mentioning an object she put in her mother's coffin.

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