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Dec 11, 2010 Season 5 Episode 8 watch on (Paid)

A woman searches for her biological mother and brother nearly 30 years after being given up for adoption. Kim enlists The Locator to help her find the family she has yearned to know all her life. While Kim has always known she had an older brother, her existence comes as a surprise to him. But the reunion is bittersweet as it comes too late for one family member.

A Daughter's Two Dads

Oct 31, 2009 Season 3 Episode 8

David Buracchio wants nothing more than to help his stepdaughter Christa find her biological father, Dean. Since Christa discovered at the age of 13 that she had a different father, she has wanted to locate him. While Christa worries that her search is futile, David remains determined to help his daughter meet her biological father. Their resources exhausted, David turns to Troy, as Christa becomes terrified that her father might reject her. Troy manages to locate Dean, who is prepared to meet his daughter, pending the results of a DNA test.
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A Mother's Regrets

Oct 24, 2009 Season 3 Episode 7

Shelly Hodson of Southgate Michigan, a 41-year-old married mother of two, was abandoned by her mother at age 8, following her parents' bitter divorce. Desperate to find her mother and begin the healing process, Shelly challenges Troy to track down her mother, Ann, who has remarried and changed her last name. When Troy finally located Ann Koger in Jacksonville, Florida, he must somehow convince her to reopen a part of her life that she had long ago considered over.
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A Mother's Healing

Oct 17, 2009 Season 3 Episode 6

Almost 25 years ago, Mary Radcliff and her husband Clement jumped at the chance to take in a neglected two-year old girl, Tamisha. Two years had passed when the couple, who had been told that Mary would be unable to have children, miraculously gave birth to a baby girl. They were one big happy family until, without warning, Social Services took Tamisha out of the home she'd known for the last five years. Mary, Clement and Tamisha were left traumatized. Now, Mary's daughter Lachaya has reached out to Troy so that her mother can finally let Tamisha know how devastating her loss was. Within mere days, the family was reunited, and their collective healing had begun.
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A Sister's Heartbreak

Oct 10, 2009 Season 3 Episode 5

18 years ago, Vyanna's older brother, Addison, was removed from their parents' abusive home after a particularly severe beating at the hands of their father left Addison hospitalized and in a full body cast. Now age 21, Vyanna is determined to track down and reunite with the brother who, until age 4, was her best friend. After a private investigator, hired by Vyanna's adopted father, came up empty, Vyanna reached out to Troy. In short order, Troy locates Addison, who is excited to find out that a biological relative is looking for him. Addison, it turns out, doesn't remember any siblings, but still has nightmares about his father's abuse. Vyanna and Addison finally come face to face again, and Vyanna is able to answer many of her older brother's questions. More importantly, the two discover that they are both working towards using their experiences with child abuse to help others in similar situations. They hope that, having found each other again, they can move together towards a brighter future.
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A Daughter's Struggle

Oct 03, 2009 Season 3 Episode 4

Twenty-four year old Andrea Tuchten was raised in the loving and supportive home of her adoptive parents, Max and Judi, but still struggles with the fact that she's never met her birth mother. Andrea has battled drugs, alcohol and self-mutilation, and feels that the ability to overcome these obstacles hinges on finding answers that only her birth mother can provide. Andrea has contacted Troy in the hopes he can find her mother, Mary, so that she can tell Andrea why she was given up for adoption.
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A Niece's Gift

Sep 26, 2009 Season 3 Episode 3

More than 40 years ago, Donna was a troubled twenty year old whose conservative father was furious to learn that she was carrying a biracial baby. Given her burgeoning drug problem and lack of means, Donna made the heart-wrenching decision to place her daughter up for adoption. This would spark a ten-year downward spiral, marked by heavy usage of drugs and alcohol. Now clean for 28 years, Donna's niece, Stephanie, still believes her aunt has never been truly happy. Stephanie has reached out to Troy in the hope that he can reconnect her aunt with the only child she's ever had.
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A Son's Search for Answers

Sep 19, 2009 Season 3 Episode 2

Paul Spicer has had a fulfilling life, living his dream as the defensive end for the New Orleans Saints. But despite his success, he remains desperate to see his father, Charles Spicer, at one of his games. Paul believes that his father left his mother prior to his birth, after a brief relationship and marriage, and Paul believes this history has impacted his own ability to be a good father. Troy's team soon discovered that Charles had perished in a 1995 car accident, but was survived by a number of relatives. Further research would uncover an extended family tree whose members had lost touch with each other, and Troy's efforts would, finally, reunite the family. Paul would be left with an aunt, uncle and sister who look forward to cheering him on at his next game.
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