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Latest Episode: Magic Train

Feb 14, 2004 Season 2 Episode 34 watch on (Paid)

Lizzie and Miranda learn that their favorite TV kiddie show, "Clover's and Daisy's Magic Train" is coming to their town as a live stage production, and with a little prodding from Gordo, decide to go even though they appear way too old.

One of the Guys

Nov 21, 2003 Season 2 Episode 33

When Lizzie sets the school record on the hanging chin-up bar she gets a reputation as a jock. However, after making a game saving tackle in a flag football game, she worries that the guys will start thinking of her as a "guy girl" instead of a "girly girl," so she decides to forgo her athletic endeavors to pursue a prissier image.
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My Dinner With Mr. Dig

Aug 15, 2003 Season 2 Episode 32

After unintentionally inviting Mr. Dig over for dinner, Lizzie is shocked when he and her dad become buddies. Lizzie soon discovers that constantly having her teacher at her house really cramps her style.
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Gordo Shuffle

Jun 13, 2003 Season 2 Episode 31

Normally conservative Gordo gets an idea on how he can use a credit card for the betterment of mankind - by using it to finance a movie.
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My Fair Larry

May 16, 2003 Season 2 Episode 30

When Miranda decides to throw the "perfect" party she invites everyone at school but Tudgeman. Lizzie can't help but feel sorry for Tudge, so she and Gordo convince him to go to the party in disguise.
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Grand Ole Grandma

Apr 04, 2003 Season 2 Episode 29

When Gordo's grandmother pays a visit, Gordo discovers that she isn't the quiet, conservative Grandma he remembers. Now a fun-loving, kimono-wearing, sushi-eating pistol of a Grandma, Ruth leaves Gordo feeling like the adult between the two of them.
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The Greatest Crush of All

Jul 19, 2002 Season 2 Episode 28

A hunky new English teacher from Scotland has all the girls' hearts going pitter patter. Lizzie goes head to head with Miranda, Kate, and Veruca who all vie for the teacher's attention.
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Grubby Longjohns

Mar 14, 2003 Season 2 Episode 27

Lizzie dreads an upcoming family trip to a western-style theme park. So, she drags Miranda and Gordo along with her and hopes to sneak off to the mall with them.
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A Gordo Story

Feb 28, 2003 Season 2 Episode 26

Gordo is crushed when he learns that Parker turned down his invitation to the dance because he's short. Meanwhile, Matt has to trace his family tree for school, but when he realizes his ancestors are boring, he decides to embellish -- a lot.
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Jun 28, 2002 Season 2 Episode 25

When a water pipe bursts in Matt's room, Lizzie finds herself with a new roommate.
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Dear Lizzie

Jan 24, 2003 Season 2 Episode 22

When Lizzie becomes the school's website advice columnist, some of her advice backfires.
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Lizzie's Eleven

Jan 18, 2003 Season 2 Episode 21

Lizzie's efforts to get 11 of her pictures in the yearbook are nixed when Kate, editor of the yearbook, uses her powers to edit them out of the final layout.
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Xtreme Xmas

Dec 06, 2002 Season 2 Episode 20

It's going to be Lizzie's best Christmas ever as soon as she builds an amazing Rock 'n Roll themed float and wins "Best Float" in the local Christmas parade.
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She Said, He Said, She Said

Nov 22, 2002 Season 2 Episode 19

A spontaneous food fight in the school cafeteria lands Lizzie, Kate, and Tudgeman in detention with the assignment of cleaning up the mess and determining who started the incident.
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Party Over Here

Sep 27, 2002 Season 2 Episode 18

When Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo sneak off to an unchaperoned birthday party at Kate's, they discover that the partiers are all older friends of Kate's 18-year-old cousin.
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