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2001, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Magic Train

Feb 14, 2004 Season 2 Episode 34 watch on (Paid)

Lizzie and Miranda learn that their favorite TV kiddie show, "Clover's and Daisy's Magic Train" is coming to their town as a live stage production, and with a little prodding from Gordo, decide to go even though they appear way too old.

Gordo's Bar Mitzvah

Jan 18, 2002 Season 1 Episode 31

Gordo marks his transition into manhood with a Bar Mitzvah, but first he contemplates other alternatives to mark the occasion.
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Courtship of Miranda

Dec 07, 2001 Season 1 Episode 29

Lizzie appears in a local fashion show and becomes a minor celebrity.
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Lizzie and Kate's Excellent Adventure

Nov 30, 2001 Season 1 Episode 28

When Lizzie and Kate are absent on the same day, they are assigned as partners for a social studies project. Much to the dissatisfaction of their friends, Kate and Lizzie actually enjoy working together!
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Facts of Life

Oct 12, 2001 Season 1 Episode 25

Miranda's crush on a guy becomes Lizzie's problem when Miranda becomes unusually tongue-tied around her crush.
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Night of the Day of the Dead

Oct 05, 2001 Season 1 Episode 24

Lizzie is thrilled to learn she'll be sitting at lunch with dreamy Ethan Craft, especially when she learns she'll be meeting Ethan's friend, a new kid in school who's a celebrity.
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Last Year's Model

Sep 28, 2001 Season 1 Episode 23

Lizzie discovers that she has made plans with Ethan Craft and her father on the same night.
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Untitled Stan Jansen Project

Sep 21, 2001 Season 1 Episode 22

Lizzie finds out that Larry Tudgeman, the school geek, has a crush on her.
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Lizzie Strikes Out

Sep 21, 2001 Season 1 Episode 21

When Lizzie manages to teach Ethan an easier way to do math, he dumps Gordo as his teacher.
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Gordo and the Girl

Aug 24, 2001 Season 1 Episode 20

One of Matt's magic tricks goes wrong, leaving Lizzie and Matt handcuffed to one another for an entire afternoon.
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Rated Aargh

Aug 10, 2001 Season 1 Episode 18

Lizzie and Miranda are extremely jealous of the time Gordo is spending with his new girlfriend, Brooke Baker.
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Gordo's Video

Aug 03, 2001 Season 1 Episode 17

Lizzie's need to volunteer becomes an obsession, while Gordo becomes obsessed with winning all three events of the Science Olympics. Both obsessions start taking a physical toll on them.
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Jun 29, 2001 Season 1 Episode 16

During the organization of the school Haunted House, Kate disrespects Miranda's artifacts from the Day of the Dead, which comes with a curse.
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Lizzie's Nightmare

Jun 22, 2001 Season 1 Episode 15

Lizzie's newfound journalistic instincts are tested when she's assigned to report on the school play. When Miranda has a horrible performance, Lizzie must decide if she should be the good friend or an honest reporter when she writes the review.
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Random Acts of Miranda

Jun 08, 2001 Season 1 Episode 14

When Lizzie and Miranda go shopping for their first bras, their mall trip is complicated by Lizzie's mom, and encounters with Kate and a cute English teacher from school.
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Come Fly With Me

Jun 01, 2001 Season 1 Episode 13

A "bad" girl befriends Lizzie, and together they embark on a life of petty crime, sassy attitudes, and ditching school.
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Bad Girl McGuire

May 04, 2001 Season 1 Episode 11

Lizzie decides to run for class president and with Gordo's help, she becomes a viable candidate but success goes to her head, and she turns into a politician!
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I Do, I Don't

Apr 27, 2001 Season 1 Episode 10

Lizzie's father reluctantly allows her to baby-sit Matt, although he believes she's still too young.
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Apr 20, 2001 Season 1 Episode 9

Gordo is convinced that his science teacher, who keeps giving him "B's", is out to get him.
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Here Comes Aaron Carter

Mar 23, 2001 Season 1 Episode 7

Gordo becomes fascinated with "Real TV," and leaves hidden cameras around the school. He catches a lot of GREAT action and embarrassing footage of his fellow students. But, when Miranda shows up on one of the tapes, the real implications hit home.
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Jack of all Trades

Feb 23, 2001 Season 1 Episode 6

Lizzie is average at everything she attempts, until she finds she is gifted at Rhythmic Gymnastics, which is regarded as the Geekiest sport in school.
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Pool Party

Feb 02, 2001 Season 1 Episode 4

Gordo's interest in "Lounge Culture" and "Rat Pack" music becomes the latest trend at school.
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Jan 26, 2001 Season 1 Episode 3

Lizzie's invited to the hottest party of the year, but she can't go because of a family obligation. Worse yet, Miranda may go without her.
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Picture Day

Jan 19, 2001 Season 1 Episode 1

A documentary director selects Lizzie's school as the location for his latest project - and assigns Gordo the coveted job of being the documentary's primary focus which makes Lizzie and Miranda jealous.
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