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Latest Episode: Little People, Big World: A Roloff Gets Married!

Friday, October 03, 2014 Season 13 Episode 6 watch on VUDU (Paid)

Jeremy and his bride-to-be, Audrey, feel equally nervous and excited as they complete the final details for their wedding. Meanwhile, Matt falls seriously ill and everyone worries he will not be able to attend his son's big day.

Zach Doesn't Dance

Jul 16, 2007 Season 2 Episode 48

Matt, Amy, Jacob, Molly and Zach go to a LPA Conference in Phoenix. Molly surprises everyone when she gets all dolled up for the LPA dance. Back at home, Matt surprises the kids with a rented RV and plans for a road trip to Yosemite and the Grand Canyon.
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Big Deal, Big Deadline

Jul 02, 2007 Season 2 Episode 44

After trying to step to the top of an ordinary plastic stool and crashing to the floor, Matt is determined to get his custom-made stool kits into hotels. He meets resistance from one particular hotel company, which mobilizes him to redouble his efforts.
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Matt's Project-Palooza

Jul 02, 2007 Season 2 Episode 43

Matt is trying to juggle bulldozing a new pumpkin patch parking lot, repairing the Old West Town church, and finishing Molly's Castle. On top of all that, Matt works to complete the Men's Crisis Center.
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Road Scholar

Jun 25, 2007 Season 2 Episode 42

Matt and Amy have two different approaches to try and get Jeremy to keep up with his schoolwork. Matt offers an incentive, but he soon realizes that it will take a lot more than an old beat-up '68 Camaro to get Jeremy going.
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Too Fast Too Soon

Jun 25, 2007 Season 2 Episode 41

Zach's recovery from leg surgery is progressing as slowly as the remodeling of the kids' bedrooms. But when the cast comes off, and Zach tries to ride his bike, kick a soccer ball, and run around too soon, he stands to lose more ground than he's gained.
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A Tale of Two Trips

Jun 18, 2007 Season 2 Episode 40

After months of recovery, Zach returns to Oakland to have his cast removed and to learn if his bowed leg was successfully straightened. Meanwhile, Matt encourages Molly's growing interest in geography with a visit to Rand McNally in Irvine, CA.
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Roloffs In the Snow

Jun 18, 2007 Season 2 Episode 39

Still in a cast from his leg surgery, Zach is stuck inside while his siblings play in the biggest snowstorm to hit the farm in 20 years! With the high school dance just around the corner, Zach is afraid he'll be stuck on the sidelines in a wheelchair.
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Room for Improvement

Jun 11, 2007 Season 2 Episode 37

Matt decides to tackle the biggest problem in the Roloff house, his children's messy bedrooms. When a dumpster arrives in the driveway, Matt instructs the kids to empty their rooms into it. A lackluster response leaves Matt wondering how to inspire them.
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Marty Comes to Town

Jun 04, 2007 Season 2 Episode 36

Zach is home with a cast up to his hip and everyone chips in as he adjusts to his wheelchair, walker, and crutches. Meanwhile, Matt's actor buddy, Marty Klebba, swings by the farm to lift Zach's spirits and winds up in a wrestling match with Amy.
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A Little Surgery

Jun 04, 2007 Season 2 Episode 35

The whole family, including Grandpa Ron and Grandma Peg, are in Oakland for Zach's leg surgery. Zach faces the operation with courage, but no one can prepare him for the pain he feels after the surgery.
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Final Prep

May 28, 2007 Season 2 Episode 34

After a quick Christmas celebration, the family departs for Oakland, California, for Zach's leg surgery. Matt, who went through countless surgeries himself, tries to reassure an increasingly anxious Zach.
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The Storm Before the Storm

May 28, 2007 Season 2 Episode 33

Amy takes Zach to Oakland, California, for a consultation with a surgeon who will perform the operation to correct his bowed legs. They return home just before a powerful storm hits, causing destruction and a blackout on the farm.
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Zach's New Ride

May 21, 2007 Season 2 Episode 32

Zach has trouble keeping up when he and his much-taller twin brother Jeremy ride their bikes. But Zach hits the jackpot when his father Matt gets a team of designers and welders to build Zach a Little People-friendly bike, which helps Zach ride faster.
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Jacob's Got Game

May 14, 2007 Season 2 Episode 31

The twins, Jeremy and Zach, do their best to teach soccer to their kid brother, but Jacob's temper gets in the way. Amy is concerned about Jacob's casual attitude towards his schoolwork. Meanwhile, Matt and Jeremy take the family dog to the vet.
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Men's Crisis Center

May 07, 2007 Season 2 Episode 30

Matt turns a barn into a Men's Crisis Center where he can hang out with his sons, safe from female criticism. In the midst of the project, Matt discovers his childhood diary and Jacob has the ultimate camp out on the farm, complete with an apple war!
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The Twins' Big Play

Apr 30, 2007 Season 2 Episode 29

After sitting out last season, Zach gives high school soccer another shot, but struggles to win the respect of his team. Jeremy is crushed when he fails to make the Olympic Development soccer team, while the twins' team has a shot at the playoffs.
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Big Matt On Campus

Apr 23, 2007 Season 2 Episode 28

Jeremy's lackluster performance in school gets Matt and Amy thinking about his academic future. When Matt makes a motivational speech at a Pennsylvania college, he uses the opportunity to put in a plug for his C-student son.
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While Matt's Away

Apr 16, 2007 Season 2 Episode 26

Before heading to Florida for a convention, Matt plots a surprise birthday party for Amy and Molly. He gives the twins money, and asks them to get everything ready in time for his return, but worries that they might not come through.
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Safety First

Apr 16, 2007 Season 2 Episode 25

In light of the dangerous trebuchet accident, Matt decides to order a professional safety inspection of the entire farm. Meanwhile, Matt and Amy revisit familiar arguments over finances, and Amy struggles to impart the value of a dollar to the kids.
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Accident Aftermath

Mar 19, 2007 Season 2 Episode 24

Jacob and Mike are treated at the hospital for their traumatic injuries. While Jacob goes into surgery, Amy holds vigil at the hospital. Matt holds down the fort at home, fielding endless calls from the local media interested in the bizarre accident.
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Trebuchet Trouble

Mar 19, 2007 Season 2 Episode 23

It's the last weekend of pumpkin season. Jacob and Mike are launching pumpkins with the trebuchet when something goes terribly wrong. The medieval catapult misfires, seriously injuring Mike and Jacob, and sending them both to the hospital.
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Farm Overload

Dec 16, 2006 Season 2 Episode 22

Roloff Farms' pumpkin season gets off to an overwhelming start, and unforeseen problems force Matt to temporarily shut the farm down. Matt celebrates his 45th birthday with much fanfare, including a surprise visit from a state senator.
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Matt On a Mission

Dec 16, 2006 Season 2 Episode 21

Matt's new organization CoDA (Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy) gets its first mission, to assist in a dwarf adoption... and its first succcess when Chance, a 5-year-old LP child, leaves the hospital with his new average height adoptive parents.
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Mad About Mules

Dec 16, 2006 Season 2 Episode 19

Matt threatens to quit his job because the kids are out of control when he's away. Jeremy and Zach break Matt's new Mule and Jacob gets in hot water when Amy learns that he has smashed a bunch of light bulbs in the barn.
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A Big Little Conference

Dec 02, 2006 Season 2 Episode 16

Amy and the rest of the Roloff kids arrive at the Little People of America national conference. Zach has a consultation there with an orthopedic surgeon, who recommends he have surgery soon to help his increasingly painful leg problems.
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A Whole Lotta Little

Dec 02, 2006 Season 2 Episode 15

Matt and Zach attend the Little People of America National Conference. Matt connects with old and new friends while Zach and his LP friends stay up all night, and play football in the hotel halls.
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Zip to My Lu

Nov 11, 2006 Season 2 Episode 12

Inspired by his zipline experience in Hawaii, Matt sets out to build the biggest and best zipline on the west coast, but soon wonders if he has bitten off more than he can chew.
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While Amy's Away

Nov 11, 2006 Season 2 Episode 11

While Amy is away for a weekend reunion with her two sisters in San Francisco, Matt makes a long-awaited purchase -- a vintage VW Bug -- and decides to repaint the house. Then he wonders how he'll keep Amy from getting upset.
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All Decked Out

Nov 04, 2006 Season 2 Episode 10

Determined to beat the failed inspection of their deck by city hall, Matt devises a crafty solution to their problem. Meanwhile, the Roloffs prepare to put the finishing touches on their new deck.
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Game On!

Oct 28, 2006 Season 2 Episode 8

The Dwarf Athletic Games are in full swing and Zach has the chance to compete with people his own size. He's put together his own soccer team to try to beat the mighty LA Breakers, led by "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Marty Klebba.
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Road to the DAAA

Oct 28, 2006 Season 2 Episode 7

Conflict erupts when Matt tries to help Zach put together a soccer team for the Dwarf Athletic Association of America Games. While Zach nurses a leg injury that jeopardizes his team, his LP friend Casey gives it her all in the swimming event.
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Aloha, Roloffs

Oct 21, 2006 Season 2 Episode 6

The Roloffs' Hawaiian vacation is scheduled down to the last minute with an outrigger canoeing adventure, a snorkeling trip, and a zip-line tour, on which Matt overcomes his fear of heights to soar over Maui's forest canyons.
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Roloffs In Paradise

Oct 21, 2006 Season 2 Episode 5

In Maui, Amy has trouble adjusting to being pampered by the hotel staff, but the Roloff kids have no problem enjoying themselves in the water. Matt challenges Zach to overcome his fears of surfing. Zach ultimately rides waves with Amy and his siblings.
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Get Out of Town

Oct 14, 2006 Season 2 Episode 4

Matt returns home from a business trip to find that no one is ready for their trip to Hawaii. Matt pushes the family to prepare, but only succeeds in creating tension and stress. They get on the plane in the nick of time.
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The Greenhouse Effect

Oct 14, 2006 Season 2 Episode 3

The peach crop isn't panning out for Roloff Farms, so Matt refocuses his efforts on pumpkins. Matt hires the twins to plant the seedlings, but the project is in jeopardy when the boys go on strike for higher wages.
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Organizing Amy

Oct 07, 2006 Season 2 Episode 2

It's Mother's Day and the Roloff kids present handmade cards to Amy at a nice brunch. Matt is worried that his gift -- a professional organizer -- might upset Amy who doesn't keep the tidiest house.
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Twins At Sixteen

Oct 07, 2006 Season 2 Episode 1

Average-height Jeremy and little person Zach are planning a beach trip with several of their close friends for their 16th birthday.
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