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Little People, Big World Season 2 episodes

Phun in Phoenix Season 2, Episode 48

The family goes to a LPA Conference in Phoenix, and Molly dresses up for the LPA dance; returning home, Matt announces he has plans for a family road trip to Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. read more

Roloffs & Rollercoasters Season 2, Episode 47

The family goes to Knott's Berry Farm in California; Zach is unhappy when his shunt prevents him from going on certain rides. read more

Amy's College Homecoming Season 2, Episode 46

Amy finds it difficult to prepare for her upcoming motivational speech at the college and arrives feeling unprepared, but once on campus she rediscovers inspirational memories. read more

Viva Little Vegas Season 2, Episode 45

The room remodeling is almost done, and Jeremy makes a deal with his parents to help finish the project. Meanwhile, Amy's alma mater, Central Michigan University, invites her to give a speech to the students. read more

Big Deal, Big Deadline Season 2, Episode 44

Matt falls from a plastic stool, which makes him more determined than ever to get his custom-made stool kits into hotels. His efforts produce an order for 400 kits from a major chain, causing the farm to go into high gear to get them made on time. read more

Matt's Project-Palooza Season 2, Episode 43

Matt has his hands full bulldozing a new parking lot, repairing the Old West Town church, finishing Molly's castle and completing his “Men's Crisis Center.” Meanwhile, Amy tries to keep Jacob focused on school work. read more

Road Scholar Season 2, Episode 42

Matt and Amy each try different methods to keep Jeremy focused on his schoolwork, but Matt soon realizes that his offer of an old beat-up '68 Camaro may not be enough incentive. read more

Too Fast Too Soon Season 2, Episode 41

Zach's recovery goes a little too slowly for his liking, so when the cast comes off, he's eager to ride his bike, kick a soccer ball and run around. There is a risk, though, that so much activity so soon may cause a setback. read more

A Tale of Two Trips Season 2, Episode 40

Zach returns to Oakland after months of recovery to have his cast removed and to find out if his bowed leg was successfully straightened; Matt encourages Molly's growing interest in geography with a visit to Rand McNally in Irvine, Cal. read more

Roloffs in the Snow Season 2, Episode 39

While Zach is stuck indoors recovering from leg surgery, Jeremy and his buddies have a snowball fight; meanwhile, the high-school dance is coming soon but Zach isn't sure if he's going. read more

Jake Turns Ten Season 2, Episode 38

Jake's 10th birthday approaches and Matt plans a major remodeling of the kids' bedrooms. When Jake refuses to help, Matt tries to motivate him by having Jake's room painted with a glow-in-the-dark galactic theme. read more

Room for Improvement Season 2, Episode 37

Matt hopes to motivate the kids to clean up their bedrooms by placing a dumpster in the driveway and suggesting they can use it to get rid of things they don't need, but they don't seem to get the message. read more

Marty Comes to Town Season 2, Episode 36

Back from the hospital, Zach adjusts to his wheelchair, walker and crutches; family friend Marty Klebba stops by to cheer him up and winds up in a wrestling match with Amy. read more

A Little Surgery Season 2, Episode 35

Grandpa Ron and Grandma Peg join the family in Oakland for Zach's leg surgery, which unfortunately, proves to be extremely painful. read more

Final Prep Season 2, Episode 34

After a Christmas celebration, the family heads for Oakland for Zach's leg surgery and Matt tries to calm Zach, who is becoming increasingly anxious. read more

The Storm Before the Storm Season 2, Episode 33

Amy takes Zach to Oakland for a consultation prior to surgery on his bowed legs, and they return home just before a powerful storm hits, causing destruction and a blackout on the farm. read more

Zach's New Ride Season 2, Episode 32

Matt gets a team of designers and builders to construct a Little People-friendly bike for Zach, who has difficulty keeping up when he and his taller twin brother Jeremy ride their bikes. read more

Jacob's Got Game Season 2, Episode 31

Jacob gets soccer lessons from the twins, but his temper makes it difficult. Meanwhile, Amy is concerned about Jacob's bad attitude toward school; and Matt takes Rocky, the dog, to the vet to find out if he should have eye surgery. read more

Men's Crisis Center Season 2, Episode 30

Matt turns his barn into a “Men's Crisis Center” where he can hang out with his boys, but as he's cleaning up, he discovers his childhood diary and decides to show his daughter the meaning of their farm. read more

The Twins' Big Play Season 2, Episode 29

Zach gives high-school soccer another shot and struggles to earn the respect of his teammates. Meanwhile, Jeremy learns he failed to make the Olympic Development soccer team. read more

Big Matt on Campus Season 2, Episode 27

Jeremy's poor performance in school has Matt and Amy thinking about his academic future; Matt give a motivational speech at a Pennsylvania college and he uses the opportunity to put in a plug for his son. read more

Drive Me Crazy Season 2, Episode 28

The twins turn 16 and want their driver's licenses, but Jeremy must wait until his grades improve and Zach is still shaky behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Matt races his VW bug at a local drag strip. read more

While Matt's Away Season 2, Episode 26

Matt plans a surprise birthday party for Amy and Molly before leaving for a convention in Florida, and leaves the twins in charge of putting the event together. read more

Safety First Season 2, Episode 25

Following the trebuchet accident, Matt decides to order a professional safety inspection of the farm; Matt and Amy argue over finances; Amy tries to impress the kids with the value of a dollar. read more

Trebuchet Trouble Season 2, Episode 23

An accident at the farm involving the counterweight of the one-ton trebuchet results in Jacob and family friend Mike Dentjn spending two days and three nights in the hospital listed in serious condition with injuries to their heads and necks. read more

Accident Aftermath Season 2, Episode 24

As Jacob and Mike recover from the accident, the Roloffs unite as a family. read more

Farm Overload Season 2, Episode 22

The pumpkin season starts well, but problems shut the farm down temporarily. Matt's 45th birthday includes a surprise visit from a state senator. read more

Matt on a Mission Season 2, Episode 21

Matt helps with a dwarf child's adoption through his new organization, CoDA (Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy), the group's first effort since its formation. read more

Twin Trouble Season 2, Episode 20

The twins are asked to help prepare the farm for another corporate picnic, but they play around instead and get even more work to do after being grounded. read more

Mad About Mules Season 2, Episode 19

Matt wants to quit his job to better manage the kids, who act out while he is gone; Jacob angers Amy by smashing lightbulbs in the barn. read more

Little Fish, Big Apple Season 2, Episode 18

Matt meets with a little-person hotel executive in New York to push his invention, an accessibility kit, and get it placed in national hotels. read more

A Twin Experience Season 2, Episode 17

Zach mingles with fellow little-person friends at the farm and on a trip to Pasadena. Jeremy goes to Seattle for a pro soccer game and gets advice from Freddy Adu before an Olympic-camp tryout. read more

A Big Little Conference Season 2, Episode 16

Amy and the rest of the family arrive at the conference; Zach is advised to have surgery for the pain in his legs. read more

A Whole Lotta Little Season 2, Episode 15

Matt and Zach attend a little-person conference, where Matt meets old and new friends while Zach plays ball in the hotel halls. read more

A Roloff Thanksgiving Season 2, Episode 14

Conclusion. The Thanksgiving family reunion starts with a tour of the farm, followed by a photo session. But the picture-taking lasts longer than planned, resulting in some kitchen drama. read more

A Roloff Thanksgiving Season 2, Episode 13

Part 1 of 2. The Roloffs plan a family reunion for Thanksgiving, but Matt starts some last-minute renovations that leave them scrambling to be ready in time for the guests. read more

Zip to My Lu Season 2, Episode 12

Matt tries to build a zipline after his Hawaii experience, but soon wonders if he has overdone it with his plans. read more

While Amy's Away Season 2, Episode 11

While Amy visits her sisters in San Francisco, Matt buys a vintage VW Beetle and repaints the house, and then worries that Amy will be upset with what he's done. read more

All Decked Out Season 2, Episode 10

As the Roloffs are putting the finishing touches on their deck, it fails inspection, but Matt has a clever way to solve the problem. read more

Little Fort, Big Deck Season 2, Episode 9

Matt hires a crew to build a deck onto the Roloff house; and the kids work on building a tree fort until Jacob steps on a rusty nail. read more

Game On! Season 2, Episode 8

Zach competes in the Dwarf Athletic Association of America Games and goes up against the L.A. Breakers, led by actor Marty Klebba. read more

Road to the DAAA Season 2, Episode 7

Matt helps Zach put together a soccer team for the Dwarf Athletic Association of America Games, but Zach's leg injury jeopardizes the team. read more

Aloha, Roloffs Season 2, Episode 6

Hawaiian vacation plans include outrigger canoeing, snorkeling and a zip-line tour, during which Matt contends with his fear of heights. read more

Roloffs in Paradise Season 2, Episode 5

Amy is uncomfortable with the pampering she receives at the hotel while on vacation in Hawaii; Zach works on getting over his fear of the water so he can go surfing. read more

Get Out of Town Season 2, Episode 4

Matt urges the family to prepare for a trip to Hawaii, causing stress during the last-minute rush before they leave. read more

The Greenhouse Effect Season 2, Episode 3

Matt hires the twins to help in the pumpkin patch after the peach crop fails, but the boys go on strike in hopes of earning more money. read more

Organizing Amy Season 2, Episode 2

Matt hires home-organization experts as a Mother's Day gift for Amy, but fears he offended her with the gesture. read more

Twins at Sixteen Season 2, Episode 1

The twins turn 16 and celebrate with friends at the beach. During the party, Jacob starts acting out, so Matt and Amy devote more attention to him. read more

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Premise: The story of Matt and Amy Roloff, a married couple who are both a little more than 4-feet tall. They run a 34-acre farm in Oregon and have four children, three of whom are average-size while one is a little person.



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