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Mon Aug 1 2:00pm
The Silent Cry(Season 7, Episode 5) HALMRK

At the school for the blind, a caretaker shelters two runaway orphans facing separation. Houston Lamb: Dub Taylor. Case: Ivan Bonar. Michael: David Hollander.

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Mon Aug 1 3:00pm
Portrait of Love(Season 7, Episode 6) HALMRK

News of a blind artist's exhibition moves the girl's natural mother to renew contact with her. Annie Crane: Madeleine Stowe. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Helen Crane: Mariclare Costello. Nellie: Alison Arngrim. Sorrell Crane: Paul Napier. Charles: Michael Land (more…)

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Mon Aug 1 4:00pm
Divorce, Walnut Grove Style(Season 7, Episode 7) HALMRK

A jealous Laura moves back with her parents when a pretty acquaintance reenters Almanzo's life.

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Mon Aug 1 5:00pm
Dearest Albert, I'll Miss You(Season 7, Episode 8) HALMRK

Albert lies to impress a pen pal, unaware that she's confined to a wheelchair and doing the same. Suzy Gilstrap, a paraplegic, plays the girl. Mrs. Barton: Diane Shalet. Charles: Michael Landon. Dr. Marx: Martin Rudy. Laura: Melissa Gilbert. McGinnis: Olan (more…)

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Tue Aug 2 2:00pm
The In-Laws(Season 7, Episode 9) HALMRK

Freight-hauling partners Charles and Almanzo agree on a race to decide the better route between Walnut Grove and Sleepy Eye. Michael Landon. Kavendish: Eddie Quillan. Almanzo: Dean Butler. Horace Choate: Terrence Evans.

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Tue Aug 2 3:00pm
To See the Light(Season 7, Episode 10) HALMRK

Part 1 of two. A concussion restores Adam's sight, but Mary is worried the change may threaten her marriage. Adam: Linwood Boomer. Charles: Michael Landon. Davis: Peter Hobbs. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Hester-Sue: Ketty Lester.

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Tue Aug 2 4:00pm
To See the Light(Season 7, Episode 11) HALMRK

Conclusion. Adam has regained his sight, but fails to calm Mary's fears when he leaves for Minneapolis to compete for a scholarship. Mary: Melissa Sue Anderson.

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Tue Aug 2 5:00pm
Oleson Versus Oleson(Season 7, Episode 12) HALMRK

A petition demanding property rights for wives sets off a battle of the sexes in Walnut Grove. Charles: Michael Landon. Alden: Dabbs Greer. Oleson: Richard Bull. Elizabeth Smith: Kay Howell.

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Wed Aug 3 2:00pm
Come, Let Us Reason Together(Season 7, Episode 13) HALMRK

The impending arrival of Nellie's firstborn sparks a battle over the child's religious upbringing. Nellie: Alison Arngrim. Benjamin Cohn: E.M. Margolese. Percival: Steve Tracy. Edna Cohn: Bea Silvern. Oleson: Richard Bull. Willie: Jonathan Gilbert.

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Wed Aug 3 3:00pm
The Nephews(Season 7, Episode 14) HALMRK

Laura and Almanzo are saddled with two nephews who possess a genius for making mischief. Myron Wilder: Ham Larson. Rupert Wilder: Rossie Harris. Charles: Michael Landon.

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Wed Aug 3 4:00pm
Make a Joyful Noise(Season 7, Episode 15) HALMRK

Joe Kagan moves to Sleepy Eye to court Hester-Sue but finds he has a rival for her affections. Hertzell Lundy: Mel Stewart. Mary: Melissa Sue Anderson. Timothy: Keith Mitchell.

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Wed Aug 3 5:00pm
Goodbye Mrs. Wilder(Season 7, Episode 16) HALMRK

Stung by criticism, Laura quits and turns the class over to her critic: Mrs. Oleson (Katherine MacGregor). Willie: Jonathan Gilbert. Albert: Matthew Laborteaux. Ralph: Dennis Dimster. Stohler: Walker Edmiston. Cole: Cletus Young.

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Thu Aug 4 2:00pm
Sylvia(Season 7, Episode 17) HALMRK

Part 1 of two. A girl lives in fear and humiliation after being assaulted by a masked rapist. Sylvia Webb: Olivia Barash. Albert: Matthew Laborteaux.

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Thu Aug 4 3:00pm
Sylvia(Season 7, Episode 18) HALMRK

Conclusion. Albert resolves to marry Sylvia, even though her father is determined to take her away. Sylvia: Olivia Barash. Albert: Matthew Laborteaux. Hector: Royal Dano. Irv Hartwig: Richard Jaeckel.

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Thu Aug 4 4:00pm
Blind Justice(Season 7, Episode 19) HALMRK

Adam's first legal client is a land speculator accused of defrauding Walnut Grove investors. Adam: Linwood Boomer. Edgar Mills: Jeff Corey. Charles: Michael Landon. Houston: Dub Taylor. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Davis: Peter Hobbs. Mary: Melissa Sue Anderso (more…)

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Thu Aug 4 5:00pm
I Do, Again(Season 7, Episode 20) HALMRK

Both Laura and Caroline are happy to announce that they're expecting, but Doc Baker has sad news for Caroline (Karen Grassle). Ed Poulsen: James Gallery. Laura: Melissa Gilbert. Eunice Poulsen: Sarah Miller. Dr. Baker: Kevin Hagen.

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Fri Aug 5 2:00pm
The Lost Ones(Season 7, Episode 21) HALMRK

Part 1 of two. Charles tries to find a home for two children orphaned by a wagon accident. James Cooper: Jason Bateman. Cassandra Cooper: Missy Francis. Garvey: Merlin Olsen. Charles: Michael Landon. Albert: Matthew Laborteaux.

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Fri Aug 5 3:00pm
The Lost Ones(Season 7, Episode 22) HALMRK

Conclusion. Charles and Caroline are uneasy about the couple who agree to adopt James and Cassandra Cooper. Michael Landon. James: Jason Bateman. Caroline: Karen Grassle. Cassandra: Missy Francis. Isaiah Tomkins: Len Wayland.

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Fri Aug 5 4:00pm
The Reincarnation of Nellie(Season 8, Episode 1) HALMRK

When Nellie moves to New York, Mrs. Oleson seeks a "replacement." First of two parts. Michael Landon, Karen Grassle. Oleson: Richard Bull. Nancy: Allison Balson. Case: Ivan Bonar.

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Fri Aug 5 5:00pm
The Reincarnation of Nellie(Season 8, Episode 2) HALMRK

Conclusion. The Olesons' adopted daughter Nancy schemes to gain the lead in the school pageant. Mrs. Oleson: Katherine MacGregor. Oleson: Richard Bull. Willie: Jonathan Gilbert. Laura: Melissa Gilbert.

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Mon Aug 8 2:00pm
Growin' Pains(Season 8, Episode 3) HALMRK

The strain of five youngsters living in one house takes its toll on James (Jason Bateman). Michael Landon, Matthew Laborteaux. Caroline: Karen Grassle.

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Mon Aug 8 3:00pm
Dark Sage HALMRK

Doc Baker is apprehensive when his new associate arrives. Dr. LeDoux: Donald James Marshall. Charles: Michael Landon. Mattie LeDoux: Marlene Warfield. Alden: Dabbs Greer.

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Mon Aug 8 4:00pm
A Wiser Heart(Season 8, Episode 5) HALMRK

Laura's stay in Arizona is soured by her failure to land a tutoring job. Laura: Melissa Gilbert. Almanzo: Dean Butler. Eliza Jane: Lucy Lee Flippin.

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Mon Aug 8 5:00pm
Gambini the Great(Season 8, Episode 6) HALMRK

Albert tries to duplicate the stunts of an aging daredevil (Jack Kruschen). Michael Landon, Karen Grassle. Anna: Gloria Manos. Mrs. Oleson: Katherine MacGregor.

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