Lights and Shadows Episodes

2011, TV Show

Lights and Shadows Season 1 episodes

Episode 64 Season 1, Episode 64

Chaeyong decides to leave Korea. Bitnara gets nominated for five awards and Kitae achieves his dream... read more

Episode 63 Season 1, Episode 63

Jonghye decides to stop filming, but Kitae calls the orphanage kids to help her recover. Jang Cholhwan wants the Bitnara players to perform at the Olympic Commemoration. read more

Episode 62 Season 1, Episode 62

Kitae saves Suhyok from Cholhwan. Meanwhile, Jonghye decides to shoot the movie. read more

Episode 61 Season 1, Episode 61

The National Security is looking for Kim Punggil and Lee Hyonsu. Miyon wants to make a movie with Jonghye's story... read more

Episode 60 Season 1, Episode 60

Jonghye finds out that she can't walk and decides to move to Japan with her father. Jang Cholhwan gets released from jail and has a meeting with the president... read more

Episode 59 Season 1, Episode 59

Kitae decides to forgive Myongguk. Everyone is waiting for Jonghye to wake up... read more

Episode 58 Season 1, Episode 58

Kitae and Jonghye are busy planning their wedding. Chulhwan threatens Myunggook and tries to get away with his arrest. read more

Episode 57 Season 1, Episode 57

Hyonsu thanks Kitae, and he finally approves of their marriage. Suhyok and Dosung have a meeting on Chulhwan's arrest. read more

Episode 56 Season 1, Episode 56

Myunggook's film flops, and Kitae asks Mijin to talk to the investors for him. He tries to warn Lee Hyonsu about his investment... read more

Episode 55 Season 1, Episode 55

Kitae finds out that the ranks were rigged on MBS' Top 50 TV Show and decides to take Bitnara's players out of their programs. Once he settles the matter, Sunny Boys wins first place. read more

Episode 54 Season 1, Episode 54

Kitae tells Cholhwan to take the mobsters away from his club or his image would get ruined. They air the first color tv performance with Bitnara's performers. read more

Episode 53 Season 1, Episode 53

Kitae finds out that Lee Hyonsu is Jonghye's father. Her father tells Kitae to leave Kim Punggil or else he won't approve their marriage. read more

Episode 52 Season 1, Episode 52

Jo Taesu decides to takes up Chulhwan's offer and becomes his business partner. Lee Hyonsu, Jonghye's dad arrives in Korea, and they meet Kim Punggil and Kitae and his mother... read more

Episode 51 Season 1, Episode 51

Jo Myunggook tries to stop Kitae's movie production, but Kitae revises the script and goes on with it. Meanwhile, Kitae announces to the public that him and Jonghye are getting married. read more

Episode 50 Season 1, Episode 50

Chulhwan asks Taesong to find out why Kitae wants to end the deals with him. Kitae tells Jonghye not to feel sorry or uncomfortable anymore. read more

Episode 49 Season 1, Episode 49

After Kitae rejects the dinner party invitation, they try to tax him. Kitae tells Poongil that he wants to end his business deals with Chulhwan. read more

Episode 48 Season 1, Episode 48

Chulhwan tells Kitae Suhyok made him a business offer. Suhyok goes to Pierre's salon after Jonghye doesn't pick up her phone. read more

Episode 47 Season 1, Episode 47

Myongguk tells Suhyok there's a way to stop Kitae's business. Kitae sets up an entertainment company that has managers who takes care of the actors. read more

Episode 46 Season 1, Episode 46

Suhyok stops Jonghye's car as she's on her way to Sunyang. While Jonggu and Sangtaek opens up the show at Sunyang Theater, Suhyok pulls Jonghye out and threatens her that she will pay for leaving him like this. read more

Episode 45 Season 1, Episode 45

Jonghye tells the reporters that Kitae is innocent. She asks Suhyok to break up... read more

Episode 44 Season 1, Episode 44

Suhyok gets surprised as Kitae shows up with Kim Poonggil. Kitae asks him not to mess up their business because of personal feelings. read more

Episode 43 Season 1, Episode 43

Chulhwan hesitates as Mr. Kim convinces him to partner up with Kitae. Jonghye finds out that the guys from the club are after Kitae and she runs to him... read more

Episode 42 Season 1, Episode 42

Kitae and Taesu goes to boot camp and Chulhwan asks General Park to release them. Myunghee finds out that Suhyok was behind everything. read more

Episode 41 Season 1, Episode 41

Jonghye rejects the movie offer Kitae gives her. After seeing them together, Suhyok orders Kitae to get sent to Samchung Boot Camp. read more

Episode 40 Season 1, Episode 40

Myunggook threatens Chulhwan that he will tell all his secrets to the public. Suhyok finds out that Kitae was behind everything so he arrests Jo Taesu read more

Episode 39 Season 1, Episode 39

Chulhwan takes up Mr. Kim’s offer and asks Myunggook to give his $2 million back. Instead of holding the money for Chulhwan, Myungook spent it all, so he tries to sell his assets to get cash. read more

Episode 38 Season 1, Episode 38

Jonghye gives Kitae the cold shoulder when they meet again at the event. Myunggook fumes in anger as he finds out that Kitae met Run Run Shaw in person. read more

Episode 37 Season 1, Episode 37

Mijin asks Kitae to help her sign the contract with Run Run Shaw in Hong Kong. Myunggook tries to stop Bitnara from performing at night clubs. Jonghye finally hears about Kitae's return. read more

Episode 36 Season 1, Episode 36

Kyungja and Kitae's family are delighted to see him after four years. Myunghee finds out that Suhyok has been visiting Jonghye's house every week. read more

Episode 35 Season 1, Episode 35

As they are making their way to the interview, Kitae gets arrested by the KCIA. Suhyok tells Mr. Kim his final request. read more

Episode 34 Season 1, Episode 34

While Mr. Kim is on his way to meet Kitae and Mijin, he gets arrested by General Jeong's men. Chulhwan suspects that Mr. Kim was on his way to meet them and orders the troop to go after them. read more

Episode 33 Season 1, Episode 33

Kitae uses Suhyok to call Chulhwan and Myongguk to Gungjungdong. Chaeyong finds out that Chulhwan has been lying to her all along through Madame Yun. read more

Episode 32 Season 1, Episode 32

The police find out their hideout and they are commanded to shoot on sight. Kitae runs into Suhyok in the alley as he's escaping. read more

Episode 31 Season 1, Episode 31

Taesu and Kitae escape the prison when they go to trial. Mr. Kim finds out that everything has been set up by Chulhwan and Suhyok. read more

Episode 30 Season 1, Episode 30

Jonghye asks Suhyok to save Kitae. Chaeyong also asks Chulhwan to save him. After Chulhwan notices that she likes Kitae, he asks her for a favor too. read more

Episode 29 Season 1, Episode 29

Jipyong calls Kitae after being threatened by Suhyok. Jonghye gets shocked after she finds out that Songwon and Chaeyong got arrested on marijuana charges. read more

Episode 28 Season 1, Episode 28

After Kitae finds out everything, he hospitalizes Myongguk. Chulhwan tells Suhyok to get rid of Kitae. read more

Episode 27 Season 1, Episode 27

Jonghye tells Kyungja that Gungjungdong is a misunderstanding, but Kyunja can't get over the fact that she went there. read more

Episode 26 Season 1, Episode 26

Suhyok can't hide his feelings after he finds out that Kitae takes Jonghye home with him. read more

Episode 25 Season 1, Episode 25

Chulhwan goes to confront Mr. Kim. While Kitae is on his way home with Jonghye, Myunghee decides to take Chaeyong home too. read more

Episode 24 Season 1, Episode 24

Kitae is surprised as Jang Chulhwan appears at his opening ceremony. He asks Chulhwan to make a speech and Chulhwan mentions how honorable Kitae's dad was. read more

Episode 23 Season 1, Episode 23

Chulhwan can't hide his anger after he sees Kitae and Jonghye together. Jonghye worries that Chulhwan might do something bad to him. read more

Episode 22 Season 1, Episode 22

Kitae is on the verge of giving up after he gets betrayed by Jonggu, however Jonggu appears at the audition to save the day. read more

Episode 21 Season 1, Episode 21

Chaeyong saves Kitae after he gets beaten up by Taesu's boys. She lets him stay at her place in the countryside. read more

Episode 20 Season 1, Episode 20

Mr. Kim thinks highly of Kitae after watching him defeat Jang Chulhwan. Sangtaek approaches Jonggu in hopes of ruining Kitae. read more

Episode 19 Season 1, Episode 19

Kitae saves Jonghye from the hotel and tells Chulhwan that he will protect her. Chaeyong who observes this from afar shows tears. read more

Episode 18 Season 1, Episode 18

Kitae gets mad at Suhyok for taking Jonghye to Gungjungdong. Jang Chulhwan wants to apologize to Jonghye after he finds out that the person she loves is not Suhyok, but Kitae. read more

Episode 17 Season 1, Episode 17

Mijin asks Kitae how he knows Jang Chulhwan. Chulhwan takes his anger out on Sangtaek and Myongguk after losing to Mijin. She introduces Kitae to Mr. Kim. read more

Episode 16 Season 1, Episode 16

Kitae doesn't budge when Taesu tells him to get out of Victoria night club. He starts a fight with his gang members. read more

Episode 15 Season 1, Episode 15

Sangtaek takes up the contract Mijin offers him. Kitae goes to her after he finds out that Chulhwan is behind Sangtaek. She offers Bitnara to perform for the opening and closing stages until their contract is over. read more

Episode 14 Season 1, Episode 14

Chaeyong helps Kitae meet Victoria night club's manager. Sangtaek gets mad at Chaeyong for doing that and gives her song to Jonghye. read more

Episode 13 Season 1, Episode 13

Despite Dongchul's efforts to stop him, Kitae goes to Myongguk's office to meet him. Chulhwan tells Suhyok to find out more about Jonghye. read more

Episode 12 Season 1, Episode 12

Tae Song and Kitae meet at Myongguk's opening party. Myongguk tells Tae Song to watch what he says in front of Kitae. read more

Episode 11 Season 1, Episode 11

Chaeyong cries after watching Kitae being scolded by Mr. Koh. Sangtaek tells him not to show up in front of her again. read more

Episode 10 Season 1, Episode 10

Sangtaek heads to Yeosu after he finds out that Jonggu is putting Chaeyong and Songwon on stage. read more

Episode 9 Season 1, Episode 9

Bitnara arrives in Yeosu and Chaeyong offers to host the members since they have nowhere to stay. read more

Episode 8 Season 1, Episode 8

Kitae gets inspired by Chaeyong and decides to go on a world tour with Shin Jonggu. read more

Episode 7 Season 1, Episode 7

A year has passed since Kitae's father's death. Kitae's family moves to Seoul and lives in poverty. Junghye comes back from performing in Vietnam, but is broke because Yang Tae Song runs off with all the money. read more

Episode 6 Season 1, Episode 6

Manshik gets abducted and Kitae who hears about this storms off in the middle of a meeting with Seven Star's, Mr. Noh. read more

Episode 5 Season 1, Episode 5

Jang Cholhwan reports to the police that Kang Kitae disobeyed the election law and threatens Shin Jonggu to get rid of him. read more

Episode 4 Season 1, Episode 4

Sangtaek realizes once again his relationship with Kitae is ill-fated when he arrives at Sunyang Theater with Yu Chaeyong and Choi Sungwon. read more

Episode 3 Season 1, Episode 3

Suhyok and Myunguk finds out that Jonggu is jipping Kitae off. Junghae is happy that Kitae put her on the performance. read more

Episode 2 Season 1, Episode 2

After watching a performance at the civic center with Dongchul, Kitae decides to open a Thanksgiving performance at Shin Jonggu's Bitnara Showbiz. Lee Jonghye begs for a chance to perform at the café where Kitae meets Jonggu. read more

Episode 1 Season 1, Episode 1

Kang Kitae takes all the profit from his father, Kang Manshik's theater, and gives it to Yang Taesong who ends up fleeing with it. read more

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Premise: The story of Kang Ki Tae, who came from a wealthy family and became the first national entertainer during the Vietnam War.


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