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Episode 10 Season 0, Episode 10 Oct 26, 2017 Paid

In operating room B of Meyer Clinic, Carlos Meyer tortures Blanca to find out what she knows. Blanca can’t say a word; she is too frightened when she sees her unconscious child lying on a stretcher in the same room. Events escalate when Héctor finds out that the police are following their tracks and orders the Meyers to destroy all evidence.

Episode 9 Season 0, Episode 9 Oct 26, 2017 Paid

Reading Lara’s recent article which describes Rodrigo as someone dishonest and immoral, Marian collapses with shock. Alex learns of Marian’s distress and begs Lara to write a retraction, her article is full of lies that he told her - Rodrigo wasn’t corrupt. Alex and Lara agree to work together to solve the case but Alex will have to take stop his antipsychotic drugs to be able to remember again.

Episode 7 Season 0, Episode 7 Oct 26, 2017 Paid

Blanca is delighted to discover she is pregnant, but her world is soon shattered when she also discovers the relationship between Alex and Marian and throws him out of the house. Alex is devastated, but is now free to begin a relationship with Marian and suggests moving in with her and her family. The Meyers learns that Alex is working with Lara and agree that action must be taken to stop them.