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Tom Cavanagh Returns to TV

Tom Cavanagh

Tom Cavanagh will star in ABC's new pilot Edgar Floats, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Cavanagh (Ed, Eli Stone) will take on... read more

Mega Buzz on Lost, Grey's, Gossip Girl, Tree Hill and More

Blake Lively (Gossip Girl), Josh Holloway (Lost) and T.R. Knight (Grey's Anatomy)

Every week, senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

I know you guys have some hints about Lost's finale. Don't hold out. — Joseph
ABC's promos spoil that Sawyer, Kate and Juliet return to the island, so we asked Patrick Fischler (aka the Dharma Initiative's Phil) what could possibly turn the sub around. "Let me see, how do I put this? Sawyer," he said. Fischler says Phil plays an "interesting part" in a season finale that answers lots of questions, but ends with a game-changing cliff-hanger. Might Phil face the music for belting Juliet last week? "I think Sawyer may have to have a little payback," says Fischler. Look for our full Q&A with the actor, whose credits also include Southland and Mad Men, next week.

What can you spill about the Grey's Anatomy season finale? Are we definitely saying goodbye to George and T.R. Knight? — Kellie
MATT: Yes, there are rumors swirling that the finale not only paves the way for George's departure ... read more

House Season 5 and Other Announced Releases


New releases announced today, May 12:

House - Season 5 will be coming out August 25

Life - Season 2 will be coming out August 25

The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show - The Complete Collection will be coming out September 1

Visit for the complete stories on these and other news items. read more

Save These Shows: Eight Endangered Series We Hope Will Survive


No less than 45 scripted shows await word on renewal as the networks prepare to reveal their plans for the 2009-10 season. Many of those shows are safe — would NBC really pull Law & Order? — but others may be endangered by low ratings, high production costs, or just being on the Peacock network, where Jay Leno takes over five hours of prime time in the fall.

The senior editors of hope the following shows will live. We chose them because we consider them the best of the shows that are in the worst danger. Make the jump to review our picks, then follow TV Guide on Twitter for updates on saved shows. read more

Mega Buzz on Grey's, Housewives, Lie to Me, Bones, Life & More

Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy), Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) and Tim Roth (Lie to Me)

Every week, senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

I adored the "McFamily" scenes last week on Grey's Anatomy. What's next for Mark, Lexie, Meredith and Derek? — Kelly
MATT: For Mark and Lexie, much cuteness is on the immediate horizon. I mean, as much as Thatcher Grey makes my skin crawl (no offense, Jeff Perry!), the way things play out when he returns is better than I expected. For Mer and Der, there's the none-too-small matter of a stern ultimatum coming from the bride. As that gets sorted out, the would-be marrieds will find cause to fast-track their wedding, so get to updating that website, illing Izzie! 

So I'm guessing that Gaby will be hosting the spoiled teen diva on Desperate Housewives. They should totally get Selena Gomez to play the part! — Darcy
MICKEY: I like where your head's at, Darcy, what with the Disney/ABC corporate synergy and all. It won't be Selena, but the Housewives casting elves ... read more

Ratings: After a Faltering Finale, Will Life Go On?


Wednesday's ratings rundown:

8 pm/ET
Lie to Me topped the hour with an audience of 8.42 million total viewers, down 560K week-to-week. CBS' Old Christine and Gary Unmarried combined for second, both delivering 7.3 mil.

ABC's sitcoms, meanwhile, lagged behind a Law & Order repeat, with Scrubs managing 4.67 mil (down 335K) and Better Off Ted drawing 4.2 mil (down 500 thou). Top Model tallied 3.7 mil, dipping 250K.

9 pm
American Idol ruled with 22.43 million viewers, slipping 5 percent week-to-week. Criminal Minds followed with 13.25 mil, dropping 750 thou. Lost lost 12 percent of its last audience, hitting 8.3 mil.

NBC's Life wrapped up its sophomore run with an audience of 4.5 mil, plunging 19 percent. Will Life go on? Although it might seem unlikely, there is talk of struggling NBC picking up "mini" seasons of a few on-the-bubble series. Stay tuned.

10 pm
CSI: NY was No. 1 with 12.5 mil, followed by the premiere of ABC's The Unusuals, which copped 6.84 million viewers. As a benchmark of sorts, Life on Mars' first après-Lost outing grabbed 300K fewer heads than that.

read more

Mega Buzz on Lost, CSI, NCIS, Fringe, Grey's & More

Matthew Fox (Lost), Liz Vassey (CSI) and Michael Weatherly (NCIS)

Every week, senior editors Matt Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy satisfy your need for TV scoop. Send all questions to

I miss seeing Jack and Juliet together on Lost. Is there anything to look forward to? — Maria
MATT: It's a good thing spring has sprung, because, I am sad to say, it looks like you won't have any "Jacket" to keep you warm. When I asked Elizabeth Mitchell about what's ahead for Juliet and Jack, she said, "We very rarely have anything to do together anymore, but we do have a few moments, and they are very rich and full." So get while the getting is good, 'shippers. 

Are CSI's Wendy and Hodges ever going to get more face time? Together? — Angelic
TIM: They will indeed. In a Battlestar-studded April episode, as they investigate a murder at a sci-fi convention, Wendy and Hodges discover their mutual love ... read more

Ratings: Life Makes a Lively Comeback


Wednesday's ratings rundown:

8 pm/ET
American Idol eliminated 750,000 viewers, but of course still won the hour with an audience of 26.26 million. Lagging behind a Criminal Minds repeat, Knight Rider dropped off 19 percent of its previous audience, hitting 4.94 mil. ABC's enhanced Lost repeat drew 4.8 mil.

9 pm
Fox's Lie to Me stayed on top with 13 million viewers, up 900K from last week. Lost tied the Fox newbie in the demos while holding steady at 11 million viewers. NBC's Life returned to an audience of 6.76 mil, surging 30 percent from its last fresh outing. Katie Couric's Grammy special cued up 6.8 mil, but was bested by Life in its back half-hour.

10 pm
Law & Order won the time period with 8.7 million viewers, followed by a CSI: NY repeat (7.54 mil) and Life on Mars (6.02 mil, down 480 thou).

read more

Mega Buzz on House, Heroes, 24, 90210 & More

Olivia Wilde (House), Ali Larter (Heroes), Kiefer Sutherland (24

Senior editors Matt Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy answer your questions. Drop us a line at

House is my favorite show, but I am getting sick of this season's Thirteen-centered storylines. When will we see more of Wilson, who has been woefully underused? —  Gillian
MATT: Personally, I'm (Olivia) Wilde for Thirteen, partly because her portrayer gives great quotes on the red carpet (and, ahem, is definitely not chilly). But I hear your woe, and can promise that Robert Sean Leonard has meaty stuff coming up later this season, only some of which has to do with Wilson's long-lost brother. Also, for what it's worth (and as hinted at this week), we'll also be spending a bit more time with Peter Jacobson's Taub. 

I hear that either Hayden Panettiere or Ali Larter wants to be released from her Heroes contract. Is this true? — Brian
One of the key Heroes dies at the end of this volume, so that would be an easy out. But Larter ... read more

Tonight's TV Hot List for Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009

Katie Couric and Lil' Wayne, Katie Couric's "All Access" Grammy Special

George Carlin: The Mark Twain Prize
9 pm/ET PBS (check local listings)
Calling George Carlin "cranky" is akin to calling the Mona Lisa "well done" — it's on target but misses the mark. The comedian, who passed away last year, was best known for spurring a Supreme Court case, hosting the first Saturday Night Live, and provoking much thought and many more laughs. Here, he's posthumously awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., where spiritual heirs Lewis Black, Bill Maher, Garry Shandling and Jon Stewart as well as contemporaries Joan Rivers and Lily Tomlin are on hand.

Read on for previews of Katie Couric: "All Access" Grammy Special, Lost, Spectacle and Life. read more

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