Life UneXpected

2010, TV Show

Life Unexpected Episode: "Truth Unrevealed"

Season 1, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Despite Cate and Ryan's protests, their bosses want Baze to join them on the air to rehash their situation. Elsewhere, Lux does her best to get Jones to drop the charges against Bug.
Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2010
Guest Cast Gina Holden: Trina Campbell Austin Butler: Jones Rafi Gavron: Bug
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Season 1, Episode 6
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Length: 42:18
Aired: 2/22/2010
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Life Unexpected Episode Recap: "Truth Unrevealed" Season 1, Episode 6

In this week's episode of Life Unexpected, Ryan and Cate's job are in jeopardy and the only person who can save them is — you guessed it — Baze. Meanwhile, in an attempt to get Jones to drop the charges against Bug, Lux gets a little too close for comfort, which leads to a huge blow up with her boyfriend.

Another rainy day in Portland starts with Ryan and Cate waking up for work. Before the pair can wake up in a...let's just say a more than friendly way, Cate runs into Baze in their bathroom. Baze has been passing out at their place while hanging out with Lux and has made himself quite at home. Ryan is not pleased to have Baze around all the time. "I just want less Baze in our lives," he says. "Does that make me a bad guy?"

Lux, on the other hand, has more important things to deal with, namely Bug's arraignment for stealing Jones' car. At the courthouse, Bug is hesitant to take a plea bargain and asks Lux to get Jones to drop the case.

Jamie notes that Baze is losing his game because he's been spending so much time with Lux. So he can show he has gotten busy, Baze admits that he slept with Cate. "You have a thing for Cate," Jamie says. Now he has to prove he's not in love with her by sleeping with some random woman. He meets an uptight lady at a coffee shop, but his skills are definitely rusty.

At the radio station, a caller asks when Cate and Ryan are going to get married, but the former tries to skirt the conversation. Corporate shows up and it turns out Trina, Baze's failed pickup at the coffee shop, is Cate's boss' boss. She's in town to tell them that viewership isn't pleased with one half of Ryan and Cate. Guess who it is? Cate needs to ship up or ship out, says Trina. To help clear things up for the audience, Trina announces that Baze is going to be their co-host the next morning.

Elsewhere, Lux attempts to get Jones to drop the charges, explaining that Bug doesn't deserve to go to jail for this little mistake. He agrees on one condition: He wants his motorcycle. "I guess we'll see what matters more: the bike or you," says Jones.

The next day, Baze joins Cate and Ryan on the radio. Baze completely embarrasses Cate on air by bringing out her edgier side. He also reveals that Cate was a geek in high school, wore headgear and a push-up bra. A caller says that the pair has a lot of chemistry and questions whether they haven't hooked up since. They deny it, but not before an ominous pause that Ryan definitely notes. 

Ryan goes off on Cate, saying that her constant fixation with Baze is the reason he's been pushed into their lives. "All of Portland is confused about Cate and Ryan, and you know what? So am I," he says. Ryan asks her point blank if she slept with Baze, but Cate says, "Ryan, no, nothing has happened. You believe me, right?" No one believes you, Cate!

Bug chooses Lux over his bike and gives it up to Jones, who doesn't even know how to start it. Lux concedes to show him, but only to bring him to where Bug grew up, a run-down house that's practically a shack. We learn that Bug's mother overdosed, got better and peaced out. His father is in prison and the only memento Bug has is his motorcycle. "It's better than having nothing, and that's what Bug has, nothing," she says before Jones offers to give him his bike back. "You're wrong about one thing. He doesn't have nothing, he has you," Jones replies and kisses her. Lux freaks out and makes them leave. 

Trina makes her way back to Baze's bar and they make it one minute before ripping each other's clothes off. They're quickly interrupted by Cate who spurts out, "You essentially just raped my eyes." Clearly there's underlying jealousy and Baze asks her if their hook-up meant anything to her. She only came to tell him that she and Ryan want less of him in their lives, though he retorts that she should "grow a pair" and admit to Ryan what happened between them.

When Lux arrives home with Jones, Bug is waiting on her front door step. He thinks that Jones is trying to steal his girlfriend, and when Lux isn't honest about where they've been, he yells, "Were you as easy with him as you were with me?" He punches Jones in the face just as Cate drives up, but he throws in one more low blow before he takes off: "White bread just wants to know what it feels like to hook up with damaged goods." Ouch.

Cate tells Lux that it's OK to have feelings for more than one guy. "It's not like you with Ryan and Baze," Lux replies, trying to convey that Cate and Baze are the couple. "He taps into this screwed up part of me that wants him to think I'm good enough," Cate says about Baze. "What I feel for Baze, it's nothing like what I feel for Ryan and it's definitely not love," adding that the way Bug spoke to Lux is not love either. Hypocritically, Cate says she needs to be honest with Bug about where they were, even if it means losing him.

While Lux is off telling Bug the truth, Cate goes to Ryan's to — oh wait, she lies again! She tells Ryan that Baze came on to her and kissed her, while she pushed him away. Across town, Bug decides to end his relationship with Lux so he won't turn into his father. So the moral of the story is if you tell the truth, you will get dumped; lie and you get ahead. Ack, don't worry. They wouldn't really end it like that, Cate will get her comeuppance. Trust me, I've seen next week's episode.

The following morning, Cate learns that she's not fired from the radio station. In this festive mood, Cate announces on the radio that she and Ryan will be getting married on June 26, much to his happiness. Baze's hopes are a bit crushed though, as he sadly listens from his bar. In the closing moments, Lux learns that Bug left town and her world shatters around here as we fade to black.

What did you think of Monday's episode? Is Lux better off without Bug? Will Ryan dump Cate when he finds out about what happened with Baze? Discuss!

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In this week's episode of Life Unexpected, Ryan and Cate's job are in jeopardy and the only person who can save them is — you guessed it — Baze. Meanwhile, in an attempt to get Jones to drop the charges against Bug, Lux gets a little too close for comfort, which leads to a huge blow up with her boyfriend.

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