Life UneXpected

2010, TV Show

Life Unexpected Episode: "Home Inspected"

Season 1, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: A social worker evaluates Cate and Baze and inspects their homes. Meanwhile, Lux's friends express skepticism about her newfound parents and ask her to return to her old life; and Cate's bosses pressure her to deny that she has a child on her radio show.
Original Air Date: Jan 25, 2010
Guest Cast Ksenia Solo: Natasha Erin Karpluk: Alice Rafi Gavron: Bug
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Season 1, Episode 2
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Length: 42:39
Aired: 1/25/2010
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Life Unexpected Episode Recap: "Home Inspected" Season 1, Episode 2

Week two of Life Unexpected brings some — wait for it — unexpected challenges. While Cate and Baze try to get their act together in order to get custody of their daughter, Lux deals with her friends shunning her for having parents now. Even though Cate desperately wants Lux in her care, what she says on the radio differs, leading to a blow up with Lux...

Life picks up shortly after Lux has moved in with Cate. Despite now being a father, Baze hasn't changed his ways. He's still up in the bar drinking until the wee morning hours. Cate, on the other hand, is stepping up her motherly duties as she tries to make a hearty breakfast to no avail. Ryan enters to Cate trying to wave the smoke out of the kitchen, and she expresses her fears that these little flaws will hinder her getting approved to be Lux's guardian. Ryan says that being engaged will definitely help her, even though she doesn't wear her ring.

The real worry, though, is how Baze will fare in the inspection. His first duty is to take Lux to school, since Cate and Ryan have to head off to the radio station. Unable to drive due to a night of drinking, he shows up in a taxi to bring her, but it doesn't really matter how she gets there anyways, because the minute Baze looks away, she bolts to ditch class.

Over at the radio station, Cate's boss tells her that she must do damage control by telling their listeners that she was never actually pregnant in high school. Cate turns to Ryan for advice, but he doesn't have an answer for her. Cate later reveals to her boss that she slept with Baze during the interim between her engagement to Ryan being on and off. "It was a drunken, stupid accident," Cate tries to convince herself.

On Lux's ditch-day we discover that she has a boyfriend, Bug. Meeting at his apartment, her friends give her a hard time for suddenly finding a family. Tasha is upset that she didn't stick to their plan of getting emancipated so they could move in with their boyfriends. Tasha suggests Lux tell the judge that Cate and Baze are unfit parents, but shining through Lux's reserve veneer is the fact that she doesn't mind staying with them. Tasha pushes though, and they're off to Cate's house to pick up her stuff.

While collecting her possessions at Cate's, Gavin finds Cate's engagement ring, but Lux says they can't steal it. All the while, Ryan's and Cate's voices ring over the airwaves. In the most inopportune timing ever, Cate reads the statement provided by the radio station declaring she doesn't actually have a child.

Later across town, a social worker inspects Baze's apartment to see if he's fit to have custody of Lux. Because Baze lives in a bar, and happens to have a bong for a lamp, things aren't looking too positive for him. "Relax?" yells Cate. "We're trying to get approved and your main light source is a giant bong." Baze bites back by bringing up their fling the other night, but Cate skirts the topic.

That night, Cate complains to Ryan and Lux about Baze's attitude and the state of his place. "I still cannot believe you had sex with him," says Ryan, to which a long breath is held by Cate and Lux until they realize he meant the first time. He still doesn't know they recently did the deed.

Unaware that Lux heard Cate's announcement on the radio station, Cate thinks she's just being a teenager. Cate takes her anger out on Ryan, bitching that he didn't help her decide whether to declare being knocked up on the radio. Before heading out, Ryan retorts that she didn't even let him in on the decision to have Lux move in. She admits she's not ready for the mom thing and needs his help, but he still makes his exit.

Cate then discovers that her engagement ring is missing and Lux fears that her friends are the culprits. The next morning, Lux accuses Gavin of stealing the ring, but he denies it. Tasha tells her to get over herself. "Up until a few days ago, we were your family and not because anyone had to force us to take you in," says Bug. Lux apologizes for suspecting them and takes off for school, while Tasha heads to her emancipation hearing.

Baze later picks Lux up from school, but she's the one who gets to drive home, despite not having a license. It doesn't go over well, especially when she runs into one of Cate's large potted plants on the front lawn. Unbeknownst to them, the social worker watches this all unfold. Cate accuses Baze of purposely trying to screw up the inspection. "You don't want a kid. Admit it," she says. "Like you do?" Lux fires back. It comes out that Lux did overhear Cate on the radio. Cue the social worker, who conveys to them that she is reluctant to place Lux is their care.

Lux goes to apologize to Tasha, who is packing her stuff because her emancipation was denied. She's heading back to Sunnyvale, the all-girl's home where the two first met. When Tasha's phone rings, Lux goes to grab it and discovers that Tasha is in possession of Cate's ring. "She stole the only thing that mattered to me," says Tasha, defending herself.

Baze admits to his friends that Lux won't be moving in. Cate was right, he messed up his inspection. Math tells him that he has no idea how lucky he is. He has an amazing daughter, from a beautiful woman, and he still manages to mess things up.

Trying to find Lux, Cate ventures to Bug and Gavin's apartment. Sensing the thick tension with Tasha, Cate asks her if Lux is better off waiting for a family. "You mean someone who doesn't deny her existence on the radio?" asks Tasha, who gives her a rundown of her life growing up with Lux. Tasha admits she was the one who took her engagement ring. "What I took," says Cate, "it was worse." Before leaving, Tasha gives her the seal of approval for Cate to be Lux's mother.

Cate returns home to Baze "repairing the damage" on the front lawn. Cate conveys that she can't let Lux go again, and Baze says that he's in it for the long haul. He also adds that he won't tell anyone about them sleeping together. The pair then ambushes the social worker in hopes of getting custody of Lux, but their daughter has already requested to return to Sunnyvale.

Ryan finds Lux packing to leave and tries to explain to her what Cate is really like. Deep down, she's just scared, but she will continue to try. To show Lux that Cate is making room for her, he reveals her very own attic loft. Lux loves it and decides to stay. Fortunately, Cate and Baze are granted custody, but Cate is the primary caregiver for Lux, meaning she can't live with Baze. 

The episode closes with Lux's first night in her own room. Cate apologizes for announcing she didn't have a child on the radio. "Lux, I'm committed to you, no matter what I said on the stupid radio," she says. In the morning, Cate admits over the airwaves that she really does have a child and we admit we're committed to this show.

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Week two of Life Unexpected brings some — wait for it — unexpected challenges. While Cate and Baze try to get their act together in order to get custody of their daughter, Lux deals with her friends shunning her for having parents now. Even though Cate desperately wants Lux in her care, what she says on the radio differs, leading to a blow up with Lux...

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