Life UneXpected

2010, TV Show

Life Unexpected Episode: "Love Unexpected"

Season 1, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: In the first-season finale, bride-to-be Cate tries to sort out her feelings for Baze and Ryan. Meanwhile, Lux shares some big news that could impact all of their lives.
Original Air Date: Apr 12, 2010

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Season 1, Episode 13
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Aired: 4/12/2010
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Life Unexpected Episode Recap: "Love Unexpected" Season 1, Episode 13

The first season of Life Unexpected culminates with Ryan and Cate's wedding, but there are still a few hurdles for the happy couple to jump over before they say "I do." First, Lux needs to officially become part of the family. Second, Baze needs to decide whether he's still in love with Cate. Third, Cate, yes Cate, has to decide whether she's in love with Baze or not. Lastly, the couple actually has to make it down the aisle.

The season finale kicks off on another cloudy morning in Portland, Ore, though Ryan and Cate's voices are missing from the airwaves because the latter is preparing for a momentous occasion. No, not the wedding just yet. Cate and Baze are given full custody of Lux in court. "Congratulations to you all," says the judge. "You're a family." The new fam celebrates the moment by popping open a bottle of champagne and reminiscing over the top moments of this season.

Ryan interrupts the family moment with wedding tidings. After congratulating Lux for joining the family, he says, "I guess tomorrow it's my turn." Did anyone catch the uncomfortable look from Lux when he said that? Cate breaks up the moment when she learns that Abby has gotten food poisoning. Lux takes this opportunity to urge Baze to reveal his feelings for Cate, but it's a no-go.

Alice arrives with the wedding gifts for their guests, along with an early wedding gift for Ryan and Cate: A 5-year contract from the station. "The station just wants to protect itself to ensure that no matter whatever happens between the two of you, you're not going anywhere," she says. Foreshadow much?

On top of Abby being sick and the station trying to lock them into a five year contract, the site of the rehearsal dinner is flooded in crap, literally. Light bulb, Lux suggests they throw the dinner at Baze's bar. Before the rehearsal, Lux continues to push Baze to admit his feelings. Baze's dad arrives and learns the news that Lux is officially apart of the family, but he doesn't seem too happy about his invite to the occasion being misplaced. "You never change, Nate," he says.

Over at the rehearsal, the soon-to-be married couple continues to squabble over the 5-year contract. While Cate realizes it's the 5-year notion that's scaring Ryan, he thinks he's just being realistic since the radio station has been the cause of a lot of their problems.

The rehearsal proceeds as the most uncomfortable affair in the history of Life Unexpected and because it's, well, the rehearsal for the wedding, I'm assuming the wedding isn't going to get much better than this. Lux is clearly uncomfortable that Ryan is going to marry Cate, who is worried that if her fiancé doesn't want to be locked in a 5-year contract, what does that say for the future of their relationship? It's awkward all around.

My two cents? Cate is claiming that Ryan has cold feet, but she's really the one who has it. She's just projecting her feelings so she doesn't have to admit them. Oh hey, Cate's mother agrees with me. Lux conveys this news to Baze trying to push him to open up once again. He concedes that he's not a good enough guy for Cate, but Lux says he's changed.

After enduring all the crazy speeches at their rehearsal dinner, Cate looks worse for wear. Baze finds her hiding on the upstairs porch, fretting that she hasn't grown up at all since she's scared to marry the guy she loves. Baze toasts to her growth, but notes that she shouldn't do anything she isn't ready for. She insists she's ready.

"If I don't do this, I'll be letting down Ryan," she says, "and Lux." With that, Baze admits that Lux doesn't want her to marry Ryan, that she wants the three of them to be a family. Before they can finish the conversation, Ryan interrupts, making it that much harder by saying he's happy they're all friends now.

Math later walks in on Baze leaving a message for Cate. "What are you trying to do, stop the wedding?" Math says after Baze admits he's in love with Cate. Math tries to convince him that Cate wants to marry Ryan, and if he does really love Cate, he must let her go.

Cate confronts Lux about her reluctance in letting Ryan into their family, but Lux says that it's Baze who really doesn't want them to get married. "He has feelings for you, Cate," she blurts out. Being the typical Cate, she avoids the confrontation and tries to deny what's really going on. Lux proceeds to try to show Cate that she really is in love with Baze as well. "Baze and I were not meant to be together. My soul mate is not some guy that knocked me up in the back of a minivan," Cate retorts.

No one sleeps the night before the wedding, tossing in their own thoughts of what a real family could be. Cate takes this opportunity to find out the truth by going to Baze's bar and asking him point blank if he's in love with her. She admits to feeling something when they became a family, and it's not the first time she's had that feeling. "What if there is a part of me that is in love with you too," she says. Being a stand-up guy, Baze lies and tells her he doesn't have feelings for Cate. Ugh!

The morning of the wedding brings a lot of stress. While Alice is being hounded by the station to get Cate and Ryan to sign their contracts, Lux is keeping last night's rendezvous a secret. Also, Baze screams at his father, blaming him for his inability to reciprocate love. So many family issues! 

Meanwhile, Lux tries to get a hold of her dad, but runs into Ryan instead. He calls her out for giving him the cold shoulder and she ends up admitting that she's overwhelmed by all the changes happening to their family. He recognizes that she just wants to see her family together, but tries to make her see that she doesn't need to be a parent anymore; she's got plenty around for her. "You guys are a family, whether Cate and I get married or not. All I want is to be a part of it," Ryan says, suggesting they can postpone if this feels rushed to Lux.

Lux and Cate both admit that they're not doing OK when it comes to the wedding. Cate explains that Baze told her he doesn't love her, and despite Lux trying to convince her otherwise, Cate blames herself. Lux conveys that Cate's fantasy of wanting a relationship with Baze is about as real as Lux's in wanting a family. "Baze is never going to be the guy that you want him to be," Lux says. "And thinking that he is, that's fantasy."

Baze's dad shows up to the bar and admits that he, too, doesn't know how to be a father. He'd rather yell than show his love, and he needs to accept that Baze will never be like him. "I love you," he tells Baze in a defining moment that's the catalyst for Baze to stop Ryan and Cate's wedding.

While we see a montage of Ryan, Lux, Cate et al making their way down the aisle, we also see Baze attempting to rush to the church, but being stuck in the worst Portland traffic jam to date. Just as the priest announces them husband and wife, Baze bursts in the door. After a slight pause, Cate jumps into the waiting arms of her new hubby and lays a kiss on him, cementing their marriage and crushing both Lux's and Baze's hearts.

CW Network, hear my plea: Renew Life Unexpected for a second season. This show has real heart and it would be a travesty to your network to let a gem like this slip through your fingers. It may not have tens of millions of viewers tuning in every week, but it does have several million that want to continue on Lux's journey. Don't take that away from us. Thank you.

What did you think of the finale? Do you want the show to be renewed? Let your voice be heard in the comments!


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The first season of Life Unexpected culminates with Ryan and Cate's wedding, but there are still a few hurdles for the happy couple to jump over before they say "I do." First, Lux needs to officially become part of the family. Second, Baze needs to decide whether he's still in love with Cate. Third, Cate, yes Cate, has to decide whether she's in love with Baze or not. Lastly, the couple actually has to make it down the aisle.

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