Life UneXpected

2010, TV Show

Life Unexpected Episode: "Father Unfigured"

Season 1, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: Cate, Lux and Baze go on a road trip to track down Cate's long-absent father (Peter Horton). Meanwhile, Bug tries to fix the damage his so-called friends did to Baze's bar.
Original Air Date: Apr 5, 2010
Guest Cast Peter Horton: Gordon Rafi Gavron: Bug
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Season 1, Episode 12
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Length: 42:03
Aired: 4/5/2010
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Life Unexpected Episode Recap: "Father Unfigured" Season 1, Episode 12

In this week's episode of Life Unexpected, Cate, Baze and Lux head on a road trip to find Cate's missing father, Baze learns how to be a father and Lux decides it's time for them to truly be a family. Meanwhile, Bug is back at the bar trying to repair damage done by some friends from his past.

Welcome to another morning in Portland with Ryan's and Cate's voices streaming through the airwaves. They're discussing the lack of responses on their Evite page to their wedding. Hello, it's an Evite! Since there are only six short days until the nuptials, they had to improvise with invitations, but that doesn't mean it gives Baze a right not to RSVP yet.

Speaking of, Baze is debating whether or not to attend the wedding. He tells Bug that he's been messed up ever since Abby told him that he had feelings for Cate. He argues that he doesn't want to have these feelings because he's already messed up Cate's life, so Bug suggests keeping his distance.

Meanwhile, Cate and Lux dig through the attic at Mama Cassidy's house to find the traditional wedding good luck charms. After making me feel old that Lux didn't know who Kirk Cameron was, she uncovers a stack of letters from Cate's father she didn't know about. Her mother hid the letters because she didn't want to give Cate false hope, and it turns out she lied about why her father left in the first place.

Later, Cate is flustered that she never knew her father and he has no idea she's actually getting married. Lux says it's not too late to have a relationship, so Cate decides she's going to road trip to Tahoe.

Outside of the bar, Bug gets jumped by his old roommate who screams that Bug owes him money. Baze interjects, but tells Bug that those guys can't be coming around the bar anymore. In retaliation, Bug's old roommate trashes Baze's bar, so Lux has to come up with a smooth way of getting Baze out of town. Duh, invite him on the road trip under the guise that it's family time!

The road trip starts off on a bad note. Cate attempts to continue to make wedding plans while in the car, but Baze insists on lame bickering throughout the ride. Lux can tell, though, that Baze really just longs for Cate. Here comes your road trip montage: Cate peeing in bushes, Lux sleeping in the back, Baze pulling off the road for "local cuisine," with tons of pictures along the way.

Eventually the fact that Baze hasn't RSVP'd for the wedding comes up, which ends up as a serious distraction for him as he slams into the back of a chicken truck. They end up having to stay in a bed and breakfast together all in one room while they wait for the car to be fixed. Cate shares a bed with Baze after she learns that Lux is a kicker, and even through the chastity pillow between them, there is still tension coming from Baze. She conveys that she sees Baze differently now, but he feigns sleep to avoid the conversation. 

The following morning, Cate and Baze wake up spooning. Baze tries to bail back home, but Lux insists he continue on with them to the end of the trip. They finally come across Cate's father's home and the reunion seems to be welcomed. Cate tries to explain all the details of her life that he's missed out on, and it's pretty much an information overload, but he seems to handle it well. Though when Cate and Lux head to the grocery store, Baze notices Daddy Cassidy goes straight for the liquor.

At dinner, Cate decides to invite her dad to the wedding and he actually agrees, despite a slight moment of awkwardness. Out on the patio, though, Baze tells Lux that she has a bad vibe from Grant saying that he doesn't want to be a father. Despite Lux telling him not to express this to Cate, Baze still plants the idea in her head and it turns into an argument. He screams that he's at least been there for her and has fought to be Lux's dad, while Grant hasn't even really tried. Baze proceeds leave them there, so Lux has to admit that the bar was trashed, meaning she only invited Baze on the road trip to keep him away from the bar, not to bring their relationship closer.

Cate and Lux wait outside of the bed and breakfast for Grant, but he's a no-show. They decide to take a cab back to his place, and Cate learns that he just doesn't want to be a father. "I married your mother because she was pregnant. We had Abby because she thought it might save the marriage, but it didn't," he says. Just heartbreaking. While he does love her, he can't give her what she needs: a father.

"All of this time I've been blaming Baze like he's the only one that left me. I thought he was the one that wrecked me," says Cate. Enter Baze to save the day: He stayed so he could take them home. "I couldn't leave Lux or you," he says as Cate falls into his arms crying.

The trip back to Portland brings a song-fest in the car. Aww, isn't this family cute? Oh wow, they are officially a family after going on a road trip together, even coming back in matching sweaters. There's even a longing in Cate's face as Lux decides to return to the loft with Baze.

A few more family-like moments come out of the close of the episode: In lieu of having her dad walk her down the aisle, Cate decides to ask her mom to give her away at the wedding. Baze and Bug have their semi-father-son moment at the bar as Baze decides not to fire Bug for the incident since he knows they're both trying to change.

Finally, Lux conveys to Baze that he has changed for the better and he's a good father. To top it off, she calls Baze out for having feelings for Cate, but he says he may not want those feelings to go away after having felt that family bond. This is when Lux decides she's finally ready to sign the papers giving Cate and Baze full custody again. And as she says she loves them both, I shed a tear and end this recap.

What did you think of the episode? Absolutely amazing, right? What do you want to see happen in the season finale next week? Should Cate ditch Ryan for Baze? Or will she pull a runaway bride?

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In this week's episode of Life Unexpected, Cate, Baze and Lux head on a road trip to find Cate's missing father, Baze learns how to be a father and Lux decides it's time for them to truly be a family. Meanwhile, Bug is back at the bar trying to repair damage done by some friends from his past.

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