Life UneXpected

2010, TV Show

Life Unexpected Episode: "Storm Weathered"

Season 1, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: Lux opens up to Ryan about her childhood in foster care when severe weather strands them together at the radio station. Meanwhile, the storm causes Cate and her sister to be trapped with Baze at his bar, along with Math and Jamie.
Original Air Date: Mar 29, 2010
Guest Cast Alex Breckenridge: Abby Cassidy Austin Butler: Jones
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Season 1, Episode 11
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Length: 42:27
Aired: 3/29/2010
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Life Unexpected Episode Recap: "Storm Weathered" Season 1, Episode 11

This week's episode of Life Unexpected mixes stormy weather and weathered relationships. Cate and Ryan's plans to elope are dashed when the city is flooded. During the storm, we learn about Lux's back story, Cate learns about Baze dating her sister, and Jones learns he shouldn't make out with other girls at a party. Let's see what else the episode taught us, eh?

Welcome to a rainy day in Portland. What's the best game in the morning? Sex, Marry, Kill, which is ironically what I played on my vacation last weekend! Though I disagree with Ryan on the Jessica's: It's marry Biel, sex Alba and definitely kill Simpson. OK, sidetracked, back to Ryan and Cate in bed. Hmm, it's the best of Cate and Ryan on the radio as they relax for once, breakfast in bed included. The morning grub is actually Cate's engagement ring in a box, and she proposes to Ryan.

On the other end of town, Baze and Abby also take a step forward in their relationship: She starts unpacking some stuff at his place. Good news for Lux, too. She makes good with Jones and he invites her and Bug over to his house after school for a my-parents-are-out-of-town party.

Back at Cate's, she begins looking at wedding sites in preparation for their upcoming nuptials. The new Cate wants to go all out for their wedding, even asking Lux to be Maid of Honor at the ceremony. Unfortunately this is bad news for Abby, who happens to call moments later. She's furious that she heard Cate's big news over a voicemail from their mother. "Well, maybe you should sleep at home more," Cate says. "She says you've been shacking up with some mystery guy for like the last week."

Of course the big mystery guy is Baze, who has turned into Abby's...well, lapdog, to put it the nicest way possible, even joining her yoga class. Cate happens to show up to the class, probably hoping to break the bad news that her sis is not her Maid of Honor, but it's all interrupted when she figures out that Abby and Baze are sleeping together. Baze retorts that this is his way of growing up and Cate has to deal with it.

At Jones' party, he takes advantage of the fact that Bug isn't there and kisses Lux during a game of suck and blow. Despite being furious with him, she hangs around for the party, but later finds him making out with another girl and takes off into the stormy weather. 

Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan both deal with crazy wedding prep and their equally crazy families. Cate decides they should just elope. "Our wedding is supposed to be about us, not our freak show family members," she says. They want to get married tonight, meaning they need to find Lux ASAP. However, Cate thinks she's at Baze's bar, not the party, so she hightails it over there to find her.

The weather is getting worse and the bar starts to leak. When Cate gets there, Math turns up the news for her to find out the streets are flooded and she can't leave to elope. Worst of all, the power goes out, which means they're stuck with nothing but conversation to pass the time.

Ryan picks up Lux, but they only make it as far as the radio station because of the weather. Messing around on the microphones, Ryan gets Lux to spill her latest angst. Lux questions why she got so mad at Jones for kissing another girl when she has a boyfriend. "Irrational, inexplicable jealousy; now who could you have possibly gotten that from," Ryan jokes.

The show then flashes back to when Lux and Tasha first met at Sunnyvale, how they instantly became friends and grew up together. We even see that Lux denied being fostered by a family in hopes that her real mother would come back for her. Just when she decides to go with them, the parents change their mind and she's stuck at Sunnyvale. She knew then that she needed to get emancipated, that she was really on her own. Ryan compares her rejection in life to Jones' rejection from Lux, saying he'll understand if she explains.

Elsewhere, a roundtable of arguments is going on at the bar. Math and Jamie argue that Baze is dating Abby for the wrong reasons and their relationship isn't real. In another part of the bar, Abby tells Cate she's mad because Baze chose her instead of Cate, who retorts by revealing who her Maid of Honor really is.

After all is said and done, Baze decides to dump Abby because it's causing problems for him and Cate. Plus, she's moving way too fast. She decides to turn into his therapist for a moment, saying she sees this all the time, but he admits he has feelings for Cate, which is his way of lying to get out of the relationship. Unfortunately, Cate hears his revelation and totally freaks out. Abby loses it on her sister, saying Cate is scared because she has feelings for Baze as well.

When Cate goes to talk to Baze about it, he admits his lie and it doesn't make things any better. He decides to tell Abby he lied as well, but still insists that he can't date her, despite feeling happy in the relationship with her. "What you said about Cate, it came from somewhere," Abby says. "The fact that that was your go-to lie, there's probably more truth to it than you think." And with that light bulb for Baze, the power comes back on.

Lux arrives at the bar to find Cate asleep on the couch. Lux assures Cate that it's OK to be mad at Baze because he's dating her sister, but she's more afraid of how Ryan will feel. Abby then conveys to Cate that their relationship was never the same after Cate got pregnant with Lux. "I want to be in your life again," she says. "Maybe that's why I was dating Baze."

The next morning, Cate admits to Ryan her feelings about Baze and Abby dating. He says he understands and that Cate doesn't need anyone's approval, including Baze. He'd like to run up to the coast and get married, but she wants to do their wedding right. They instead head to the bar with booze to celebrate the fact that they're going to get married with all their family around in two weeks, which means Cate will need two Maid of Honors to pull it off.

And with a toast send off from Baze, and a fleeting look from Lux, the episode closes on a high point. What did you think? Does Baze really have feelings for Cate? Will Cate and Ryan really get married? And when is the CW going to get smart and pick up this show for Season 2?

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This week's episode of Life Unexpected mixes stormy weather and weathered relationships. Cate and Ryan's plans to elope are dashed when the city is flooded. During the storm, we learn about Lux's back story, Cate learns about Baze dating her sister, and Jones learns he shouldn't make out with other girls at a party. Let's see what else the episode taught us, eh?

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