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Latest Episode: Conflict In The South

Jan 21, 2003 Season 1 Episode 33 watch on (Paid)

General Nathanael Greene replaces Horatio Gates as the American commander in the south (10/16/80). Trying to win the hearts and minds of the Southern populace, he leads Cornwallis on a six-month chase that exhausts the British troops and leads Cornwallis to move into Virginia (12/80-3/81). Virginia Governor Thomas Jefferson is forced by Benedict Arnold to abandon the Governor’s residence in Richmond.James and Henri follow the ups and downs of Greene’s efforts. Sarah discusses slavery with Thomas Jefferson.

Liberty's Kids: Not Yet Begun To Fight!

Nov 06, 2002 Season 1 Episode 28

In a long, desperate battle, John Paul Jones and his wildly outgunned Bonhomme Richard defeat the British Serapis off the coast of England. Sailing to England, Sarah is shipwrecked and saved by Jones. Later, she comes to the realization that she is now, in her heart, an American.
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Liberty's Kids: Lafayette Arrives

Oct 01, 2002 Season 1 Episode 22

The 19-year-old Marquis de Lafayette arrives after an eventful journey from France and offers his services to Congress. After at first being turned down he is sent to George Washington, who virtually adopts him as his son. Lafayette distinguishes himself at the Battle of Brandywine Creek. News of his great courage helps the American cause in France. Henri meets Lafayette, who becomes his idol. The Kids follow the Marquis from Congress to the field at Brandywine.
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An American In Paris

Sep 27, 2002 Season 1 Episode 20

Ben Franklin sets up residence in Paris and begins his uphill battle to enlist France in the American cause (12/28/76). Franklin’s hopes are bolstered when news of the victories at Trenton and Princeton reach France (3/77). In America, civilians and soldiers alike fight the scourge of smallpox (1/77).While visiting Abigail Adams in Boston, Sarah finds herself in the middle of a smallpox epidemic and, after being inoculated, contracts a bad case of the disease. James accompanies Alexander Hamilton to the army camp at Morristown, where Hamilton joins Washington’s staff.
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Liberty's Kids: Across The Delaware

Sep 26, 2002 Season 1 Episode 19

Washington re-crosses the Delaware River on Christmas Day. His troops defeat the sleeping Hessians at Trenton. Washington lights campfires to make it look like his men are bunking down for the night, then marches to Princeton and another victory. The country celebrates; morale is restored. James and Sarah are concerned when a British spy named John Honeyman is captured. James discovers Honeyman is really spying for Washington.
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New York, New York

Sep 19, 2002 Season 1 Episode 14

At the Battle of Long Island, Washington fights the British in open field battles -- with catastrophic results (8/27-29/76). His troops in disarray and his spirit nearly broken, the Commander vows to avoid open field battles and to instead borrow war tactics from the Indians. After the battle of Kip’s Bay, the British take New York City (9/15/76).In New York City, Sarah stays with her mother’s friend Mrs. Radcliffe and reports on the loyalist point of view. James escapes across the East River to Manhahattan Island with the Continental army under cover of night.
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Liberty's Kids: Postmaster General Franklin

Sep 16, 2002 Season 1 Episode 11

Ben Franklin is named the first Postmaster General of the colonies (7/26/75). When Patriot mail falls into the hands of the British, James and Sarah agree to carry important letters safely to New York. On the way they evade British troops and get help from the New Jersey Committee of Correspondence.
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The Shot Heard 'Round The World

Sep 09, 2002 Season 1 Episode 6

The Revolutionary War begins with the battles of Lexington and Concord. Minutemen -- citizens taking up arms -- fight the powerful, experienced Red Coats. James, reporting on the minutemen, and Sarah, with the British army, witness the “shot heard round the world” at Concord Bridge.
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The Midnight Ride

Sep 06, 2002 Season 1 Episode 5

Paul Revere and William Dawes spread the word that the "British are coming!" on the eve of "the shot heard 'round the world."Sarah and James travel to Boston to deliver a message to Patriot leader Dr. Joseph Warren and end up riding with the famous messengers.
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