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Gina Bellman, Leverage: "The Mile-High Job"

Most of this episode of Leverage takes place in an airplane. Tim [Hutton] and I get to sit in the First Class section of the set, which is a big relief, because when filming in a confined space, you want to be as comfortable as possible. We're using a real interior of a plane constructed in the studio. Some shots require the cabin doors to be closed so it's a bit like sitting on a 12-hour flight day after day with the added stress of squeezing past equipment and stepping over cables with hot, bright lights burning into you.

There are a lot of extras playing passengers and crew. Most of the women, including Beth [Riesgraf] and I, are wearing fluffy slippers ... read more

Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2009

Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, American Idol

American Idol
8 pm/ET Fox
Simon says: It's time for Season 8 to begin. The mega-popular music showcase kicks off with a fresh pool of wannabe stars rendering trial performances in the inaugural audition round.

Read on for previews of Chopped, Law & Order: SVU, Leverage and Nip/Tuck. read more

Gina Bellman, Leverage: "The Wedding Job"

This episode is a more comedic script than the rest of the shows. Everyone has a fun character to play and some great one-liners. Tim [Hutton] gets to dress up as a priest, which Beth [Riesgraf] and I both agree makes him seem strangely attractive. We're filming in a really over the top house. It makes me wonder how a location scout pitches for a 'mafia style, vulgar, nouveau riche house' without offending anyone?  This is, after all, somebody's home, albeit someone who has an upholstered leopard skin mini-chaise for his dog.

I had a little car crash on the way to work. Someone was ... read more

Mega Buzz on Grey's, Daisies, 24, Housewives & More!

Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy), Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) and Carlos Bernard (24)

Senior editors Matt Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy answer your questions. Drop us a line at mega_scoop@tvguide.com. Also: Follow us on Twitter at Twitter.com/TVGuide for live backstage updates from the Golden Globes this Sunday.

Got any scoop on Grey's Anatomy's MerDer? Do you have any idea when we'll see the McMansion being built? — Emilee
In lieu of talking drywall (there's no foreseeable movement on Der's dream home), may I interest you in some drama? It turns out that the death row inmate who is admitted to Seattle Grace this week could do some damage to your MerDer. Guest star Eric Stoltz teases that during his three-episode arc, "I certainly insinuate myself into their relationship and am the source of not a little strife."

Any word on dates for the final three episodes of Pushing Daisies? — Kathy
ABC is contractually obligated to air the remaining episodes, but I've also heard that they might burn them all off ... read more

Gina Bellman, Leverage: "The Stork Job"

Beth Riesgraf in "The Stork Job."

I love the script for "The Stork Job." It's a big emotional episode for Beth [Riesgraf], but there's really cool stuff for all of us to do. Comedy, big action sequences, car chases, and a massive explosion. The explosion was set up at the San Pedro docks. I was hanging out in Tim [Hutton]'s trailer when someone came over and said. 'They're about to set off the explosion. Do you want to go watch?' Tim had to talk me into it. We got there just in time to slip into the video tent and slide in beside the director. The explosion was huge with ... read more

Gina Bellman, Leverage: "The Bank Shot Job"

One of the things you have to get used to, working on a TV show, is filming out of sync. Although this episode airs [several weeks into the season], it was actually the first one that we shot. One of the things you have to be acutely aware of when shooting episodes out of order is your character's relationship with the other characters. Luckily, in this episode it's not too relevant since we don't relate to each other much. The characters are almost exclusively focused on the "job."

The action in "The Bank Shot Job" takes place in one day, mostly in and around one location: the bank. The benefits of this ... read more

Gina Bellman, Leverage: "The Miracle Job"

The Leverage crew hail their billboard.

Thank you for all your comments. I'm so excited that people are tuning in and loving the show. Last week, the five of us were all in L.A. for one night. We met up at Tim [Hutton]'s hotel and had a great evening catching up and celebrating the premiere's success. After midnight and a few glasses of wine, we all climbed up onto the scaffolding of our billboard on Sunset Boulevard and had a passerby take this photo of us. Now you can see that we really are goofballs ... read more

Mega Buzz on Grey's, Brothers & Sisters, Supernatural and More!

Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy), Balthazar Getty (Brothers & Sisters) and Jared Padalecki (Supernatural)

Senior editors Matt Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy answer your questions ... this week a couple of days early, for the holidays. Drop us a line at mega_scoop@tvguide.com.

I heard a rumor that Sara Ramirez has been offered a TV show in which she will star. While I question the reliability of the source, I hope this is true. She is a talented actress who does not get any recognition or decent writing for her Grey's Anatomy character. — Michelle
MATT: "Que sera, Sara?" you ask? Ramirez's rep tells the Buzz, "We haven't heard that rumor" about her being courted for a series of her own. In the meantime, I'm told that Grey's' bi-curious Callie will pick up where she and Erica left off, this time with the pediatric surgeon being played by Jessica Capshaw beginning Jan. 8. But contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, these two ... read more

Mega Buzz on Grey's, Lost, Fringe, Smallville and More!

Mark Valley (Fringe), Evangeline Lilly (Lost) and T.R. Knight (Grey's Anatomy)

Senior editors Matt Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy answer your questions. Drop us a line at mega_scoop@tvguide.com.

Is there any indication that Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is going to adjust her stories because of all of the recent negative feedback? — Heidi
MATT: I doubt that Rhimes will alter any master plans, especially when it comes to the Izzie/Denny "romance" which, though polarizing, seems destined to serve some greater purpose. Now, speaking of "negative feedback," I've got at least one source telling me that T.R. Knight's apparent disenchantment with Grey's might not necessarily result in him exiting the series early. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see cooler heads prevail? 

The John Scott character on Fringe is such a joyful enigma; maybe one of you can convince the producers to bring him back from the dead? — Susan
MICKEY: [Peeking out from behind a giant Chinese fan] You know who else is a joyful enigma, Susan? Me! When I asked my friends o' Fringe about John Scott's possible reanimation ... read more

Gina Bellman, Leverage: "The Two-Horse Job"

I've now learned that the most stressful day of filming a TV series is the first day of a new episode. You haven't quite banked the one you just wrapped and are wondering, "Did I do that right?" "Could I have done that better?" You're not familiar enough with the new script to feel confident and absorbed in it yet, and you've heard enough murmurings about the next one to be absolutely terrified. So on the first day of a new episode you've got three scripts in your head, which in my case also means an average of five or six accents.

I opened the script for "The Two-Horse Job" with trepidation. I knew that I was going to have to ... read more

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