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Week Eight - Finale Season 1, Episode 8

OMIGOD you guys……Bailey is the new Elle Woods on Broadway. Snaps!! Illegally Brunette here for the last time- I can’t believe the finale is here already. I must say I am still in a daze after witnessing the brilliance of Laura Bell Bundy’s last performance last night in Legally Blonde: The Musical. I think that is how I will remember this show. But onto whom the new pink-clad Elle Woods is…No shock to see Rhiannon was the second girl to go home. There is no way she could handle the role of Elle eight times a week. Now it was down to Bailey and Autumn to audition one final time. The casting sheet had the girls heading off to the famed Palace Theater. Having been to the show quite a few times, it was neat to get a look on the other side of theater going through the stage door, backstage, then seeing the view from the stage. The audition pieces where going to be “OMIGOD You Guys”, “Positive”, and “So Much Better” with real cast me... read more

Week Seven Season 1, Episode 7

OMIGOD you guys…who was the other girl that got cut tonight? Illegally Brunette here with week seven in the Search for the New Elle Woods and we saw the final four girls fight for a spot in the finale next week.Lauren and Autumn seemed really surprised to see Rhiannon come back to the house instead of Natalie. This week the girls really started analyzing each other more and getting more into the competition of things and not being so best friends anymore. I do feel Autumn’s pain as being the “older’ one of the group and having to listen to the dreams of the other girls all under 20. The house spilt up as it was Rhiannon and Bailey versus Lauren and Autumn.The girls attended a Triple Threat workshop where Legally Blonde dance captains tried to whip the girls into shape having them sing, dance and constantly move around. I was surprised the girls seemed to handle it all pretty well that is until the tap shoes appeared! The looks on some of their faces – mainly... read more

Week Six Season 1, Episode 6

OMGIOD You guys, it’s Laura Bell Bundy! Illegally Brunette here with week six in the Search for the New Elle Woods and “I need a salon” as its makeover week!Blonde advantage? The makeovers seemed to put the blondes vs. the brunettes and the nature blondes were not too thrilled that the playing field was going to be evened out. I was a little worried how Autumn would look blonde as her skin tone is so fair; but it was more strawberry blonde. Was Bailey really crying over her little trim of a haircut?? And Natalie really did look like a whole new person blonde, but is she legally blonde now?Not going to lie, I was so excited to see Laura Bell Bundy; though it is a sad reminder that she is leaving Harvard Law School soon, and graduating on to bigger and better things. Laura Bell was on hand to dole out some insight to the inner Elle Woods. She choked up as she explained how much her journey as Elle Woods has changed her as a human being. I hope the girls really listened ... read more

Week Five Season 1, Episode 5

OMIGOD you guys, It’s positively time to….’shake your junk.’ Illegally Brunette here with week five in the Search for the New Elle Woods – and it looks like the aftermath of two girls getting sent home last week is setting in. I was thrilled to actually see the girls work hard and give it a real effort this week as they were challenged with some ‘positive’ dance moves.The six remaining Elle wannabes took to the cobble-stoned streets of Brooklyn to work on their dancing skills – and did some need work! For trying to wear heels in the past to workshop rehearsals they sure made a fuss when it was actually time to slip on the pink stiletto boots of Ms. Woods. No one fell while ‘shaking junk’ in the streets so that was a good sign. Not a good sign was Emma still being sick this week, and barely able to breathe through practice. The winner of the dance challenge was Natalie – who dances more like a Lakers girl then Elle Woods – a... read more

Week Four Season 1, Episode 4

OMIGOD you guys, two girls got sent home this week!?! Illegally Brunette here with week four in the Search for the New Elle woods – we are half- way there! Thank goodness. Snap it out girls! As the remaining “Elle’s” waited it out in the apartment to see who would be returning you could see a confrontation was brewing. As Lauren, Emma, and Celina walked in the girls seemed truly sad to see Lindsey was gone. Instead of dishing what went down in the casting office, Celina decided it was finally time to call Cassie on her actions. I was shocked Cassie seemed so flabbergasted by their revelations – I thought she knew all this, hence why she threw them under the bus. It was laughable her shrugging it all off as she doesn’t have any girlfriends so she doesn’t know how to act. Oh, Cassie…On the call sheet in the morning (side note: why are they always so shocked when it says dress casual and comfortable? It’s the same every week!) the girls are ... read more

Week Three Season 1, Episode 3

OMIGOD my ears! Illegally Brunette here back for week three in the Search for the New Elle Woods – who said these girls could sing? Wow, this week was some painful viewing – for the ears that is- as the girls got some serious vocally training with the ever-delightful Seth Rudetsky.Our Elle’s were given vocal lessons while exercising – and they did not handle it well. You would think they were asked to walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time. Ha! But as Seth and host Haylie pointed out, this show – like many – is all about the stamina. Laura Bell Bundy, I mean Elle Woods, doesn’t have a second in this show to relax and is going full force throughout. Our new Woods, Elle has to find their way and masterfully handle the demands of this role. I was slightly impressed with Lauren’s vocals while on the bike – but later on in the audition she disappointed. Emma – the ex-smoker (well of 2 weeks) actually got through her vocal solo while pe... read more

Week Two Season 1, Episode 2

OMIGOD you guys, Illegally Brunette here back with your week two recap for the search for the new Elle Woods! This week the top ten Elle wannabes moved into their pink palace and once again seemed more enthusiastic over a non-competition thing than anything else. On their activity calendar for week two was acting. The girls took part in an acting workshop that host Haylie Duff described as “nothing no one on Broadway has experienced before” – Um, ok! In the workshop, the girls ran lines with “Emmett” and where judged by Associate Director of Legally Blonde, Marc Bruni. Bailey seemed to be getting the brunt of it this week – first getting scolding at for wearing heels to a comfortable attire rehearsal, then for her southern accent. Lauren, our Spears look-a-like, informed us she is not here to make friends and is here for the competition. Our resident Legally Blonde guest this week was (former) Brooke Wyndham – Nikki Snelson who definitely had her... read more

Week One Season 1, Episode 1

OMIGOD you guys! Illegally Brunette here, I may have a major ‘chip on my shoulder’ to confess- I cannot imagine Legally Blonde the Musical without the knock out talent of the charming Laura Bell Bundy as Elle Woods. I have been lucky enough to have seen this show on Broadway four times; once without the resident B and it just was not the same show. Laura Bell Bundy owns that role, but I must give mad props to anyone who attempts to fill those shoes.MTV is making that journey in just eight weeks to fill those pink stilettos of Elle Woods, and the road looks like it will be overflowing with drama – judging by those previews. Lucky for us, getting down to the top 10 girls was a short and somewhat painless process – as the start of the show kicked off with taking the top 50 from the open call auditions across the country and narrowing it down to 15 girls to fight out for this week’s top 10. Overseeing the show is Legally Blonde director and choreographer, Jer... read more

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