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Latest Episode: Leave it to Beaver, Season Six: Family Scrapbook

Jun 20, 1963 Season 6 Episode 39 watch on (Paid)

June uncovers a long-forgotten scrapbook and calls Ward and the boys in to see. The family reminisces over events from previous episodes.

Beaver's Team

Jun 25, 1960 Season 3 Episode 39

Wally takes over coaching Beaver's football team, "The Lightning Eleven."
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Last Day Of School

Jun 18, 1960 Season 3 Episode 38

A mix-up between gifts leads Beaver to believe June is playing a mean trick on him by getting a nylon slip as his end-of-school-year present to Miss Landers.
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Wally's Play

Jun 11, 1960 Season 3 Episode 37

Wally is voted into "The Crusaders," the high school letterman's club, and must perform a role in the annual "Crusaders' Follies." However, Wally's not too thrilled about the role he's been tapped to portray.
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Beaver And Ivanhoe

Jun 04, 1960 Season 3 Episode 36

Beaver learns that chivalry has its price when he reads the book Ivanhoe and becomes invested in becoming a courageous knight who protects women and the weak.
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Wally, the Businessman

May 28, 1960 Season 3 Episode 35

Wally gets a job selling “Igloo Bars” after school, but when he imprudently gives credit to a number of customers, he finds himself coming up a bit short.
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Beaver, the Model

May 21, 1960 Season 3 Episode 34

Beaver submits his picture to a modeling agency’s ad in a magazine and receives a letter stating that he is a top prospect in the modeling field. But can Ward convince Beaver the ad’s just a scam?
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The Spot Removers

May 14, 1960 Season 3 Episode 33

Wally plans to attend a party with Eddie, but that morning he finds that Beaver has hung his jacket, pockets stuffed with minnows, in the closet next to his suit. June has the suit dry-cleaned, but when Beaver and his friend accidentally spill oil on it, Wally may not have anything to wear to the party.
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Beaver And Violet

May 07, 1960 Season 3 Episode 32

While on a joint family picnic with the Rutherfords, Beaver is annoyed by the constant flirtation from the Rutherfords' daughter Violet.
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Mother’s Day Composition

Apr 30, 1960 Season 3 Episode 31

Beaver’s class is assigned to write on what their mothers did before they were married. When Beaver finds that his mother’s life was fairly uneventful, especially when compared to the other children’s accounts, he rewrites her biography by infusing it with a famous Broadway actress’s life.
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Beaver Finds A Wallet

Apr 23, 1960 Season 3 Episode 30

Beaver is elated when the appreciative owner of a wallet he's found declares she'll send him the best present she can find as thanks. But when days go by without the present's arrival, will Beaver's faith in human nature remain intact?
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Beaver's Monkey

Apr 16, 1960 Season 3 Episode 29

Beaver's not allowed to have a wild mouse as a pet, but what will Ward say when he brings home a new pet monkey?
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Ward’s Baseball

Apr 09, 1960 Season 3 Episode 28

Beaver is punished after destroying Ward’s autographed baseball and trying to pass off a new ball with signatures forged by Larry and himself.
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Wally’s Orchid

Apr 02, 1960 Season 3 Episode 27

Wally is talked into buying an orchid for Myra, his pretty and sophisticated date for the spring dance. Unfortunately, Ward refuses to lend Wally the money, having already been talked into handing over $3 for the tickets.
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Beaver’s Bike

Mar 26, 1960 Season 3 Episode 26

Beaver is granted permission to take his brand-new bike to school, but on the first day he takes it, it’s “borrowed” by a boy who doesn’t return it.
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Wally And Alma

Mar 19, 1960 Season 3 Episode 25

Wally draws Alma Hanson as his date for an upcoming school picnic. When Mrs. Hanson begins to play matchmaker for Wally and Alma, Ward shares his college experience on how to turn down a date.
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The Hypnotist

Mar 12, 1969 Season 3 Episode 24

After watching a movie titled The Mad Hypnotist, Beaver attempts to try it for himself. His search for a sympathetic subject lands him Eddie, who uses this opportunity to play a prank on Beaver.
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School Sweater

Mar 05, 1960 Season 3 Episode 23

Wally has a difficult time getting his letterman's sweater back from a flirtatious young girl at school after he loans it to her at a basketball game.
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Larry's Club

Feb 27, 1960 Season 3 Episode 22

Beaver is invited to join Harold's secret club, "The Bloody Five," while Larry is excluded, prompting Larry to start his own rival club! Will Beaver choose to stick with his new friends, or remain loyal to his best friend?
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Beaver's Dance

Feb 20, 1969 Season 3 Episode 21

Beaver and Larry are forced to go to a series of dances by their parents in hopes that they will learn social graces. But after suffering through the first class, Beaver and Larry conspire to ditch the rest.
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Beaver And Andy

Feb 13, 1969 Season 3 Episode 20

Ward has hired a nice old man named Andy to paint the house. Unfortunately, Andy has a drinking problem that Ward and June are trying to keep from the boys.
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Wally's Test

Jan 23, 1960 Season 3 Episode 19

Wally unwittingly foils Eddie and Lumpy’s attempt to cheat on a test. Will this be the end of Wally’s relationships with his two oldest pals?
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Beaver's Library Book

Jan 30, 1969 Season 3 Episode 18

When Beaver loses the copy of Treasure Island he checked out with Ward's library card, the overdue fees continue to accumulate. Will the library come after Beaver? Or, worse yet, the library cops?
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Wally's Test

Jan 23, 1969 Season 3 Episode 17

Wally unwittingly foils Eddie and Lumpy's attempt to cheat on a test. Will this be the end of Wally's relationships with his two oldest pals?
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Pet Fair

Jan 16, 1960 Season 3 Episode 16

Beaver finds himself in a bit of a pickle after he tells his class that he owns a talking parrot he saw at the pet shop on the way to school. Without that parrot, which costs $200, he'll be the laughingstock of the class pet fair!
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Larry Hides Out

Jan 09, 1969 Season 3 Episode 15

Larry informs Beaver of his plans to run away to Mexico after he’s confined to his room as punishment for showing Beaver his sister’s diary.
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Tire Trouble

Jan 02, 1969 Season 3 Episode 14

Beaver's going into the chinchilla business! But to do so, he needs a cage to house them, so he recruits Wally to help him build it -- and, in the process, they learn the value of cleaning up after themselves.
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June's Birthday

Dec 26, 1959 Season 3 Episode 13

Beaver's feelings are hurt when the "exquisite" birthday present he buys for his mother's birthday is hidden, rather than displayed proudly at the Mothers Club tea.
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Beaver, The Magician

Dec 19, 1959 Season 3 Episode 12

A simple magic trick gets the better of Beaver when he and Larry convince Benjie Bellamy that Beaver's been transformed into a rock!
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Beaver Makes A Loan

Dec 12, 1959 Season 3 Episode 11

Beaver becomes a bitter debt collector after a simple 25-cent loan to Larry keeps him from being able to see a movie, severely driving a wedge between the two best friends.
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Beaver's Fortune

Dec 05, 1959 Season 3 Episode 10

Beaver and Larry go looking for luck around every corner after a fortune-telling machine delivers them a very positive prediction!
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Teacher Comes To Dinner

Nov 28, 1959 Season 3 Episode 9

Wanting to do something nice for Beaver's favorite teacher, June and Ward invite Miss Landers to dinner. But will this nice gesture earn Beaver the role of "teacher's pet"?
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Beaver's Tree

Nov 21, 1959 Season 3 Episode 8

Moved by Miss Landers' poetry reading, Beaver takes it upon himself to go back to his old home to reclaim and care for a tree once given to him for his birthday.
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Borrowed Boat

Nov 14, 1959 Season 3 Episode 7

Beaver and Larry find themselves in trouble with the law after a rowboat they're loaned at the lake turns out to be stolen!
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Beaver Takes A Walk

Nov 07, 1959 Season 3 Episode 6

Beaver's obsession with his father's old pedometer -- and honor -- intensifies when he makes a bet with Whitey that he can walk as much as 20 miles in a single day!
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Baby Picture

Oct 31, 1959 Season 3 Episode 5

June submits a photo of Beaver to Miss Landers' class baby picture beauty contest. But will her selection earn Beaver the coveted prize chocolates? Or a lifetime of class ridicule?
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Beaver's Prize

Oct 24, 1959 Season 3 Episode 4

Unable to resist the allure of a double bill at the Mayfield Theater, Beaver sneaks away from his house while serving out his most recent punishment. Will a new English racing bicycle won in a drawing give away Beaver’s true whereabouts?
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School Bus

Oct 17, 1959 Season 3 Episode 3

Beaver is suspended from riding the bus to school after he breaks the new rules. But can a letter he and Wally have written to the bus driver really get him reinstated?
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Beaver Takes a Bath

Oct 10, 1959 Season 3 Episode 2

With the sitter unable to come to the Cleavers’ house while Ward and June are away overnight, Wally steps up to watch over Beaver, with disastrous results.
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Blind Date Committee

Oct 03, 1959 Season 3 Episode 1

Wally is appointed chairman of the blind date committee for a Saturday night dance and ends up with only one girl on his list and no idea how to go about assigning her an escort.
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